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    approx 3mls from coast Liverpool North West England & Andalusia
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    Hot cold snow and thunderstorms
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    Any extreme weather conditions

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  1. Jan

    3 Word Story

    Like what I wrote (eek! 4 words but Rollo did it before me, )
  2. Hi lovely netweather friends I am trying to find a place in Wales for my mum, where she was evacuated to during WW2. As far as I know it was not far from Llandrindod, it was something like Cymagerwyn, I am not getting the spelling right, I would appreciate any help. Thankyou
  3. Jan

    3 Word Story

    and in Lidl
  4. Stayed in Poiters last night at approximately 1.30 am we were hit by a huge thunderstorm, constant lightning and torrential rain, we had left the skylights open in our Motorhome as it was so hot VID_20210617_013048.mp4
  5. Jan

    3 Word Story

    Kentucky fried chicken
  6. Jan

    3 Word Story

    Very large baps
  7. Rain here in Nrth Liverpool (just thought I’d join in )
  8. Jan

    3 Word Story

    Ooh noo matron
  9. Jan

    3 Word Story

    Only on Mondays
  10. Jan

    3 Word Story

    Lots of hotdogs
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