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  1. Just got hammered here near Cordoba Spain. Temp dropped 10c in 5 minutes to 28c, huge hailstones lots of incloud lightening and thunder. The rain was so heavy, we have been mopping up as the rain was pouring down the chimney flooding the living room and coming under the front door
  2. There is the most perfect anvil cloud over towards Valencia atm, it climbs so high into the sky, amazing that I can see it from Cordoba. I've looked at blitzortung and they are getting lightening strikes
  3. I was 'watching' it on blitzortung. Plenty of strikes ATM towards Valencia and out in the Balearic sea. Still nothing here
  4. I am surrounded by huge towers, and a massive anvil cloud more or less over the house, lightening north south and east of me according to blitzortung, but zilch here. The Huertas Bajas stormshield is holding strong grrrr
  5. Sleeping tablets and thunderstorms don't mix, can't believe I slept through a good storm grrrrrr!

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    2. lassie23


      oh no, how did that happen

    3. Jan


      Fell out of the bath, did a bit of a twist and flew through the air 🙄 about 8 weeks ago, it's healed just throbs like hell

    4. lassie23


      that's a bit freaky, hope it stops hurting soon

  6. Jan

    Spain weather

    Spoke to my neighbor in Spain she said it was no hotter than normal and that it is the silly season, no other news to report on
  7. Jan

    Spain weather

    I can understand now why Mediterranean countries have siestas, I used to get annoyed that shops where shut from 1pm till about 5pm, I walk my dog well after dark or very early in the morning, I keep curtains closed during the day too when I am there
  8. Jan

    Spain weather

    From what I have been told all construction work and similar stops in August. We wanted a new outside door and window replacing but will have to wait until later in the year.
  9. Jan

    Spain weather

    We have a villa near Córdoba, last August the thermometer on the balcony was showing 55c, whether it was correct I don't know but it was unbearable, there was no way you could sit out and enjoy it. I sit and watch tv with air con on or stay in the pool. We are going back a week Saturday and I am a bit worried about the current forecast
  10. That was short lived, the sun is back out, looking at the radar nothing much to come here now
  11. Oh yes big crack of thunder here woohoo!!
  12. Here on Merseyside we are sandwiched between thunderstorms and heavy rain going up the country on either side. It's so clammy a and horrible...........and I'm starving but too hot to put the oven on
  13. If you lived nearer I'd be round for tea