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  1. As our locations are not showing can we all put our locations in our posts?
  2. Good moderate snowfall here in Aintree, proper flakes not dandruff and it's starting to stick!!
  3. Snowing now in Liverpool city centre
  4. Snowing here in Aintree only tiny flakes though
  5. Oh, I should have known better than to trust the tabloids!
  6. I read somewhere that this 'storm' was called Brian
  7. A friend of mine has just told me her sister saw a possible tornado in Liverpool at about 3.30am. Not heard anything to confirm her story
  8. I'm using my phone, was seeing them but don't know why I'm not now
  9. Off topic but why can't I see posters locations in their posts?
  10. Cloudy with few sunny spells here this morning currently dry temp is around 19c, feels a bit cool with the breeze. With no sign of anything summery soon I am looking forward to my 3 weeks at Torres de Bellmon lots of sunshine and sangria
  11. I wasn't expecting anything, there I was just dozing in the sofa and then bang!!
  12. We'll that took me by surprise! Lots of flashes a few rumbles, Wide awake now!