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  1. just looking at the charts OMG, we're supposed to be setting off on a drive to Spain on 3rd Feb, could be adventurous
  2. Not bad here in Liverpool it's chilly and overcast but bright, if that makes sense. Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas
  3. Jan

    France weather

    Thick fog here in France, driving up from Nantes to Calais, it's just not lifting
  4. I've got one of those. Heavy shower passing through now, he's dancing by the back door to go out
  5. Jan

    Spain weather

    Such a shame it is a beautiful historic town, hopefully they will recover soon
  6. Jan


    I realise that now, phone jumps it sent me into wrong thread
  7. Where did my photo and post go?
  8. Jan


    I thought Granada was in Europe?
  9. Jan


    I've been watching this beauty develop for the last hour or so. I think it must be over Granada. Might get to hear rumbles but nothing on radar yet
  10. Great storm potential here in Cordoba for Tuesday according to weatheronline. We're under a temperature advisory for the next 3 days, far too hot to sit out, currently 39c
  11. Just got hammered here near Cordoba Spain. Temp dropped 10c in 5 minutes to 28c, huge hailstones lots of incloud lightening and thunder. The rain was so heavy, we have been mopping up as the rain was pouring down the chimney flooding the living room and coming under the front door
  12. There is the most perfect anvil cloud over towards Valencia atm, it climbs so high into the sky, amazing that I can see it from Cordoba. I've looked at blitzortung and they are getting lightening strikes
  13. I was 'watching' it on blitzortung. Plenty of strikes ATM towards Valencia and out in the Balearic sea. Still nothing here
  14. I am surrounded by huge towers, and a massive anvil cloud more or less over the house, lightening north south and east of me according to blitzortung, but zilch here. The Huertas Bajas stormshield is holding strong grrrr