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  1. Not my leg it's my right arm, not half sore
  2. I fell in the shower it's ok my face hit the tap and broke my fall
  3. Aaargh first day of holiday and I break my arm, I'm not happy, in fact I'm quite sad. Feeling frustrated
  4. Jan

    Spain weather

    Currently on A63 heading from Bordeaux to San Sebastian, over towards Lourdes thr sky looks amazing, other half won't detour We had loads of storms last night on the drive down, the lightening was constant and very loud thunder, great stuff!!
  5. I'm driving through France tomorrow stopping off in Bordeaux, there's storms forecast, I'm so excited
  6. Not a sausage here no rain or thunder either phhhhffffft
  7. This black cloud isn't doing much I'm just getting the odd big rain drop, didn't check the humidity earlier but it feels very sweaty and clammy now, oh sun is out again now!
  8. It seems to have disappeared? But if you look North of Liverpool at Bootle a green blob has appeared I think that's right over my back garden??
  9. Sat out in the garden enjoying the hot sunshine, waiting for something, anything to happen. A black cloud right above me as I type
  10. I have been out and about towards Liverpool I could see some massive clouds out over Wales, according to the car temp is 27c. Nothing around here at the moment looking at NW radar
  11. I think my weather station has gone wonky, it reckons it's 29c?! Partly cloudy here and quite warm and humid. I have performed an old thunderstorm ritual to see if we can get a storm going
  12. Fat rain haha that's a new terminology
  13. It feels chilly outside currently 7.1c overcast and a tad breezey. When are we going to get spring, thought I'd get nice weather in Spain but got almost 4 weeks of rain and just 2 decent days
  14. Yes, the rain is not staying on the plain!