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    approx 3mls from coast Liverpool North West England & Andalusia
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  1. Jan

    3 Word Story

    Supermarket queues and
  2. I’ve just put my heating on for an hour! You wouldn’t think it’s the end of flaming June brrr ?
  3. 29.8c here I’m not sure whether to expect anything here in Liverpool, the other day it was forecast widespread thunderstorms to maybe the odd thunderstorm to today’s forecast ?
  4. Here in North Liverpool not expecting anything storm wise currently 29.8c IMBY, car showing 27c. Scattered clouds sunny spells
  5. Light rain here in North Liverpool currently 20.3c. Not getting over excited for any thunder atm
  6. Jan

    3 Word Story

    Which smelt like
  7. 26.5c here and 52% humidity, lovely and sunny, blue skies and a gentle breeze Perfect g&t weather ?
  8. Jan

    3 Word Story

    For more then
  9. Jan

    3 Word Story

    Eating candy floss
  10. All quiet here now, wow that storm was so fantastic but fairly short lived, brill!!
  11. Wow fantastic just constant flashes rumbles a plenty rain just coming heavy
  12. Oh wow lots of lightening here northe Liverpool not much thunder but it’s grumbling
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