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  1. I went to school in the 80s and early 90s in Surrey and only twice do I remember school closing due to the weather. On the day of the Burns' Day storm on 25th January 1990 we were sent home early because of the weather. I still think it odd that they closed the school and sent us home, me on foot, during a dangerous storm.

    The only other occasion the school closed was in February 1991. I think we were sent home early on Thursday 7th because of the snow and it remained closed on the Friday by which time the snow was about 9 inches deep.

    I don't recall school closing in January 1987. I think we had about a foot of snow or as I remember it being to the top of my wellies on the playing field. The school just had a snowman building competition. It stayed open the day after the 'hurricane' in October that year. Although I was one of the few to turn up as our town was cut off and there was no power.

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  2. Unexpected falls for me were:

    6th January 1994 - It rained all day turning to snow in the evening and leaving an inch by the next morning. I think the first mention of snow was refernce to sleet in the forecast that evening.

    8th January 2003 - The morning forecast mentioned some snow showers. It ended up snowing continuously for 3 or 4 hours in South London and we ended up with 3 inches. It was the heaviest snow since 1991.

    28th January 2004 - I don't think the thundersnow event was forecast until not long before it happened because I missed it. I went to the gym (which was windowless) and it was cloudy and dry. I was shocked to come out a couple of hours later to a winter wonderland and traffic gridlock.

  3. Two spells that stand out for me are mid-December 1991 which last a few days and has an impressive build up of rime. Also Christmas Eve 1994, a couple of foggy and very cold days which quickly lifted for a mild Christmas day. Both spells produced ice days at Heathrow.

  4. From memory, winter 2006/07 stands out for me. I live in South London, so lying snow is rare, but we managed at least two mornings of lying snow in January and February, despite the winter being one of the mildest ever. This is about as good as it gets most years. We managed a couple of mornings in 04/05 despite a high number of days with snow falling. We didn't have any lying snow in 05/06 and only one morning in 07/08 and that was in April. No mornings of lying snow this winter. 

  5. Maybe 1994, 1997 and 2003 could be added to the list. The South East had snow around the 7th January in those years. I remember there was a surprise snowfall on the evening of 6th Jan 1994 when rain turned to snow. Can't remember if it lasted all night, but there was a covering the next morning. 

    The first ten days of January 1997 were very cold with plenty of light snow showers. 2003 saw snow showers on the 7th, then the heaviest snow in London for years on the 8th.

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