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  1. So what's our chances of snow flurries occurring Saturday PM, not heard much mention of this today in the model discussions youd have thought a connective ENE flow would be decent if it's cold enough
  2. Heavy settling between J5 and J6 M25 earlier on this afternoon!
  3. Blooming typical when I'm off to Cape Verde islands for some sun in a weeks time looks like showers moving into that area while the UK dries up
  4. Did the EC46 come out Im guessing it's not pretty judging by no comments on it?
  5. Just a question on the moderation of PM flows why is this the case when you'd assume the Atlantic would be much cooler now than in January?
  6. Thundersnow? let's hope the models latch onto this "Potential" in the next few days
  7. Unfortunately as with our luck this winter it ended up slap bang above us!
  8. Apparently were still not out of solar cycle 24 fingers crossed for a late sting if not surely next winter background signals or not
  9. Anyone seen the latest Met office update ? Looks pretty decent for our area. From 13th Feb to 22nd Feb it mentions colder than average temps in the South and East with overnight frosts, and a possibility of snow showers from the East. Then in the later period says cold and blocked with snow potential into March! Now I know these updates haven't exactly covered themselves in glory in recent weeks but interesting nonetheless, does anyone know which models the Met are using to ascertain the possibility of snow showers next week? As I can't see the models we have access to showing this
  10. Maybe it develops due to us being Spurs fans. Nothing marginal about that nor this particular snowfall! Looks like it was more than the foot of snow we had in late November 2010 the max I heard of was 1.5feet roughly out in the sticks near here but that looks crazy amounts! Like a proper North American style fall
  11. Southender- Without wanting to pick holes I was a little puzzled by this date? Must be the borderline aspergers in me. Did you Mean January 87? Or was there another event I was too young to remember being in Nappies at that age, but I swear my parents said January was the month when my babysitter couldn't get to me from Gravesend to Dartford (where I spent the first 27 years of my life) as the buses stopped running. Lovely video btw! Great to see what life was like back then. I remember Feb 91 as I walked out into the garden and the snow came up to my chest
  12. Oh the animals are back! We have a to rest our hopes on. Promising chart that lets hope we build on it on the 12z runs.
  13. Any news on the GFSp 12z? I'm guessing its now following ECM/ GFS op, judging by the fact theres no comments ( that I noticed) on it. With those ECM charts I'd imagine the EC46 won't be too grand tonight either! Atleast for weeks 1 and 2
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