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  1. Nice little storm here in Gravesend right on cue as the Met office warning expired at 4am I think this must have passed the Cherbourg test lol
  2. Well that was a really testing day driving around Kent and all corners of London in a non air conditioned van as soon as 12 30pm there were already clouds gathering in the area of London I was in at the time and then there was full cloud cover at 2pm it was then I thought to myself were not breaking the all time record. But imagine if it had stayed sunny all day easily 40c I reckon a scary thought!
  3. 37.1c Dartford& Gravesham area on Thursday but wont be officially recognised
  4. Can we swap locations for the week I have to drive from kent throughout London and heathrow in a non air con van all day!
  5. Best thunder clap of the night here in Gravesend. Probably more rainfall thunder and lightning in the last 10 hours than the last 2 "storm events" put together in this part of the region, yet ironically no Met Office warning! An interesting summer of ups and downs- hard to imagine this location is forecast to be 35c midweek
  6. Lighting in both Dartford and Gravesend along with torrential rain will those apps be right with this continuing for the whole night?!
  7. That's ok I'm back to work on the 18th more importantly my birthday aka the famous weather related day of St Swithuns day is looking dry and settled
  8. 34c officially in parts of West London will we hit the 35c mark
  9. Check you out I was at Sittngbourne bingo with all the grannies won a full house so cant be too bad hope your dogs came in. Was certainly chillier than when I was at Heathrow earlier in the day! My car thermometer went from 27.5c to 19c!
  10. Back home in Gravesend and its sunny here now also surely a good sign for later tonight!
  11. Suns just came out at my work in Borough Green Kent I wasnt expecting this I wonder what the max temp will be today? Feels oppressive out there and especially driving a non air conditioned van! Where do we think the best of the storm action will be tonight? Last time NW Kent looked primed yet it ended up over east sussex& mid Kent eastwards. The warning zones I've seen cover this area but the graphics I saw on BBC earlier looked more like West London and extending Northwards?
  12. Maybe it's because the Icon is a German model and the Germans are wanting to nick the heat off us and claim their June temp record. In all honesty it makes great model watching seeing all these subtle changes and wind directions making all the difference with the temperatures forecast
  13. I cant see us getting 40c mid 30s possibly though which is more than enough with the high humidity. The main factors will be the amount of cloud cover and the wind direction S/SEly and we could be nearer the mid or higher end of the 30s but a Ely and low 30s the max I reckon. Would be nice for more of us to experience an epic storm like parts of Kent and Sussex had this week, and it's very possible with those extremely high Cape values forecast but other factors will need to come in to play also
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