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  1. I've said it before but I'd love to know what Gravesend would have recorded in the spell last year as it used to frequently be top dog with a Southerly flow before they scrapped the weather recording station. The sunshine lasted around an hour or 2 longer here if I remember rightly compared to London for instance I will never know if we made 39c or even 40c last July with it no longer being recorded officially here
  2. So then on to the the heatwave potential theres mention of max temps next week anywhere between 30c and 36c if GEM models right in our region? what do we reckon? Any guess the temp competitions going?
  3. Spent the day sea fishing in Sussex barely any rain this morning and the sun came out late morning onwards, a good day had temps comfortable
  4. Just had a shower in Dartford huge drops of rain but not heavy
  5. This has just developed from nothing could it be spinning towards Kent or Sussex? Could be a surprise for some of us. I just got to work and didnt bring a jacket and I work most of the time outside ⛈?
  6. Looks like the heaviest blob it will reach here on the South bank of the thames in Gravesend shortly⛈
  7. This is extraordinary the GFS and UKMO continue to refuse to meet in the middle at such a short time frame
  8. It was atleast 26c here in Dartford today (nearest location is London City airport) that 23c looks wrong but still as you say a cool down
  9. Exactly my thinking I'm off middle 2 weeks of June fully expecting a washout typically! Very frustrating as I'm a keyworker have had 0 time off work to enjoy this extended early summer. Fully hoping the showers are pushed back past this period
  10. Looking at BBC forecasts its showing 17days for my area on the basis were on 5 as of today it shows every day at 20+ bar this saturday at 19c so it's possible. Obviously the start of May tends to be cooler than the end of May on balance
  11. Seeing as the ECM ensemble mean for London is showing a continuation of summer like conditions throughout the rest of the month, I was wondering what the record is for the amount of May days with somewhere recording temps in the 20s in the UK? As except for maybe this Saturday every other day looks to remain 20c+ for many of us. It very much feels like June/ July already down here with the high UV levels the same as late July
  12. Doesnt look unsettled at all for us in the far SE/South Nice charts there pleasant
  13. Looking forward to.my 2 weeks annual leave in June August is def my least favourite summer months feels like autumns round the corner and usually everywhere is way too busy I always book leave in June or July or September. Typically just as the kids break up from school the weathers gone to pot normally. Hope you're all right with the warm dry June predictions. Longest days better oomph to the sun. ECM looking promising still towards months end although a bit of a warm outlier
  14. I hope not I'm finally off work on Annual from 3rd May on night shifts this week so not benefitting from the clear blue skies except the gorgeous sunrises as I get home
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