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  1. Oh good as I am indeed an adopted Gravesendian. It's been a long time since our last 30c day! Early July I think was the last of the heat here though two days of 26c and blue skies have been perfect especially falling on the bank holiday weekend
  2. Blame my birthday it rained for only the second time in my 31 years on earth that i can remember on 15/07 thanks to St Swithun to our deteriorating summer! Had such a good first half to it down here in SE my tans fading fast now...
  3. My post indeed said "a weeks" worth of 30c+ but looks like weve used them all up already. It felt a bit northern today I actually have had to put trakkie bottoms on this evening instead of shorts for once! Unusual for this summer so far down here where it's been so muggy and warm!
  4. 17c in mid summer is pathetic poor northerners low 20s feels pretty cool as it is down south after all the heat of early summer down here and a weeks worth of 30c+ days. I hope the Temps do go up a notch 24-26c would be perfect
  5. I'm sure I've read before on a met office post that a heatwave is 28c+ for 3 days for Scotland and the north, 30c+ for 3 days in the Midlands and 32c+ in the south east for 3+days. 25c is bog standard mid summer warmth in the south east, July and August both averaged out daily maxes of around 25c in my region last summer and mid September we recorded 34c! but I guess 25c would feel like a heatwave to those poor folk up north, looking promising for some summery conditions for all fingers crossed!
  6. Everyone's obsessed as it's my birthday and the famous St swithuns day will it be 40 days and 40 nights of heat?
  7. Don't forget my birthday 15th July is the famous St Swithun's Day- always determines the weather for the rest of summer only ever seen rain once on 15/07! And yes it was a very wet summer after
  8. One of my main reasons that I just couldn't live up north as much as I like it up there it's nice to have a few weeks of high 20s&30s to know summers paid a visit each year, poor Scotland
  9. Best bloody not my annual leave starts 18th I normally have it the week before as my birthdays on St Swithun's Day but someone else at work booked it off:-(
  10. Here in good old Gravesend topping the charts so far today will we be kings by the end of the day or will the likes of Heathrow/ st James Park etc pip us to the post?...32.5c I'm going for 4pm
  11. I'm in Eastbourne for the night can confirm frequent lightning and thunder and on and off rain
  12. Kentspur

    Model Output Discussions 12z 08/03/17

    Woke up to thunder and a half hour down pour here in Gravesend! I've noticed the BBC local temperatures have slowly been going down over the last 24hours. Now only a max of 24- 25c in London as opposed to the 29--30c some were predicting. Who says GFS always undercooks temperatures? It's seems to be time and again in winter or summer when there is a lot of uncertainty the GFS has its fair share of times when it is more accurate than some of the other models
  13. Kentspur

    Model Output Discussions 12z 08/03/17

    1995 was a hot mid- late summer. 2003 piping hot August got to 38c here in kent! 2012 the London Olympics had some decent warm sunny weather most of the time too!
  14. Kentspur

    Model Output Discussions 12z 08/03/17

    Love Mauritius I am half Mauritian myself. Should be around mid 20s with a similar UV there too not bad for their winter hey! Make sure you visit pereybere and ile Aux cerfs beaches two of the best!. I'm off there next easter:-)
  15. Kentspur

    Model Output Discussions 12z 08/03/17

    Maybe not on a Dorset beach but my.location most probably will! Or Heathrow if SE flow