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  1. Please send it this way its absolutely stifling in my place here in Kent indoors still 28c was 30c earlier sweating! Kent clipper sounds about right to me were far more like Northern France/low countries climate than the west&north of the UK although less storm action but hopefully that will change this week. So whats with the extreme UKMO uppers surely under unsettled conditions actualy ground temps wont be that impressive?
  2. This chart typifies a typical storm event clouds build over Kent but no storm, then as soon as it crosses the thames/and goes further west BOOM. My timehop reminds me this time a few years ago was some cracking storm in Essex
  3. The half Mauritian in me decided to go and top up the tan today to get some vitamin D before I go for my 2nd Pfizer vaccine at 3.30. Loving this weather warm but not too hot IMO perfect for outdoors activities 👌🌞
  4. Yep -6 850s crazy for Mid May down here in Kent
  5. Last July was pretty poor this actually looks like a hot month for the South atleast bearing in mind July is on average our hottest month a mean max of 26c+ will be welcomed by many down here and no doubt more than a few days hotter than that 😀 Not a surprise to see August wettest isn't it nearly always hahaha, I much prefer June and July anyway and always book my annual leave before the kids holidays as its cheaper to go places and I don't have kids (Hooefully we will be allowed to travel soon!)😆
  6. Interesting Daniel, BBC use ECM don't they? They're forecasting 15c in London Sunday also so I'm not sure now unless they're using a blend of other models too?
  7. I remember this event very well. I was 12 years old on holiday with my family in Devon and we were on our way to visit Lands end, we suddenly stumbled into some very heavy snowfall on the moors and had to turn back- to this day I've still never been to Cornwall! My partner hates driving there also as its "too far". I remember speaking to the locals in a cafe close to the Devon/Cornwall border and they told us how unusual it is to have snow there and even moreso in mid April!. As for this coming Easter period it's probably unlikely anything like that will happen south of
  8. Looks fantastic for around the Thames estuary region 👌🏖🌞 Might have to have a cheeky sunbathing sesh Tuesday. Any ideas on humidity levels? Being so early in the year I'd expect it won't be that high? We may miss out on all the snow (no more than 2inches at any given time this February) and nothing in Dec/Jan in NW Kent but def get the best of the Spring/Summer conditions and the least (Wind/Rain) which being half Mauritian and working outside mainly I'm not the biggest fan of 😅
  9. GFS snow risk % for NW Kent has been gradually increasing snow risk around 5th March surely not?!
  10. Working outside since 5.45am was rather chilly this morning first time I've felt cold wearing 6layers! Some absolutely stunning sunrises though last 2 days used no filters for these either
  11. Maybe suddenly flurries appearing on the radar as far East as Essex 🤣
  12. CFS still shows a glancing blow for the SE- completely against all the other models very odd
  13. The 6z is even more awesome-16c uppers over several days in Kent even colder than now! Likely featuring a wind flow to benefit most regions from Easterly to North easterly to a Northerly and it all starts in less than a weeks time, a very surprising update surely too quick though? Meanwhile the monthly anomalies show a very cold Spring relative to average too, particularly March and May in the far SE and April in the north
  14. The odd flake in the wind 6miles to your west here sums up our luck Hope it pushes west that showers missed us to our south 🙄
  15. Agonisingly close to the streamers last 2 days but only odd flurries brushing past I hope it does come up the Thames been a winter of teases and things not going quite right for likes of my area most we achieved at anyone time in between melts was a a inch to 2 inches briefly each day
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