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  1. Just lost the opportunity of a lifetime because I wrote 'to' when I meant 'too'

    1. ZONE 51

      ZONE 51

      could you reveal what it was?

  2. long way off, but ECMWF showing rain for all of England and Wales next Saturday? http://en.vedur.is/weather/forecasts/atlantic/#type=prec

  3. Reviewing my sent txt messages on phone. It used to be 'Hi Hi Hi', now it's all 'Hey Hey Hey'. What next for greeting? I fancy 'Up your bum Up your bum Up your bum' - like 'Wish you were here' innit. Need to get a new inner tube for my bike - and a new frock

  4. Can someone new sign up please so we don't have to keep seeing misery plops at the bottom

  5. Been out Carp fishing all afternoon. Wx was better in reality than shewn. Caught three carp, 2 largish for the pot (pan), one was a bit small and muddy tasting , so I put it back to fight again.

    1. Terminal Moraine

      Terminal Moraine

      You tasted it before you put it back!!?

  6. Bunch of overpaid twits kicking an old pigs bladder about surely

  7. Rescued from Aberystwyth beach with serious sun stroke. Doc says very little that they can do for a pale skin ginger person

  8. Oh it looks like you have been abusing our free system - now you will have to pay

  9. Here is the weather news...Bands of Rain moving towards the East, from the opposite direction.

  10. Oh Em Gee. a few flakes of snow falling here already...it's not even on the radar yet. Readily accumulating on all surfaces!!!

    1. andy_leics22


      Snow in South Wales tonight? Yeah right lol.

  11. Just replaced the batteries in my ground based sensor (GBS). Sorry for the inconvenience.

  12. could see some pivoting records smashed today

  13. Wish it would snow - not graupel.

  14. Imagine thers no people

  15. A484 very slippery apparently. Rain washed the salt away - drive safe wherever you are.

  16. thankgod someone invented clothes!

  17. First snowfall I can remember that I haven't had the time to roll a snowball. 1"

  18. snowonsnowonsnowonsnowonsnowonsnowonsnowonsnowonsnowonsnowosnowosnowonsnowonsnowonsnowonsnowonsnowonsnowonsnowonsnowonsnowonsnowonsnowonsnowonsnowonsnowosnowonsno

  19. will we see phenominal sea

  20. Are you talking @ Candice?

  21. @ Snowraenv - sorry, I have been stalking both you and book lady. Please don't cxll the police because I've stooped it now

  22. Somewhere in the interior, high up?

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