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  1. but it wont be that warm now we in early October. over the last few GFS runs it has got the night times being quite cold with even frost. i still think a northerly wind not out off the question yet all it needs is the high to nudge further north then bingo we have our first cold blast. anyway looks like high presage for the time being with even frost at night in some areas.
  2. u and your mildness gavin god knows what your giong to do in winter when theres no warm weather around think its time u turned in a cold fan now as summer is well and truely gone in my opintion. bck on topic and i think that we see some early snow in october and frosrts will everywehere by then. even now looks like we could get frost next week. november will be cold and snowly december much milder with rain and mild tempertures. jan looks like being very cold with the heavy snow in eastern areas with that bitter east wind. feb will be ike this feb just gone very mild all month with heavy rain and very mild days and nights.
  3. well the gfs said it be cold nights here from thursday night right uptoo monday night as far as gfs goes

    1. Costa Del Fal

      Costa Del Fal

      the GFS is not very reliable for temps, usually underestimating them so often warmer than appears.

    2. snowlover2009
  4. well 10 c at night. but quite cold nights coming up

    1. Eugene


      Yes thursday night looks very cool for July, not sure about other nights though in the midlands and south as cloud looks like lingering

  5. i like the tempertures at night for the east midlands very chilly for the time of year iam of to greenland in october and its freezeing out there anyway the gfs keeps on bringing us these chilly nights very low indeed for the time of year i hope this northley wind stays here as well

    1. Eugene


      What night time temps have you been recording lately jonathon?

      I have been recording temps on recent nights of around 12C

  6. i think gfs is over doimg tempertures because on tuesday it saids 26 c for my area but the bbc are saying it will be much cooler im with the bbc on this one. on

    1. Costa Del Fal

      Costa Del Fal

      but we know you much prefer cooler temperatures. The ECM wants it to last till Tuesday too. so the BBC will probably back down :p

    2. Eugene


      Thats because their own output isnt showing anything like GFS for tuesday UW120-21.GIF?23-18

    3. snowlover2009


      jonathon you could say that they are over doing temperatures just because u want it to be cool, if anything it will be warmer than 26, get over it. if it was winter you would be saying they are under doing temperatures so can we be realistic now, just because it does not suit your prefernce.

  7. looks like there could be a little snow early next week in the east say weather online i dont think it will be bone dry next week middle of next week that is if we get a north eastly wind there cold be some light snow in the east.

  8. hello mate snow coming

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