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  1. there really was the most wonderful sunset - I will figure out how to post these one of these days..

  2. I couldn't post pics here .. but I did manage to link my FB to here so I posted a few pics I lov there.. pls feel free to look!

  3. I was reminded today of something I used to do when i lived in Colorado... My daughter and I used to sit on the porch and watch the storms. I loved watching the funnel cloud form and come down out of the sky, we loved it - u could see so many at one time and yet they rarely ever touched the ground! they were so scarey yet beautiful! teh storms there r amazing!

  4. In Oregon today its 5 pm and the heat is still at its peak at 95... so they claim it's really 100 on our back porch! hazy and breezy... when will our winter come back?!
  5. Allo weather head,you'll enjoy it here,be sure to post your weather pics!

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