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  1. Close to the forum record for most people online..

  2. Though I'm an Arsenal fan, I feel sorry for Spurs. Take notice now, useless FA. Implement goaline technology now!

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    2. D.V.R


      Joke decision!Tottenham's defenders were terrible today especialy Gallas, he got bullied by Drogba today.

    3. shotski


      Thats right, if the fa implement goaline technology they would risk being kicked out of international competition.

    4. Ben_Cambs


      Spurs got a bit of a thrashing anyway, certainly not the Spurs team of the first half of the season!

  3. This time yesterday, it was 14C and sunny. 24 hours on its 0.4C and snowing heavily!

  4. T minus 9 minutes..

  5. Finally some proper rainfall here today!

    1. Eugene


      Some heavy showers here too but the ground soon soaks it up and dried out by the powerful sun, i dont think the ground will get back to normal until the autumn with shorter days and weaker sun

  6. Great win for Arsenal!! A bit too late though - had we emulated this performance against other teams we performed badly against we might be in a different scenario right now...

  7. Really wants a repeat of Feb 09, 3 large falls of snow in the space of 5 days, hoping something similar will crop up sometime this winter...

  8. Man Utd playing good football for once?!?!? What has the world come to...

    1. Ben_Cambs


      Ok 7-0 now and if Berbatov scores one more, he will get the record of most goals scored by a player in a single game (Currently 5)

    2. BucksSnow


      legend is berbatov

    3. BucksSnow
  9. A nice storm during the night :)

  10. I'm glad I'm going to Cyprus on Wednesday, such boring weather here at the moment!!!

  11. I don't mind the warm/hot days its the warm nights that are the problem!

  12. 1-0 England!!.... But of course ITV went into a ad break during the game.......

  13. Some very good and informative posts recently. Thanks a lot,I just hope this Easterly which is shown in FI at the moment does come off! Very strong signals for it that clearly you can see well

  14. Thanks very much for the very informative posts recently, they are especially helping me gain more knowledge about general winter synoptics, and I always look forward to reading your posts. Your posts are very accurate too. Thanks again

  15. If you do get a covering in the next few days please tell me!

  16. I dont know how it happened you wouldnt of expected them to come back that late on. We will thrash them next time!