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  1. Snowing nicely now here, hopefully with the temperature continuing to drop it should start to stick a bit more effectively.
  2. Sleet in west Swansea turning to snow in the heavier bursts.
  3. ICON 18z snow accumulation (up to Friday midday) A chilly -7.2C at Sennybridge at 9pm. Currently 0C here.
  4. Slight dusting of snow in west Swansea this morning. Which by the sounds of it has caused some traffic issues!
  5. Haven't posted on NW in 3 years due to other things in life taking precedent, but having read the model threads recently (I see nothing's changed on there!), decided I'd sign back in to join you all for the rest of winter! Originally from Cambridgeshire but currently reside in Swansea. Had a fantastic winter last year in my previous location in North Staffordshire but I do remember the big snow event which delivered plenty of snow for parts of Wales at the start of March last year! Whilst it's disappointing that the previously snowy looking charts aren't going to materialise, I feel that vario
  6. Another beautiful sunny morning here, turned cloudier after lunchtime though. Hopefully the winds won't be too damaging tonight and into tomorrow, strong winds are by far my least favourite form of weather! Winds starting to pick up noticeably here.
  7. Good evening all, After a beautiful sunny morning, a noticeable drop in the temperature around 2pm after a heavy shower, followed by another shower a bit later on in the afternoon. Hopefully a few wintry showers will make it to our region overnight.
  8. Another crisp winters day here with a hoar frost this morning, something I haven't seen for quite a while. Min was -2C, currently 4C.
  9. A lovely winters day here after a hard frost this morning, the temperature maxing out at 4C today. Sadly turning cloudier overnight with a couple more coldish days before the mild weather returns. Also have loved the calmness of recent days, not looking forward to seeing the return of windy weather! Encouraging charts from the stratosphere tonight, hopefully if they come into fruition it may help increase the chances of a cold spell further down the line later in January. Time will tell though! Hopefully, we won't have to put up with a zonal pattern for too long.
  10. Raining here, mainly light with a few flakes in the heavier bursts. According to the weather station on Wunderground closest to my location, temp is 3.1C and DP 2C. Hopefully conditions will become more favourable over the next few hours for some snow here.
  11. A nice afternoon here after a grotty morning. Hopefully the last of the mild temperatures for a while. Wishing you all a very happy Christmas!
  12. The main difference this year like East_England_Stormchaser91 has to be the frequency of thunderstorms, in 2013 (and in past years) there really was a lack of convective weather. But this year, I've lost count with the amount of thunderstorms that occured around here. If going by the Met Office definition of thunder days, where if I recall the average for East of England is 15-16 (may of been the 1971-2000 average) then this year we've probably had at the very least 20 thunder days (most likely more than that). Where as such in 2013, there was only about 4-5 thunder days if I recall correctly.
  13. A reasonable day for the time of year, if quiet. Sunny morning but mostly cloudy by the end of the day. Max temp 13C. Interesting thoughts CS Hopefully we'll get at least a couple of cold, snowy spells this winter to make up for last winter!
  14. Currently play Battlefield 4 on PS3 and Fifa 15 on PS4. Looking forward to the two new Assassins Creed games that are being released next week (Rogue on PS3 + Xbox 360, Unity PS4 + Xbox One) and Battlefield Hardline which is being released in March, which I shall buy on PS4. Still occasionally play some of the older Call of Duty's on PS3 such as CoD 4 and MW2, though I feel the series has gone downhill in the past 2-3 years. Since my PS3 can play them, also sometimes play PS1 classics such as Driver and Spyro.
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