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  1. Snowing nicely now here, hopefully with the temperature continuing to drop it should start to stick a bit more effectively.
  2. Sleet in west Swansea turning to snow in the heavier bursts.
  3. ICON 18z snow accumulation (up to Friday midday) A chilly -7.2C at Sennybridge at 9pm. Currently 0C here.
  4. Slight dusting of snow in west Swansea this morning. Which by the sounds of it has caused some traffic issues!
  5. Haven't posted on NW in 3 years due to other things in life taking precedent, but having read the model threads recently (I see nothing's changed on there!), decided I'd sign back in to join you all for the rest of winter! Originally from Cambridgeshire but currently reside in Swansea. Had a fantastic winter last year in my previous location in North Staffordshire but I do remember the big snow event which delivered plenty of snow for parts of Wales at the start of March last year! Whilst it's disappointing that the previously snowy looking charts aren't going to materialise, I feel that various components are tilted in our favour for a decent cold spell to occur sometime within the next couple of months.
  6. Snowed for maybe an hour or so around midnight which left a slight covering. Temperature rose slightly which melted most of it away. Has snowed on and off this morning but slightly too warm for it to settle. However, some heavier precipitation is arriving now, hopefully that may bring the temperature down a bit.
  7. There was certainly at least a dusting of snow here this morning, all gone now though with the temperature currently at 5.8C.
  8. Snow thawing fairly quickly now after no thaw yesterday. Currently 1.7C.
  9. 2-3cm here this morning, snowed lightly for about an hour a bit earlier on in the morning.
  10. Snowfall increasing in intensity, nice blob coming through from the Liverpool area. Currently -0.4C
  11. I'm at the University not the village. As for Ian Brown, don't think he's been on the forum for a few years now.. Meanwhile, light snow continuing, 0C.
  12. Had light snow for maybe 30 minutes or so, a light dusting so far, maybe a bit more to come..
  13. Started snowing about 15-20 minutes ago here. Was sleety rain in Newcastle, might have changed since then.
  14. Yep, moderate snow falling here at the moment. Though very marginal, hopefully the temperature will come down quickly.
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