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  1. Pretty boring day weather wise if I'm honest. Had some rain at times overnight but been an mostly overcast day with some sunny intervals, breezy at times and damp. Temp 8.5C Max @ 12.00pm 9.6C Overnight low @ 2am 5.8C Dewpoint 4.9C Windchill 8.5C Wind 2-3bft Max gust 24.6mph Pressure 1007.8mb 24hr rainfall 5.2mm
  2. Rain slowly washing away the last of remaining snow on north facing roofs and gardens, temp 5.5C, snow has stayed around for much longer than I anticipated! I'll be happy now if that's all we get as it's lasted a few days on the ground!
  3. Low of -3.0C overnight, currently 4.4C according to the new station, still some snow on the grass and patches of shaded ground/roofs but mostly melted away from that. Beautiful clear sunny day here though cold in any breeze. Love these winter days.
  4. Still some snow about surprisingly, thought it would have all melted, happy days! So my new weather station arrived today, all set up and outside nicely and everything's working, all connected up to the laptop too. However kept the old thermometer from the last weather station out there (that's all that works from my last one) and they are giving quite different readings! The old thermometer (on a fence, facing north under some trees) is reading 3.6C whilst the new one (places on the shed, near the fence and under a tree, quite well sheltered) is reading 2.9C - very interesting to see the two differ, is the new one likely to be more accurate?
  5. Just made it up the Bwlch in my little ds3, our landscape is so beautiful in the snow! Was incredibly windy up there though.
  6. Well been and measured an inch of snow on the garden bench/table, but its all starting to melt quickly now temps rise! Will have to take a drive and see if I can get some pictures before it all melts
  7. Ended up with a nice dusting of a couple cms, but didn't get much after I went to sleep it appears. Has been lovely to see and definitely sorted my snow fix for the time being!
  8. I just need the gap of light snow that keeps stopping above me to fill with the darker blue shadows all around me, my snow shield is giving it a try on the radar hopefully with the westward movement a little, I can get some darker echos over me and some from the east, just to be greedy and add a few cms to what I have!
  9. Constant light snow here, bit outside of the moderate snow but the light snow might add a cm or 2 as it can be seen to slowly building up. Very good night indeed!
  10. Just had a look out back and it's still snowing, about 2cm out there
  11. Snow stopped for a bit but has started again, albeit small flakes but picking up, fingers crossed we will catch any of the heavier stiff that does manage to make if over!
  12. Got maybe 2-3cm here but it has pretty much stopped snowing, just some fine flakes blowing in the wind now. Temp steady at 1.6c,
  13. Already got the most snow since March last year. Very happy indeed although it has pretty much stopped/gone very light. Built up much quicker than I expected. I may have worried but it was worth it for this!
  14. Yes it is struggling north going by netweather radar, looks to be fragmenting a bit too as it gets lighter? Definitely gone light here now in comparison to earlier, lets hope some of those yellows over the sw still manage to make it up here
  15. It's gone from the first photo I posted at the top of the page to this in 10mins and even heavier now
  16. Got heavier here now, the wet cars and roofs are now turning white as are patches of road/pavement starting to get a slight covering, hopefully it only gets better from here!
  17. It's lovely to see but not really sticking besides the drive and grass, lots of big puddles now. Need temps to drop further and heavier precip for it to stick and accumulate.
  18. Snowing nicely here but its made everything wet unfortunately rather than white, its starting to stick to some areas of grass and parts of driveways but very slushy stuff, going to take a while to turn the wet ground white! Temp 2.3c and dropping.
  19. Temps on the rise, 3.5C now, the later this comes in the better as need to wait for themps to stop rising and start dropping back quite a bit. Hmm my optimism has decreased until I see the temps drop.
  20. Still nothing falling here that I can see yet, temp not budged from 3.1c, that front should start to pivot now/soon? Hard to tell on the radar.
  21. Temp seems to have levelled a bit at 3.1C for a while, hopefully won't rise anymore now, not sure when exactly temps are expected to drop back but hopefully will start happening soon as precip isn't far away and I don't fancy too much rain/sleet before then snow!
  22. Same 3.1c and a few spots of rain appearing on the cars - shame I can't say flakes of snow
  23. I hope it starts tilting more W-E soon so colder air and drop back over, don't want it coming in at the angle it is and bring in any more warmer air, my temp is already 2.6c and rising!
  24. Well I'm just inside the amber warning but my temp is up to 2.4C now.. hope it doesn't go any higher otherwise my snow chances go! Just ordered myself a new weather station also, which is about time, so I'm excited for that to come! If it starts as rain here, I'll head up to the Bwlch to see some initial snow and get some nice pictures! I refuse to go without snowfall this winter
  25. Temp up to 1.5C already, don't really want it to rise any further although I know it will probably go quite a bit higher yet, so maybe sleet here to start before the snow? Forecasts have been saying it's likely to do that! It is exciting though!
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