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  1. Yes I still have a spot in here after not managing to get any the last few days, they all went around Barry, typical! Going on a few years since ive had a good storm, Maybe I'll get one before I turn 30 again in a few years ?
  2. Another scorcher here in Barry where I live atm, must ve around 30C, shame my weather stations back home with the parents! Very quiet in here with the heat and thundery potential!
  3. Had a mix of sleet rain and hail showers today, be nice to see a bit of snow from showers overnight!
  4. Well despite yet having to see any snowfall yet this winter. We did have a thunderstorm last night (albeit i was driving home from work so saw it from a mile or 2 away) had mostly passed by time I got home, saw some good lightning from it though. Doing better in the winter months for thunder and lightning than in the summer months!
  5. Well it certainly had felt a bit more winter like with cool days and cold nights, today we had some frost linger in shaded spots for quite a long time into the day. Temp down to 1.4c now so probably another frosty night, nice to have a bit of seasonal feel!
  6. Dry and cold day, nice and sunny though had some frost remain in some sheltered paths/roads/grass most the day. Temp 2.4c and dropping, going to be another icy/frosty night.
  7. Rain rain and rain, 9.1c, pretty boring weather wise to be honest. If i don't get any winter weather here this winter, would at least like some on a nearby mountain on a day off so i can go see some snowfall this winter, will that be too much to ask? Haha
  8. Merry Christmas everyone, atleast we got a nice cold frost morning to make it kind of festive!
  9. Was nice to see some snow covered mountains to drive through on my trip to and from Aberystwyth today, some very heavy showers and prolonged spells of rain and sleet along the way.
  10. Had a continuous rain/hail mix for a while now with a bit of thunder and lightning thrown in, im off to Aberystwyth thismorning, up over Brecon and up through the mountains way today before coming back later, will be a fun day weather wise of driving!
  11. Just had some hail and a flash of lightning/thunder, some pretty beefy showers today with gusty winds, cold in those winds too.
  12. Just stayed as sleety rain here last night but 5 miles up the road in Maesteg they had a nice covering of snow! Lovely cold rain now with a temp of 5c and a fair breeze, hope to get my shot at my first snowfall soon!
  13. Im sure you'll get plenty more up there! Haha Still sleety rain here, its like it wants to snow at times but just can't quite manage it
  14. Just drove home from Cardiff to Tondu and currently have heavy rain/sleet which i didn't expect, some nice big icy flakes hitting the windscreen!
  15. Its 2.7C and cold rain here thismorning, not my favourite weather by far but nice to see the first snowfalls across some areas already. Gives me a little hope for the winter after last year being pretty boring snow wise here for the most part.
  16. Woke up to our first frost of the season this morning, cold and sunny start to the day temp currently 3c.
  17. Had quite a few thundery showers thismorning, one with a lightening strike right behind my house, so bright and loud, closest I've ever been to a strike and don't want to get that close again haha! Some intense rain and hail too which was nice. Not had much thundery activity by me this year so was nice surprise.
  18. Shotgun lightning behind my house, wasn't expecting it, never had it that close before, loudest thing ever, scary, amazing to see!

  19. Wasn't expecting to be in a thunderstorm today and this rain and hail is crazy but just had the loudest shotgun thunder from the closest lightning strike that hit just behind my house, never had it hit on my doorstep before ?
  20. Pretty boring day weather wise if I'm honest. Had some rain at times overnight but been an mostly overcast day with some sunny intervals, breezy at times and damp. Temp 8.5C Max @ 12.00pm 9.6C Overnight low @ 2am 5.8C Dewpoint 4.9C Windchill 8.5C Wind 2-3bft Max gust 24.6mph Pressure 1007.8mb 24hr rainfall 5.2mm
  21. Rain slowly washing away the last of remaining snow on north facing roofs and gardens, temp 5.5C, snow has stayed around for much longer than I anticipated! I'll be happy now if that's all we get as it's lasted a few days on the ground!
  22. Low of -3.0C overnight, currently 4.4C according to the new station, still some snow on the grass and patches of shaded ground/roofs but mostly melted away from that. Beautiful clear sunny day here though cold in any breeze. Love these winter days.
  23. Still some snow about surprisingly, thought it would have all melted, happy days! So my new weather station arrived today, all set up and outside nicely and everything's working, all connected up to the laptop too. However kept the old thermometer from the last weather station out there (that's all that works from my last one) and they are giving quite different readings! The old thermometer (on a fence, facing north under some trees) is reading 3.6C whilst the new one (places on the shed, near the fence and under a tree, quite well sheltered) is reading 2.9C - very interesting to see the two differ, is the new one likely to be more accurate?
  24. Just made it up the Bwlch in my little ds3, our landscape is so beautiful in the snow! Was incredibly windy up there though.
  25. Well been and measured an inch of snow on the garden bench/table, but its all starting to melt quickly now temps rise! Will have to take a drive and see if I can get some pictures before it all melts ?
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