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  1. Trying to do some gardening and despite being 7.6c we keep getting sleet/snow/hail showers here on and off! Been a very long time since ive seen snow showers at 7c!
  2. Moderate- heavy snow again with nice fluffy flakes. Grounds too wet where its melted on roads and pavements to restick though.
  3. Snow melted on the roads and mostly on pavements as temps now at 0.3C, 1-2cm on the grass and some roofs still though. Snowing lightly again.
  4. Snows gone to light Snizzle now, still -0.5c so should stay around for few hours till the warmer air comes in.
  5. Im Happy I finally got to see a scene like this before the cold goes! Still heavy snow
  6. Heavy big flakes now in Barry, did wet the ground atfirst but starting to stick. Very heavy down Bridgend and all white there.
  7. Snowing here in Barry so Cardiff should get it soon
  8. Got our first few flakes here, quitr big too, parents in Bridgend say its snowing there and sticking
  9. Nothing here despite the radar having shown precip overhead. Not so hopeful now if its all gunna evaporate before getting to the ground!
  10. Band seems more patchy and to fizzle more over SW England, not sure we will actually get much here as the main precip has gone just a few miles too North
  11. Im more hopefully after looking at the radar to see some snow, meto has me down for a spell of heavy snow later!
  12. They did show earlier light snow and said 1-2cm across Wales tomorrow, then ITV wales showed the snow and said 3-4cm tomorrow, all depends how quickly it fizzles out against the cold.
  13. Bbc weather just now dissapointing, shows the snow saturday pretty much missing Wales and Scotland take all our snow, as if they haven't already had enough! Then rain Sunday and much warmer. Bring on some sun and 15C is this is the way it goes!
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