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  1. 16.3C for me!
  2. Well yesterday was definitely hot! We reached 31.9C here which in work was a bit much for me! 23.3C currently now but today should be cooler thankfully!
  3. We had 3 days of rain and fog - felt like autumn almost but today is completely different! Sunny and feeling very warm already, temp reading 23.1C already!
  4. I'll go with 16.4C
  5. I almost forgot to post mine, I'll go for 15.6C!
  6. On my way back from Cardiff today along the M4 encountered a heavy ice rain/sleet shower around the Rhondda section, temperatures dropped quickly on the car thermometer and could see ice on the windscreen wiper very briefly!
  7. 10.8C for me!
  8. It might be spoilt of me but I hope to see another storm today, to make up for the lack of recent years! It would certainly be a good start to the year to have 2 days in a row!
  9. Just had a storm here with a some good lightning every few seconds and constant thunder to begin with, mixed with heavy rain/hail! Better than anything we had last year even if it was short lived!
  10. Just had a storm here, for the first 10 mins had constant thunder and lightning every 3/4 seconds followed by heavy rain/hail, now just the odd flash and rumble as it moves away!
  11. 8.2C for me!
  12. Just woke up to see a light dusting on the roofs a cars! Wasn't expecting to see anything down here!
  13. Ice rain, sleet, hail, had a flash of lightning and a couple of rumbles of thunder and strong gusts of wind! Had it all here in the last half hour except actual snow! The ice rain has covered the cars and it keeps trying to snow!
  14. Well I must admit if not snow then this is the next best weather for me at the moment! Clear, calm and not bad at 11. 7C with 23% humidity! I do look forward to it getting a bit warmer now and the trees and plants starting to blossom again!