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  1. No ,unfortunately for now i think the bulk of winter being done and the patterns set in i would answer definitively no.
  2. i'm going to go out and checck th precipitation type.Im near places 300ft and a little hight .i may stroll up there.
  3. greybing

    Jersey Blizzard 26

    Where is this ,surely not Jersey?
  4. Thank you for your responses though I am still a little in the dark,ha...I did look online for a definative answer and didn't so asked the community here.Again thanks .
  5. the best of the lot im my opinion.AWESOME literally.
  6. Does this big diurnal/nocturnal difference in temperature happen partly because of the relatively long times of both night and day .At the moment I think it's 11.18 minutes of our turn of sun light in london and 12.42 minutes of no sun.Why does the temperature drop quicker this time of year here.For example in december when the nights are way longer than the days there could be a day when there is aa 2 celcius maximum and the subsequent snowless,calm ,clear conditions of the night time end up aiding the minimum to -3 or -4c,a drop 5 or 6c.Yet now were getting form 14 to sub zero. Please in
  7. Do people really have no reccollectionss of manchester during this time.Aw that'ssuch a shame..
  8. Really thankyou.I appreciate your ever present willingness to help others in an open manner which does not hinder the purpose the expression of ideas[ie showoffs who have knowledge but like to not share their knowledge by being purposely overly complicated]Again ,thanks for the time out a lot,Graham.
  9. Hey guys and galls.I'm but a lowly novice in this area of meteorology and as such still at the bottom rungs of the ladder of learning.This being so I would greatly appreciate if you could give me a concise description of the possible tropospheric patterns given the stratospheric conditions at this time . I suppose what I am asking is if one [or more] or the learned members could breakdown what could ,and is indeed the most probable, weather in the near future.I ,as are many on this site at this time of the year,am looking for cold weather ,or more specifically cold which favours the north wes
  10. greybing

    Stuck in a drift

    It looks like one of those many images fro the 62/63 winter..good pic
  11. I have not properly perused here for a while and I was hoping for someont to[in laymans terms] to explain what is going on in the upper stratosphere in relation to the troposhere and obviously it downwelling and effect on the it in relation to northern hemespherical weather especially in regards to Cold weather in our parts of the northern hemesphere?Thankyou in advance to any replies .ta ta
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