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    to all my friends and family

  2. Who actually reads my/your posts? Let's see who reads this entirely...leave me a one word comment that starts with the third letter of your first name. It can only be one word! Then copy this to your wall so I can leave a word for you! Don't just post a word and not copy, that's no fun!!! xx

  3. Well the A32 is. Living upto it's reputation as most congested road in Hampshire. 45 mins to do a mile

    Oh well on the bright side only another 9 days of these road works

  4. hi all

    well i am on my home back to blighty what a fab tour and amazing company and a great group of newly found frenids and compaions now i have to plan for two trips out the states next year

    thanks paul claire and craig

  5. hi all

    well after a quite week on the lightning front we hit the jackpot last night at a veiw point on mount lemmon over looking tucson i have over a 100 photos will put the best on here later i havve a taster to go on with plus a few from the last week

  6. well this state is just getting better visted the grand canyon yesturday and caught some lightning bolts over the northern rim too distant for any good photos but i have a couple will post up when i have chance to adjust them .

  7. hi all

    just came back from a second day of chasing no lightning but a feast of dirt devils (mini twisters) and a sand storm will load pictures to face book

  8. Hi all

    finally arrived here in phoenix after a 15 hrs flight and being up for 26 hrs treated to an unexpected thunder storm as there were none forcast didnt even have chance to unpack my camera

    conditons look good to the east of us in tucson so hope for pic's to show tonight

    just spent the last hour in the hotel pool all i can say is "mad dogs and englishmen go out in the midday sun" currently it is 110 f

  9. Hi all

    after a hectic last couple of months i now got my holiday bags packed and i am off stormchasing again to the good ole US OF A to phoenix to chase the southwest moonsoon. i will try to post some of my photos when i get a chance

    1. Paul


      Hope you have a great trip!

  10. large multi votex on cell south of the guys

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