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  1. There was a thunderstorm going on in chandlers ford when I left @ 16:15 started at 16:00 there was a couple of nice cg’s but was unable to grab a pic as my phone died and had to restart must be the storm that tropic thunder seen/heard
  2. Nice little thunder storm going in chandlers ford at the moment lovely surprise first day back after 8 months
  3. can hear the thunder from the iow in Gosport
  4. thunder being heard in gosport now
  5. Whats the betting on that storm come up from france starts to make a right turn just before landfall
  6. yes it was a tad windy but the summer was not too bad although did not get going until mid july and into august with warm temps into nov.
  7. just come from local supermarket here in Gosport, it started with snow grains now has got bit heavier
  8. Getting a lot of sea fog at moment that wasn't forecast
  9. the snow has slowed but there is no sign of the freezing rain yet looking at the radar we may only get a small amount of freezing rain possible the the island is blocking the worst.
  10. pic taken from front door @ 19:35 privett road Gosport
  11. What is people's thought on having a brand new thread for tomorrow's incoming storm as his one is already over 172 pages????
  12. the local bbc weather for the south makes for great viewing much better forecast
  13. second shorter snow shower just passed