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  1. Just had a nice heavy shower with a rainbow on it pic does not do it justice
  2. Looking through the Metoceil Charts last night a number of the runs were beginning to show signs of spring on the anomaly 850 charts a temp anom of + 8 c creeping into the east of the UK, on the ecmwf i know that it is out in Fantasy land but we should start seeing these types of charts instead of the over ramping cold ones being shown in the MAD thread. So perhaps spring is in the wings waiting to return.
  3. Distance learning in meteorology

    Hi There This website might worth a look there is plenty of weather courses in easy learning chunks and i think are mostly free as well. https://www.meted.ucar.edu/
  4. I just like to add some counterpoint to the MAD thread in here by mentioning the S word "It is only 26 days to meteorological spring"
  5. just for once one of those channel lows just in the right spot right up the drain pipe channel
  6. all in the south just below the M4 corridor
  7. Storm Eleanor - Atlantic Storm 5

    Just had a peak gust of 51MPH here in Gosport from my home weather station which is also a bit sheltered unfortunately i cannot tell what the wind is in the solent is as the bramblemet buoy is down but other buoys in the area are showing severe gale force 9 a stormy night to come.
  8. BA Sale

    Hi All The way to go if you want to fly BA is take a look at close by European airports especially Dublin as the price even with a cheap Easy-jet/Ryanair and others could be a lot cheaper as the problem flying direct from an UK airport is Heathrow's runway charges and the Airport departure Tax.Just did a quick pricing via Ba.com and the price came out @ 545 euros there are some savings to be made but you will need to be a bit flexible by way that is BA Dublin to LHR and LHR-DFW on BA193 and via JFK to DUBLIN on the way back.
  9. I just given my weather station a clean and new batteries and can confirm that it feels warm at 12.4c with very little wind and hints of this dreary cloud cover is very slowly breaking up .
  10. I just spent the last 3 days on a snow chase all be it In Switzerland went to Andermatt full on blizzard with blowing snow will post pics later as I am on train home back to balmy Gosport
  11. distant rumbling heard from the channel to south from here in Gosport
  12. Just arrived back in Gosport crossing the and can see the front of the anvil cloud just crossing the channel
  13. just starting to hear rumbles of thunder and the lightning map just showing strikes just off the se coast of the isle of wight just getting very dark. In coming storm
  14. Yes head goring by sea rail station then head north to round about then west on A259 towards littelhamton for approx 500 yards to right up to highdown hill great view over the sea some height
  15. Its Looks like a storm is heading towards the Solent and the IOW on the radar but it might just slide to east towards Selsey