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  1. At least we got sleet here in Gosport which is a partial result as being on the coast it has got to be really cold to get real snow at least it will cool very thing off now .
  2. I know it is the rear end of August but winter is coming I just seen a small advanced gaggle of Geese about a dozen of so in the Playing fields of HMS Sultan here in Gosport. i don't know if they are locals or migrants that we normally get around the end of September or October time. will keep an eye open to see if this really is the start.
  3. As stated in the regional thread "that Southampton storm has just hit Chandlers ford continuous thunder now the rain has just started"
  4. that Southampton storm has just hit Chandlers ford continuous thunder now the rain has just started
  5. The view to my ENE In Chandler’s ford. that is one monster of a thunder head I don’t why it posted upside down
  6. Classic French import and the iow wont stand a chance might by worth a trip up to portsdown hill???
  7. I was 16 at the time but the local BBC South TV news had a big feature at the time with a reporter at Gatwick Airport.
  8. Great Photo brings back so many childhood memories living in the lee of the hill
  9. There has been an explosion of cherry blossom on the trees locally this last couple of days and it is early this year possible portend of what is to come I wonder?
  10. nice heavy rain shower a 30 sec burst of gravel size hails stones and a couple rumbles of thunder thrown into the mix as well. showers starting grow in intensity tracking along the north face of the south-downs. Ps i am at my work location in chandlers ford.
  11. The storm coming in of iow is a constant rumble with rapid lightning now the first rain has started
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