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  1. Got a dusting a snow here...all cars and roads white. Still currently snowing lightly.
  2. Snowing quite heavily here too!..slowly starting to stick!
  3. Ahh yeah haha, that makes sense tbh! i've just noticed its starting to stick more certain surfaces now as the temps keep dropping
  4. Heavy snow showers here too wet to stick though! temps dropping currently 1*C
  5. A cold frosty start here this morning, now a mild evening with outbreaks of heavy rain, current temps at 9*C
  6. Took the photo attached earlier today while driving across the mountain above llangynidr in powys.
  7. Had a brief period of wet snow earlier, which has now turned back to rain/sleet.
  8. A good few cms of snow here and still snowing lightly, not quite enough for a snow day though sadly haha!
  9. Heavy wintry showers here, snow falling too massive snowflakes!
  10. finally snowing here too! slight covering on cars and roads already!
  11. heavy hail storm here with thunder!
  12. Temps dropping & rain turning more sleety here now
  13. Temp almost up to 6*C here now, and just started to rain!
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