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  1. Currently in New Tredegar at 200m ASL, snow is struggling to stick here just seems to be melting. Only a very light dusting on the grass.
  2. Complete whiteout here in Abertillery, finally nice to see a covering of snow which is sticking.
  3. The rain actually woke me up around 3am this morning. 😞 A very light dusting of snow on cars here in Abertillery, but nothing on the roads.
  4. Got a dusting a snow here...all cars and roads white. Still currently snowing lightly.❄️❄️
  5. Same here, very very fine light snow.......
  6. Snowing quite heavily here too!..slowly starting to stick!
  7. A cold frosty start here this morning, now a mild evening with outbreaks of heavy rain, current temps at 9*C
  8. Just had a really bad thunderstorm pass through here! not expected! :/
  9. Woah currently having a really bad thunderstorm here! Some heavy rain too! Was not expecting this!
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