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  1. Got to laugh , heard a few rumbles of distant thunder coming from the south then all activity stopped over the wigan area , only for it to reactivate as it moved out of this area , this can be seen on bliztortung, a gap of X's over the wigan area so just a handful of distant rumbles here then , damp squib
  2. Typical weekend weather again , ie crap, relentless featureless grey skies and wet at times like most weekends since the summer began oh look, the sun might come back, during the working week , as usual
  3. As soon as the working week gets underway the weather goes sunny again , then when Saturdays arrive again guaranteed uniform grey skies and drizzle , without fail.
  4. Budapest live webcam.... Earthcam , bit of lightning show starting up there for the storm starved
  5. yes , thunderstorms were forecast for northern and western parts , then a few isolated ones happened way down south and as far east as you can get cant see anything here today , still cool, overcast, featureless stratus and breezy and heavy drizzle , think they are taking the ......
  6. Overcast with thick stratus , grey ,cool , with moderate rain , not thundery type conditions , can see today panning out much like yesterday, mostly cloudy with merging showers could be wrong lets see , hmmm
  7. Cheeky potent storm formed from nowhere to my east over an hour ago, all died off now
  8. good storm to east of here about an hour ago , a very close ground shaker cg too , didnt see any forks though, just the flickers
  9. A very active afternoon in these parts , multiple cells with regular thunder and lightning , all moved off east over the last few hours
  10. They already have become an extremely rare event here , They were a guaranteed part of the summer makup especially before the year 2000 say, and even in spring 'thundery showers' was not that unusual, but their frequency seems to have waned over the last few years , only heard distant thunder on one day from this location and its nearly August .
  11. We have had to endure some of the hottest temps in the UK here , a full week of temps near to or above 30c, yet the storms still wont come near ,they are all in the south , or east , yet again , peeved , but happy for those storm lovers who got their fix
  12. Ah thats better , all the windows open to let in the cooler air and let that stuffy heat leak away , just peeved we didnt get any storms as a reward for enduring the heat , but what else can you expect in the storm starved NW?
  13. still 23c here grrrrr although thats not to bad , we seem to have been a microclimate of heat here
  14. same here , but its more of a slow painful process that a sudden cool off
  15. Not the big cooldown as forecast damn , at least no horrific heat forecast going forward from here but I suspect Saturday will still be very warm , its now outstayed its welcome , still cant cool the house down , at least next week looks better to rid the house of this disgusting heat
  16. To say I am galled is an understatement, a full week of enduring temps at around 30c everyday here which has been hell... and not even a whiff of a thunderstorm , and non in the forecasts, apart from the usual places (yawn) Central parts of NW England have had some of the hottest conditions in the UK in this spell , but the storms just stay away , apart from a short lived isolated storm over Manchester yesterday . just not good enough , Today has been a little less hot , but Saturday now looks dry with temps still at 26c , so you can add on a degree or two to that , Not the cooldown here as predicted , hopefully sunday sees the proper cooling setting in . Sick as a pig of sweating
  17. still 26c outside here at 22.30, no breeze and the bedroom is like a sauna . wigan is currently one of the warmest spots in the uk , even london is only 22c , what the hell is going on ? the temps are very reluctant to fall , god this getting tedious , another night where sleep will be hard to come by , hate this now
  18. thermometer peaked at 31c , today was another day of purgatory at work in this stifling heat , not convinced tomorrow will feel any better , forecast is for only 26c but I think thats another underestimation as they have been all week , saturday will be the main cooling , If we dont get any thunder after enduring this draining heat I will be livid ,
  19. I normally like fine summer weather followed by thunderstorms , like we used to get in the 80's and 90's , but this spell has been just horrific heat here , and storms are not even a cert anymore . 30c plus all week . hard to sleep , and even harder to work , get about 2,00pm in the afternoon and its purgatory loose interest in doing more work , roll on Saturday
  20. I used to get excited over up and coming hot sunny spells. especially when the tstorms were forecast as the spell went on , I dread hot spells now , really disrupts my sleep , going to work on no or little sleep in heat is torture . Dont get me wrong I haven't turned into a proper cold fan , I hate prolonged icy spells in winter for different reasons , but I can cope with it better , Still like the storms heat can bring though , but even them are pot luck these days . I like 20c to 23 c in summer and 7c to 12c for winter , I suppose that makes me a mildy . This heat is not 'mild' weather
  21. I lot of people will suddenly have to islolate this week no doubt.... hmmmm
  22. 29c a lot hotter than forecast, dont like it, the bbc forecasts seem to underestimate the temps really dont like heat anymore , how you change when you get older
  23. Just a day of light messy rain here , thunderstorms ? what thunderstorms
  24. No thunder here yesterday , I dont normally go chasing storms , always feel like its a wild goose chase to me ,,,but watching all that frenzied lighting activity on the radar was obvious it was going to cross the M62 around the huddersfield halifax area , so a choice ,,,watch england or have a very good chance of seeing a decent storm at dusk , no brainer , off in the car and timed it perfect , quiet roads too, The drive through one of the intense rain cores was scary on motorway, pulled off near Huddersfield and watched a bit of lighting and heard some deep explosive sounding thunder ,
  25. This overcast grey stratus, clagg and moderate rain dross seems to be lingering longer than the forecast implied , when does the sunny spells and heavy cumulonimbus stuff move in ?
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