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  1. Well the other side of the Pennines has stole the storms again , yesterdays forecast showed lightning over the NW, yet somehow I still knew it would be a far east event
  2. ^ Not many bad summers in the 1990's, it really was a good period , and for thunderstorms too contrast that to post 2007 , lots appearing in that list of shame, something has changed (low solar)
  3. Cumulonimbus over me now giving just boring rain , not even that heavy, there is no way this one was ever going to be electrical moving over this area
  4. Same here, the ones from the south or north wales always seem to fizzle before they get here, yet storms have no problem developing to the north of here and then beefing up more as they push away further still, this area really does kill them today is a classic example of what usually happens ,it is very annoying , still I got to hear a whole 2 rumbles , yay for that
  5. Lots of thunder from a cell here earlier this afternoon, only two flashes seen of sheet lightning though, most of the lightning was intracloud and not directly overhead , but a very loud cannon shell sound must have been a fairly close CG strike, could have been a positive strike jumping clear of the main thunder cloud
  6. Lots of thunder from a cell here earlier this afternoon, only two flashes seen of sheet lightning though, most of the lightning was intracloud and not directly overhead , but a very loud cannon shell sound must have been a fairly close CG strike, could have been a positive strike jumping clear of the main thunder cloud
  7. you know when they say frequent lightning its game over , same as humdingers
  8. Seems most of the North West t storms have been over sparsely populated areas , ie the Irish sea , or northernmost moorlands , While Gtr Manchester, Merseyside etc not getting much thunder wise, just moderate sporadic rain this afternoon
  9. not heard thunder today, but some very thundery skies to my north west earlier that were pushing away as usual , too far to hear thunder , pity it wasn't night , as lightning would have been visible , a bust here for sure , again , roll on autumn
  10. I am off work for a week first full week of august , I said a couple of weeks ago that week would be meh at the best , not based on anything scientific , but just because I always time it wrong , looks like I could be right Inevitable really, I always get a jinxed week , always , blame me for a poor start to august
  11. Last weekend was rubbish but as soon as the working week started on Monday the heatwave began. drawing the curtains back to hot sun and blue sky every weekday with temps maxing around 30c most days , Get up Saturday , grey , drab featurless stratus, drizzly , , the weather knows its the weekend again What a sick sense of humour it has
  12. I am off work for a week next week, first full working week of August, sorry folks but that means I have doomed that week to grey, rainy and drab Happens every time
  13. A smaller more isolated storm is seen to the north west at just before midnight, that was acually out to sea near the lytham/blacpool coastline , remember looking at blitzorg just before bed and noticed white 'x's beginning to ping just off the coast there , looked out the window to the west and saw quite vivid flashes, thats about 40 miles from here , The main event came along about an hour later
  14. Saw a few infrequent elevated flashes over the ribble estuary way about 1230 , went to bed not long after at thinking that would be it ,main storms wont happen , after lying there for what seemed about an hour, I started to hear the unmistakable grumbling sound of distant of thunder ! , looked south out of the landing window and saw spectacular IC purple forks lighting all the clouds around them , every 30 secs or so , with another storm going on to the east giving frequent distant blue flashes, awful nights sleep though , feel ill now , but was worth it
  15. Storms were forecast for the NW about now , but East Yorkshire has them instead, was that even forecast for the East
  16. Why does this not surprise me , might stay up until 1200 just to see if anything happens , Maybe around 1.30am onwards perhaps is when things *might* go thundery , but this is the storm diminisher North West, so its not a done deal
  17. I am in work tomorrow, need to be up at 6.30 , I hate missing sleep , makes me feel bad the next day . going to go to bed at 1100PM but will probably find it hard to sleep, then thunder may wake me up if I do , but thats a big IF, Certainly not staying up and missing sleep for a thunderstorm that is unlikely to happen , best outcome could be odd flickers of distant lighting around 3.00am, Not waiting up to find out ! , these events are always timed wrong , ah well
  18. So the usual cloudy weekends will give way to warm and sunny weekdays when we have to be stuck at work, only to go cloudy and cooler again at the next weekend , rinse and repeat, and the storms are forecast to pass through here early Wednesday morning (if we even get them) just as I drive to work ,so cant appreciate them. Although I guessed that would be what happens. Listen here you storms ! , if you are going to come at awkward times dont even bother I give up
  19. no thunder again, despite it being in the forecast , well, there is always today , but after a sunny start the grey drab stratus infill has cloaked the whole sky again, dont think anything will happen what happened to those days with a warm sunny start , cumulus bubbling up to form impressive towers then thunderstorms , was sort of expecting something like that today...... thought not , too much to ask, more chance of meeting elvis in my local tescos
  20. Pig sick now of lack of thunder last few years we had a few rumbles on two different days so far in 2019 , and just one semi-decent afternoon storm in July 2018, but thats the lot , pathetic compared to the last few decades . Have just give up now , I dont even bother checking , if any happen they happen , but not holding my breath ever again . I do believe low solar activity is to blame not helped by a colder Atlantic. but not 100% sure on that . I do believe storms will get frequent again in the uk summers , but only in the next large solar peak , Could be a wait
  21. Better day , sunny from the word go, but totally expected being a working day and stuck in work grrrrrr , few cumulus bubbling in the afternoon blocking the sun at times , but feeling warm Probably cool and damp again by next weekend , I am off work too 1st week of August, so expect a rubbish week then
  22. waking up to yet another grey drab cloudfest sunny mornings are strictly not allowed anymore it seems I dont know why people are saying its all normal , it far from normal here , a very drab summer with non descript temps, however going off the run of poor summers this last decade I suppose it is normal
  23. Been looking at the model thread for the past few weeks , plenty good looking charts but they never turned into reality , just mainly cloudfests , tantalising occasional glimpses of warm sun , that fill in with grey stratus muck soon as the warmth tries to get through, and some patchy rain at times on a few of the days . Still those nice orange charts keep cropping up , always a week away though, I dismiss them now , going off the past few weeks
  24. Another default dull cloudy day coming up I bet, with that ever present NW wind , some very small scraps of blue sky with a brief glimpse of a watery sun , I suppose thats the best we can hope for in this drab summer , Edit.... Looks like that is now filled in to the usual 100% grey featurless filth Need to get out of this god forsaken country for while Yes I know , its a moaning thread after all
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