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  1. I think it impossible to predict outcomes for the year ahead to any accuracy , its all guess work, just a bit of fun However, one area that we can easily predict to a high degree of accuracy is the lack of thunderstorms , we had one in 2018 and 2019 will again prove that they will be very thin on the ground , I will be optimistic though and predict in this location we will get one again overhead , just the one though. and maybe another day of a few distant rumbles, but thats being even more optimistic
  2. 'mostly good' may june and july were great here, august has been typical of the last few , poor , but not a complete disaster , factor in the lack thundery stuff marks this summer down another notch
  3. I once read a theory that active sunspot periods increase thunderstorm activity , could this be the reason ? We are in a low sunspot phase
  4. worst year for thunder ever, one thunder day here so far in 2018, a new all time low count, its been building up to this a while, with the thunder counts getting ever lower every year, next year 0 thunder days , would not bet against it
  5. high summer feels a distant memory here

    1. karyo


      All eyes on winter prospects

  6. all the electrical stuff is out to sea, seems to want to stay there too,
  7. looks like it will head towards the ribble estuary, lytham area etc
  8. uniform overcast stratus crud here , no sign of any solar input, slighty humid feel though, just not feeling it here today
  9. Last year I recorded two thunder days here, this year there has been just one so far, Contrast that to pre 2000 where 7 thunder days would be about the norm, thats discounting those nights where we would get a good distant lightning show but no thunder, which perhaps would happen twice yearly a full calendar year with no thunder is on the cards in the not too distant future me thinks , I thought it was going to be this year but a decent thunder day two Saturdays ago saved a totally thunderless 2018 up to that point , there is still time in 2018, but I think it could be a very long wait now
  10. 27c peaked in wigan today , a nice sunny evening for a bike ride , with patchy clouds ,we must be south of a front
  11. Is there a chance of a repeat of yesterday. A very good thunder day here yesterday just like the old days, with thunder rolls you just lost count of in one particular cell, and other electrical cells coming along later , like buses these thunderstorms, could not believe my luck when I heard round 3 rumbling in the distance with my name on it , surely not again . this is the NW
  12. I was under that cell, it was producing very frequent intracloud lightning every few seconds , and 'crackly' sounding thunder, with just the odd cg deep boom type thunder
  13. looks like 2018 will not be the first thunder free year in my location after all , quite active here today , 3 thundery showers queuing to take their turn . one was very active electrically, but mainly cloud to cloud
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