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  1. met office still going for dec to feb being above average temperature , do they factor in global warming too much,

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    2. Osbourne One-Nil

      Osbourne One-Nil

      Don't be daft - he'd be called James95 then.

    3. lassie23


      in disguise of course!

    4. SE Blizzards

      SE Blizzards

      Lol! I think Barry was on a wind up!? Anyway, i'm glad LRF's are usually wrong. Can u imagine how boring it would be if they were correct all the time? What would be the point of MOD threads if we always knew exactly what the weather had in store? Part of the excitement for me, and always will be, is the chase (the will it, or won't it)! Barry, u finished cleaning them Met office toilet's yet? (ONLY JOKING MATE) :)