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  1. Would the upcoming spell been a good thundery plume if it was midsummer?

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    2. Supacell


      The SW would probably have missed out due to lower SST's killing off any imported storms. However, inland areas would have probably had some decent homegrown storms as Miguel says.

    3. Captain Shortwave

      Captain Shortwave

      Thursday needs to be watched for some torrential rain pushing up from France, you can still get storms even at this time of year. A few years back I got woken up by one which happened at the end of October.

    4. MP-R


      Depends in what way the storms arrive Supacell. I remember many a plume where the storms have arrived in Cornwall and Devon before Dorset, Somerset, Wiltshire etc. Does always help if it's a southeasterly plume rather than a direct southerly.

      @Captain Shortwave - I think there was a similar event in early November 2011 too.

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