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  1. I am so happy we missed it all , yes, like mushy I hate it
  2. yes, nothing here , all green, maybe some flakes in the next couple of hours as the edge of the snow band scrapes past south, we will see
  3. I mean locally , dont care about 4 inches up in Skipton
  4. Seems some are getting touchy because I happen to hate snow ,I find it an annoying nuisance , whats wrong with not wanting a particular type of weather ! I dont mind cold crisp clear weather with blue skies , and I like rain and gales in the winter, but not in summer , but snow,no thanks , you can keep it Cant see the difference between that, and people on here wanting grey cool rainy weather all through summer , and constantly gloating when it does so Seems it was all too much to hear for some , pathetic oh well
  5. I hope we get another snowless winter
  6. And now the outlook, scattered slug storms, easing to patchy slime later 

  7. the climate in the uk is autumn by default for all 12 months, the only way to tell the season is if the leaves are bare or not . or if it goes dark at 4.00pm
  8. Think of taking up embroidery , far more exciting the the NW weather
  9. North West England has never really been a great place to be if you like thunderstorms, and its getting worse, not sure what the dynamics are that storms dont particularly happen here that often , is it the storm killer Irish sea ? , you would think, but yet that seems to generate more thunder than over the land , so it cant really be that, especially the last year or so , last evening was another example Yes it was better decades ago, but so were other regions, It really is the capital of boring non weather , and it seems to getting more mundane , we cant even get proper sunny hot cloudless days anymore or even just cloudless days , it sucks here
  10. severe slug alert issued :rofl:

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      I've advised him to stop and take up running :nonono:

  11. sure we had a positive strike not far from here last night, maybe two or three miles , but the deep low frequency explosive sound reverberated into the distance for ages I missed rather spectacular funnel cloud last week over Wigan that touched down in fields in Billinge area http://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-news/incredible-footage-captures-swirling-twister-13466112
  12. funnel cloud in wigan, you can see it roping out http://www.wigantoday.net/news/environment/twister-captured-on-video-in-wigan-1-8694336
  13. had to put the heating on yesterday for an hour or two, just to take the chill off, this morning, getting up for work at 6.50am felt distinctly autumnal, the forcasters keep saying about the jet being in an usual southerly position for summer , but is it ? it does seem to come over us and pester more often in the summers recently, maybe its the new normal position for summer
  14. torrential showers just clipped here about an hour ago, one close flash and crack of thunder