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  1. I would be very happy with that , similar to what we have had over the last couple of months, I hate extreme temps, either hot or cold This summer is going down with 1976, 2006 etc as one of the best ones, but for the love of god lets have some thundery spells thrown in to make it perfect
  2. very torrential rain now roads flooded, no thunder, what does it take to get thunder here ?
  3. As a mildy/warm lover . just lapping this summer up, a few of those storms here would just be icing on the cake, but are still proving elusive even so, cant complain , the warmth has been going on for what seems like a couple of months solid, and possibly more to come , I feel sorry for the coldies in this spell, at least they got a few days of beast from the east in early March , something for everyone this year then oh..apart from thunder lovers if you live in the north west of England
  4. I always think you live in kent, until I look at your location , just up the road from me, anyway nothing photogenic here just grey drixxly looking crud
  5. I know what you mean , I just dont get it , there seems no explanation, Continental Europe still get their qouta , even some places in the uk still get storms, but somethings fundamentally changed , a very hot spell like this with consecutive days near 30c would have guaranteed a few thunderstorms here a decade or two ago , but not any more , I always endured working in the heat knowing I will likely be rewarded with a storm or two, does not work like that now anyway moaning over from me , there is nothing you can do about it
  6. Still no thunder for my neck of the woods, there hasn't been any since May 2017, and it looks like the most thunderless year ever will continue here, we had heavy rain yesterday though, even it looked thundery , it didnt, of course
  7. yes, no thunder here since may 2017 the longest void I have ever known,
  8. Whilst I welcome this warm summery spell, a few thunderstorms mixed in would make it the perfect summer for me, otherwise it can get a bit tedious but thunderstorms here are not going to happen anytime soon....or later for that matter , thunder is just as rare as a flying pig over the last couple of years Bring back the 80's and 90's
  9. IanR

    The decline in thunder days.

    Nothing thundery forcast here for the foreseeable, just dry dry dry all the way, will 2018 be the first thunderless year for my location , it looks very possible now , I never thought it could happen, but the way things have been going over the last few years , less and less thunder days, its kind of happened anyway if you take into account a rolling 12 month period , last storm was in may 2017 , shocking
  10. All this heat last week and for the next two weeks , but very limited and isolated thunder risk it seems , still no thunder here since may 2017, the longest thunderless period for probably many many decades, the clock is now ticking, anything after mid august is unlikely now I would bet on this heat just whimpering away from the north west when it does finally end , rather than going with a bang, certainly for here
  11. I am in the isolated thunderstorms zone thats it , almost certain bust here, game over already for Wigan, well at least we are now getting the moderate rain band which was dead cert
  12. still no proper thunder here since may 2017, the most thunderless period I have ever known, and I am in my forties highly doubt anything thundery for here tomorrow being realistic, band of moderate/heavy rain likely though
  13. Not even a few rumbles here this year, you actually got lucky hearing a few rumbles , beggars cant be choosers in these storm sparse times
  14. This pattern has been good for the north west of england, its been mostly dry sunny and warm for the past 3 weeks or more with just odd cloudy days, but even those cloudy days have been the rare , just wish we got a few storms thrown in though
  15. what a drab awful day , not only no storms here yesterday and zero chance for the foreseeable , today we have dull monotone miserable looking stratus clag with no signs of it breaking and suppressed temps , this has got to be the worst location anywhere in the uk for a weather enthusiast it was laughable watching all electrical activity cease from that batch of convection as it moved up from the north midlands about 20 miles before it reached here , only for it to spark up again as soon as it went passed north Lancashire into east cumbria,