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  1. Any chance of thunder in NW this week , I am so thunderstorm starved its making me depressed, a good storm is like a dose of prozac, Probability of storms in Wigan 0.0000 %
  2. I would love this weather to stick around until late september, broken by good thunderstorms every few days then back to sun and warmth , then rinse and repeat , of course it wont , we are not a continental climate
  3. its amazing how a couple of very warm days can skew the CET , its felt decidedly chilly here for most of April, and a few days downright cold, going off the feel of the month I would have put it notably below normal, though there hasn't really been any air frosts
  4. IanR

    The decline in thunder days.

    Not sure if its just been down to bad luck but there has been an astonishing absence of thunder here the last 12 months , never known it as poor, and I am in my 40's last thunder I heard was in May 2017, incredible, normally we would see at least several thundery showers /storms, over the course of 12 months well we did in the nineties, yet other areas are seeing their usual quotas , somethings up here, but it doesn't make sense , it must be bad luck , very bad luck
  5. Yes the mundane rain will have no problem , but thunderstorms you can forget, if its drab featureless stratus and drizzle/rain with meh temps the NW must be utopia if you like that kind of thing
  6. North west storm drought goes on , despite storms in Cumbria last night , the main area of the NW was,as usual ,huge repellent to storm activity, even when everything looks right for them , they dont happen here , so I have stopped even bothering expecting them anymore We had thunderstorms in North wales, thunderstorms in the lake district, thunderstorms in Yorkshire , a few sporadic ones in the midlands , widespread over southern England , but sweet FA in the North West, even the Shetlands had a bit if you look at Blitzorg goddammit when I seestorms develop in North wales they always move into the Irish sea and avoid the North West , its becoming predictable, I had a feeling that would be the case last night , and so it was
  7. IanR

    The decline in thunder days.

    unusual not to get at least a weak thundery shower by this stage , we had one solitary rumble in january. before that last thunder heard was sometime in the summer of 2017 I think, very very poor
  8. Sick of monotonous mucky grey leaden featureless cloudy skies , err just let me look out of the window, yes can confirm the same again today
  9. cant wait to see the cheery blossoms of spring decking the trees,  a most uplifting sight 

  10. Thats not the point, the 20c will come soon, only weeks away if that , then the high twenties are possible, as it does most years , its showing mild , mild and more mild , we are now going into the warm half of the year, yes there could still be chilly days ahead , possibly high single digits days as its still only April but that will become less and less likely , mid teens and high teens look the form horse now , and not before time , the green shoots and blossoms of spring are ready to burst through
  11. Only problem with warm rain,the slugs are back already argggggg ! , cant believe I found one on my kitchen floor tiles today, its never happened before , the patio doors where shut , I think it sneaked up the plug hole from the waste pipe , the stuff of nightmares ...or less likely the tiny gap where the pipe exits I am mortified , full bottle of bleach down the plug hole and the rubber plug stays in too ! , just in case, tiny gap will get sealed tomorrow, and a few pellets sprinkled
  12. BBC has been dumbing down a while now , its just like the Daily Mail
  13. I hope we get a baking hot month like July 2013 Another disgusting day here, of many , this winter needs putting out of its misery , and made to rest in peace , it's like a tormented spirit that will not rest that just wants to carrying on haunting , Get the exorcists in to banish it
  14. Sorry to butt in, but check your grammar, I will give you a clue , it should be used as a singular not a plural