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  1. For Easter, ''the nuisance from the north''   :rofl:

  2. Could this turn out be the coldest Feb-April period on record , or are we well short ? it will be interesting how it compares , we will see by the end of April I suppose
  3. Oooo that last sentence hehe, but seriously I can understand why people want cold ice and snow in winter , and then want warm in summer, pretty normal, but there are some who like sub zero temp for 365 days of the year in the uk , they must be mentally sick, yes I mean that, Dont they understand the consequences of that , Nothing growing , collapsed economy, basically the UK would be a uninhabitable wasteland , the irony is they wouldn't even be around to enjoy their forever beloved sub zero temps and snow , they would have died off , no food , no milk ,no corn and wheat growing for bread and cereals the all the staples, no vegetables , They would have to move to somewhere warm.... ouch
  4. Getting sick to the back teeth now of winter , its had its last say, nothing is growing , all the countryside looks drab and monotone, mostly dead wood with little sign of green appearing , Dirty roads with dirty grass verges from tons of environmentally damaging salt thats been spread day after day, economy starting to be hit, its time to say goodbye. I don't mind cold shots in January, as long as they dont last too long so the salt can be washed away With no sign of any real warmth and just 'meh' 8c temps in the models its bleak
  5. I hope we get a few more easterlies off the continent well into summer , they will be known as beasts for a very different reason, heat then storms?  whats betting by then it will persistent tepid drizzle from the west , ah well the slugs will love it

    1. lassie23


      i'm hoping for northerlies

    2. IanR


      we do well out of northerlies in summer coolish yes , but warm in the sun in sheltered locations as they trend to bring less cloud, ill settle for that :)

      just dont want a leaden sky cloudfest



    3. karyo


      During the summer I appreciate the Atlantic winds for saving me from the nasty continental heat.

  6. We had a run of generally below average months leading up to that record cold March 2013, the following July was a protracted hot and sunny period for weeks on end , and it was like a switch being flicked , the following months where all above average, and the the following winters where all mild , perhaps this year the the switch been turned off again
  7. very cold in the wind , but if you are sheltered from it and when the sun comes out, it feels quite pleasant
  8. I hope the same pattern of 2013 plays out until autumn, as 2013 was a good summer here, particular July, which had a protracted spell of sun and heat , I remember getting the ray bans out just looking at the charts , august was a bit more tame, but still fine and usable , then again it could be just meh, or even cool and damp
  9. I remember during the nineties and early millennium March was almost guaranteed to give an early taste of summer , I remember having a BBQ in one of these spells . cant see that this year ! although doesn't the long range point to a warmer than normal April and May after a cold March ?
  10. North west regional discussion

    This all reminds me of watching thunderstorms move up from the south only to shift or fizzle before they reach this area, what is it about the lowlands of the NW that are so devoid of interesting weather ? , however if you love light rain , its great
  11. North west regional discussion

    Hardly any snow in Wigan from this beast , cant say I am bothered though, its just an unrelenting bitter cold howling gale that been going on for 36 hours , sick to the back teeth of it now , roll on warmer days stronger sun , convective heat showers , cant wait
  12. Check your house insurance is ok, burst pipes will be inevitable 

    1. snow*please


      is this upcoming cold spell really going to be that bad? 

    2. Mokidugway
  13. So, where and when will that first 20c be
  14. Cold spells here usually mean 3c and cold rain , vile, repugnant , grim, whats the point ? if its going to rain it might as well be mild ! thats why I am dreading this so called cold February thats been forecast, not good for my SAD, roll on spring and get us out of this dark , god forsaken season
  15. As the song says, January,sick and tired of you hanging round me (from the 70's)

    at least as each day pasess the sun is getting fractionally higher and stronger,  soon be the end of this god forsaken season