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  1. we need to lockdown again , if we want warm sunny weather , it was pretty obvious once lockdown eased the weather would know about it , and be its usuall b****d self , that warm and sunny spring all wasted
  2. Lots of crackly sounding thunder here about an hour ago , saw no lighting , so mostly IC , but a few must have been CG with that distinct deep thud type sound
  3. Thundery activity seems to have been killed off in Chesire/Merseyside storm , cant complain, had a cracker yesterday and half decent one earlier this afternoon
  4. well at least the coronvirius likes the cold charts, a better chance of it spreading still need warm summer 27c temps to curb it , not coming anytime soon
  5. Its that time again , predictions of the first 20c , this time last year it was happening now, This year ? 14th April, just a wild guess
  6. We need warmth now , if only to slow down the spread of viruses, which are more muted in the warmer months Cols spring it is then
  7. As if incessant wind and rain isnt bad enough and you think it cant get worse, then it does by turning to cold incessant wind and rain, with omnipresent leaden skies , the worst type of weather imaginable , just gross If its going to be wet and windy it might as well stay mild . Cold is good when its still and frosty, leading to crisp cold sunny days , otherwise no Please put winter to death and let spring in, my favourite season, when the trees start greening and there is a gentle warmth and blossom scent in the air. Winters are depressing
  8. I am not looking for cold now , I want dry sunny and pleasant temps , so sick to the back teeth of this current set up Unfortunatly it looks like turning colder , which means the rain and wind will be colder urghhhhhhh I have a feeling March will be colder than Jan and Feb , because the weather likes to take the Michael
  9. not much wind here, such a boring location for anything extreme, just the bog standard stuff of moderate rain and slight breeze
  10. nothing extreme here , trees are only moving gently, yet another twig twitcher *storm* for these parts ?
  11. Just a bit of wet and windy weather here, like a typical autumnal day nothing extreme
  12. Of course the bees would die off permanently too , and nothing would grow anyway and then as a result of that , humans are gone, but if thats want you want , Just go and live on the north pole
  13. Reasons for not looking forward to Winter, where do I start? at least the night starts getting lighter in just over 5 weeks time .... a faint glimmer of hope, Then the horror of January needs to be ridden out , then its uphill again to spring , Febs not great but dont mind it as most the horror months are gone ,and spring is not too far ahead You guessed, I dont like winter
  14. Well the other side of the Pennines has stole the storms again , yesterdays forecast showed lightning over the NW, yet somehow I still knew it would be a far east event
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