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  1. The very worst of winter today. Remaining dull, damp and cold all day. Even the blue sky that i saw briefly looked grey.

    1. Eugene


      A dry seasonal day here is not the very worst of winter, strong gales/torrential rainfall with localised damage and flooding is, hasnt been too bad a day for early december with some sunshine earlier

    2. Eugene


      Even better tomorrow with lots of clear crisp winter sunshine, too cold for you though millhouse ;)

    3. Milhouse


      Just rather disapponted that this PM airmass were supposed to be in hasnt delivered more sunshine today. However yesterday did deliver and it was a very nice winters day.

  2. Just booking my annual leave for next Spring. Puts me in a good mood!

  3. Yes exactly. Its now turned into jealousy where youths are seeing people steeling things and getting away with it so they want to try it too.

    1. Eugene


      Rioting always seems to be in the summer, roll on winter when you dont get any.

    2. Bottesford


      Yes lets turn out the sun then we'll never have rioting or human beings ever again!

  4. 28c currently in the south east. Big underestimation by the GFS which showed just 23c

    1. Harry


      GFS is often wrong with temperatures! As a general rule, during summer when the air is both humid and arriving from the South, always add at LEAST 2-3C on to the figure its stating

    2. Eugene


      I find GFS 2M temp charts to be generally ok, if you dont expect them to be exactly right everywhere then you will be happy with them :)...25C here just like GFS 06Z shows

  5. A nice countryfile forecast that was very typical of the years before 2007. Temps in the low to mid 20s with not much rain around.

  6. Lovely eveing with clear blue skies but just 14.3c. Very disappointing!!

    1. Eugene


      Temps still in the early 20's C in alot of inland areas of england :)

    2. Milhouse


      Actually felt cold on the beach at Hornsea today with temps just 16c. Much warmer inland i gather.

    3. Eugene


      Yes the midlands gets very warm easily in daytime in the summer months and surprisingly cold at night in rural spots especially autumn onwards under clear calm conditions

  7. Fed up of these unseasonably chilly nights. Feels like October out there.

    1. snowlover2009


      well i had condensation coming out of my mouth this evening and it is very chilly, really feels like late spetember/october

    2. Bottesford


      Yes it does feel like October. Everything damp and me needing a coat on for cycling (something generally not needed for summer). Average would be fine - below average is not!



      Ground frost tonight.

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  8. Cant help but get excited by tonights models. I find myself so much more upbeat when we have some good weather to look forward to.

    1. Bottesford


      You me both! Fingers crossed

  9. 25c in London at the moment from a rather unremarkable looking slack westerly. Makes you wonder how high it could get if we had more favourable synoptics.

    1. Slowpoke


      It's even hit 21C in Blackpool today

  10. Oh dear, do i detect another Russian heatvave brewing. Thats the last thing we need.

  11. Shame the weather is turning now having been quite nice for the past 4 days. I dont think it will be too long before another settled spell turns up.

    1. 95 Degrees

      95 Degrees

      agree with everything here

    2. gottolovethisweather


      i still ahve a gut feeling, the 2nd half of july will produce something warm bordering on hot and maybe a thundery breakdown?

  12. I dont get the big deal with cool clear air masses when its cloudy by midday and temperatures really poor for early July

    1. Somerset Squall

      Somerset Squall

      Wasn't too cloudy here, yes, not unbroken sunshine but hey. I don't know what the temperature was where you are but it peaked at 22C here today. I hope to never see 29/30C again for the rest of this Summer, becuase in this country that type of heat is horrible IMO.

    2. Milhouse


      yes i see temperatures widely reached 20c elsewhere so its been quite a bit cooler on the east coast

  13. Please let us have more days like the past 2. It has been fantastic.

  14. Summer 2007 saw unprecedented flooding in June and July. That summer was unique and we will not see anything like that for years.



      Maybe, but perhaps we are in a cycle in cycle who knows ...and anyone who thinks there right...wel there Wrong...!!!

  15. A mild night in store for a change. I'm getting a bit fed up with temperatures plumetting once the sun goes down

  16. Just ran the Hull 10k in 42m 45s which is a minuite better than last year.

    1. Osbourne One-Nil

      Osbourne One-Nil

      How similar we are. I'm taking part in Long Marton fell race this afternoon.....as a time keeper.

  17. I see its handbags at dawn in the model thread. Best that i avoid it until March 1st.

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