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  1. No low cloud to speak of down here close to Spurn Point this morning. There was a noticeable breeze during the day but it did tend to die off during the afternoon so things warmed up a tad. Even the days last week that started off cloudy were completely sunny by around 9am so the sun quickly got to work.
  2. The Ecm 12z is just insane with a renewed push of the azores high which would hang around well beyond day 10. Also like the look of a temporary halt to the easterlies which would raise temperatures here. Very significant timed indeed!
  3. Good grief it looks like the heatwave isnt shifting anytime soon. Thats not to say we wont see a continuation of the light easterly flow bringing supressed temperatures here. Still im not going to complain at 20c and crystal clear blue skies. Im guessing when the end finally comes it will be preceded by a couple of days of southwesterlies bringing some high temps over here for a change.
  4. I was getting a bit concerned from recent gfs runs that we would be stuck with northeasterlies yet again pegging temps back. Im pleased to see that doesnt look the case. Low cloud and mist should be kept to a minimum and quickly burn back. Better than the warm spell at the start of June where the east coast was often shrouded in cloud all day.
  5. The latest GFS runs have a look of mid July 2006 about them. High pressure intensifying over the Uk and not budging for days on end. Im no fan of oppressive heat in the workplace or at night but other than that, bring it on!
  6. Nice to see another nationwide spell of summery warmth on the horizon. The wind and the rain will sure be back at some point but now im revelling in us seeing bucketloads of high pressure just at the right time of year.
  7. Ive got to say the outlook looks very nice indeed with a bit of everything, and certainly not the clickbait 'June Monsoon' headline from a few days ago. Some decent rain forecast to water the garden and a lot of dry and quite warm weather for us easterners. This summer is shaping up nicely!
  8. At last an upturn in fortunes for those on the east coast, though i was fortunate enough to spend the last week in Somerset where it was glorious much of the time. Azores high ridging across southern england produces the warmest conditions over here and thats what the models are suggesting next week.
  9. Perhaps some early indications of where were heading next after this current humid and quite cloudy easterly flow. And thats the Azores high coming into play cutting off the easterly flow but maintaining the very warm conditions for most. One thing for sure is the Atlantic seems very sluggish to non existant at the moment.
  10. 10 miles has made all the dirrerence round these parts today. Hull city centre had clear blue skies around lunchtime but 10 miles towards the coast its remained dull and misty. Hopefully the gfs12z is on to something and we can see a shift in the centre of the high in about a weeks time. I cant really complain though as even here weve seen copious amounts of sunshine here this month and some decent temps too.
  11. Hopefully we avoid any overly cool northerly in 7-10 days time. Id rather have atlantic over a cool northerly at this time of year bringing the chance of frosts. But a continuation of the dry and settled would do just fine, with a few storms thrown in for good measure, and to water the plants.
  12. I wouldnt say its concerning Eugene. Its just the opposite end of the spectrum than what we had in late Winter and we are being told that extremes are becoming more common. Plus with all the rain around today it should please those gardeners and farmers, who will have also welcomed the recent fine weather which will have brought the crops on. May is a transitional month which can feel like mid summer at times as well as early Spring at others. It just so happens we are getting heat and storms early this year.
  13. As i type i can see the low cloud loitering out to the east making slow advances inland. That will pretty much be the story of the next 7-10 days. West is best if its high temps your after. And hopefully it lasts through the first week of June when im in Somerset.
  14. Im struggling to remember such a long settled and warm spell. Right out to day 10 high pressure remains firmly in charge. Thats not to say there wont be some showery days but the outlook is dominated by high pressure. If heats not your thing then head to the east coast.
  15. Looks a cracking week for most of the country next week! Just need to keep an eye on that blob of cooler air sinking into eastern Europe to see if it has an impact on us eventually. But at the same time it will be hotting up over France and Spain so could get warmer still over southern and western parts.
  16. High pressure looks like extending as far as the eye can see! No let up in the dry and warm weather. A few questions though, with mine being how much sunshine will the easterly give us next week?. I recall the late May easterlies of 2012 and 2009 were exceptionally sunny. Early june 2007 was much cloudier.
  17. Nooo! That wind today was a nagging nithering one that was a sharp shock after the pleasant stuff of late. Heatings gone back on too in the house
  18. The local media are talking rubbish again with a heatwave on the cards! Absolute rubbish. But it does look mild/pleasantly warm for the forseeable with the exception being mid week as we get a temporary cool northwesterly.
  19. Your not the only one with that view. I love this time of year with the rapid growth and buds unfurling. It makes a warm spell all the more special. Whilst a late august hot spell is welcomed by me it only takes some ploughing and muck spreading nearby to remind me that summer is nearing its end.
  20. The warm spell is still going in the east. Now into the 7th day. It feels just as pleasant today as it has done for the past 6. Albeit not quite so warm. Still we have predicted highs of 18c here.
  21. Looking at the outlook for the week ahead it doesnt look that bad with average May conditions expected. I will not grumble at that. Hopefully in a short while we will be looking forward to the next warm spell on the horizon.
  22. Nothing wrong with 23c maxes imo. Im light winds it can feel very pleasant without the stifling feel of 30c+. Fortunately as we progress towards mid summer the nighttime minima also rise to a point where single digit minima are something of a rarity.
  23. Rubbish isnt it. Had to wear 2 coats when cutting the grass the other evening. One more day of vile cold wet conditions then its much improved for the long weekend
  24. I like my summer evenings pleasant and warm too so if we need mid to high 20s in order to achieve it then so be it. 'Cool' days in summer can feel warm in the height of the day but as the sun sets it gets decidedly chilly. Having to put an extra layer on just isnt 'summer' for me.
  25. It looks like the furthest the rain will move westwards is a line roughly from Spurn Point to the Isle of Wight. To the east of that its a dreadful day of heavy, persistent rain. Im right on the dividing line so it could still go either way.