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  1. June 2007 or June 2012 it definately isnt. The models and full of potential for summer to get going very soon. It could all go wrong, but how about we bother about that if it happens and not be so pessimistic with whats been shown NOW.

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    2. Thundery wintry showers

      Thundery wintry showers

      Although the last few days' operational runs were mostly showing low pressure over the UK, I noticed that the ECMWF ensemble mean frequently had the trough out west and southerly winds over Britain. It seems that the operational runs today have picked up on this and brought the trough a bit further west too.

    3. Eugene


      Yet scott you are foolish enough to believe any runs that back up your weather preferences, it can so easily change back to a less favourable solution for you, don't look at GEM 12Z if I was you, wouldn't believe anything past T+72 hrs TBH, models change all the time and to pin your hopes on them is very foolish indeed

    4. Eugene


      Also the main thrust of the plume looks like heading into Germany, we are stuck in cooler but still warm SSW'lys, could head back our way of course but after many years of experience of watching the models they usually push further East as we get even nearer

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