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  1. March saw repeated attempts from the Atlantic thwarted by blocking high pressure to the north and we remained the dull raw cloudy. It would be sods law if now its summer the Atlantic bulldozed its way through with ease after having such a hard time during march.

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    2. Eugene


      lol ok ask people if they think June is stormier(atlantic based) than March on average and see how many agree with you, maybe someone could start a poll on the forums

    3. Eugene


      We aren't talking of the season of Spring though but March in particular as mentioned by milhouse

    4. Eugene


      Of course westerlies do pick up in June after May when they are at their lowest but March definitely can have a more active atlantic than June particularly early and late month, gales can be almost as strong as in December in March whilst June they aren't as strong, atlantic depressions are more slow moving in June

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