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  1. A slow burner of a Summer this year starting off in worrying fashion with copious amounts of rainfall. But from mid July onwards it really did improve with some nice hot days thrown in for good measure. I'd stop short of saying I'd welcome a repeat of Summer 2016 as I did get tired of the constant downpours in June but the temperature stats for the season as a whole are quite decent. Now for a warm dry September before autumn proper.
  2. Not a bad outlook it has to be said. For once it looks like August is delivering something summery this year rather than being plunged into Autumn a month early like recent years.
  3. Not had much time to scrutinise the models this summer but they make for rather pleasing viewing today. The fly in the ointment over the next few days looks to be weather fronts draped west to east over the UK but either side its looking drier and much warmer. And a brief very warm/hot spell to look forward to midweek.
  4. It looks like we have traded in the cool easterlies for unsettled westerlies over here. There have been no days that I would call very warm,let alone hot, but Saturday might just scrape 25c here. So it's a below par summer so far here but not terribly bad though.
  5. Apart from one day last week there has always been a noticeable coolness to the wind here. May be different though if the warm spell comes off at the end of the month, that is unless the high builds too far NE and drags in yet more easterlies.
  6. eastern coastal areas are probably looking at a 10c rise in temperature over the weekend from barely in double figures to the low 20s, especially into next week. Summer proper is on the way.
  7. You wouldn't think we were under upper temperatures of 10c given how cool it has been over eastern parts. I guess that's the price to pay for being sat next to a large relatively cold North Sea, while the further away you go the better it has been. For the 3rd night in a row I'm laying in bed listening to howling winds outside.
  8. At least its the right time of year for warm records to be going!! Got a bit tired of seeing all that warmth in December at the wrong time of year.
  9. Will definately feel like weve jumped from winter straight into Summer with these sort of temperatures. Showers around mind you but the general feel of things will be vastly different to that of a week ago.
  10. These sort of temperatures would do nicely after such a cold and unsettled week.
  11. Really hope the modelled warm southeasterlies come into fruition for mid May, a time when we can eaily get low to mid 20s from such a wind direction.
  12. And on into FI the GFS inproves further with an early taste of Summer
  13. Something that hasnt happened really all Spring. A pleasant southerly developing with high pressure setting up residence over Europe, which is often a promising sign for the UK. Feeling milder for all next week with temperatures back into double figures and a much more typical outlook for the time of year
  14. Good signals emerging for a possible southeasterly to develop later on. Very much like May 2008.
  15. Blimey!! Is the Azores high actually going to win for once and build NE?