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  1. If this is to be the eventual outcome then it is some turnaround. Quite remarkable how we've gone from chilly northeasterlies to a plume in the space of 24-48 hours.
  2. Tentative steps in the right direction compared to a few days ago. The ECM mean is indicating temperatures should be back up to average,maybe above by day 9 and 10 once we cut off the northerly flow.
  3. A tad disappointing outlook this morning. The ECM and Gfs ops showing the high once again ridging in too early maintaining a cool northerly flow. The one plus point is it would be a drier northerly than currently and in sheltered southern and western parts it may still feel warmish. Towards the end of the ECM winds veer more easterly as we import slightly warmer air. Wonder if some tweaks over the coming days could push things back in favour of a more UK centred high.
  4. Better position of the high pressure ridging on the gfs 12z than the 6z centred more over the UK to bring about a change to warmer settled weather. Seems like we won't be able to avoid winds from a coolish direction but an easterly can bring in the warmth at this time of year.
  5. The number of trees looking to burst into leaf around here shows what a mild start to the year its been. Hopefully we can get a warm south easterly developing in the mid-long range outlook. Although when i see the current charts i do get awful fears of another May 1996 but hopefully we can avoid that.
  6. Absolutely incredible summer here too. The only downside being that next year will not be as good as this one, barring an absolute mirracle. Just shows that great summers can still happen! Seems like the warmth and sunshine lasted forever. 10/10 from me
  7. My thoughts exactly Dan. I have resigned myself to the fact that we need the rain and the past few days have at least watered the garden even if rainfall amounts were nothing significant. But i am more than ready for the next installment of Summer and things are really on a knifeedge heading into August with some searing temperatures building to the south. These could head our way or we could be left with a cooler but still warm northeasterly which the ECM favours this evening.
  8. And we couldnt be in a better position to smash the record with the searing heat pushing north next week. Im very pleased with the outlook at the moment with an upgrade in the rainfall expected at the weekend which should give the garden a long overdue water. Then its all eyes on a return of the heatwave!! What an astonishing summer we are having.
  9. Hull made 32c yesterday, which is very unusual. There has certainly been a shift in fortunes this Summer from west to east.
  10. Yes i think we could do with a good drench of rain very soon. It looks like it could happen towards the end of the week. Thereafter id like the heat to return, with preferably some thunderstorms thrown in.
  11. Thats the only thing missing so far. For what has been a remarkable summer so far, the max temp of 33c is not that special
  12. Ive still got the winter duvet on and can only remember 1 night where i struggled to get to sleep. I seriously cant believe the longeviety of this spell. Who remembers the days of hunting for short lived Spanish Plumes or temporary ridges?. We will look back on this summer for a very long time and its hard to believe were just past half way.
  13. No low cloud to speak of down here close to Spurn Point this morning. There was a noticeable breeze during the day but it did tend to die off during the afternoon so things warmed up a tad. Even the days last week that started off cloudy were completely sunny by around 9am so the sun quickly got to work.
  14. The Ecm 12z is just insane with a renewed push of the azores high which would hang around well beyond day 10. Also like the look of a temporary halt to the easterlies which would raise temperatures here. Very significant timed indeed!
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