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  1. BBC had a second wave of stuff (technical term) for Hamps/Dorst, 3-5 am?
  2. Do you prefer it when you are right in the path of it all, or would you prefer to view it from a distance? I prefer the latter t.b.h...esp if you could view something like this.. One of my own, taken from Selsey (what you could do with a Kent Clipper) Storm over NW London, from the I.O.W (Not Mine! I WISH!! : all credit to Island Visions Photography)
  3. It's very cloudy/cruddy here in Pompey...I rem that not being a good thing, but , it's in the lap of the storm gods
  4. I don't think we have even had rain in Portsmouth!!, Missing out on everything 4 days straight. Need to do this properly in so far as what they do in the states and properly chase hundreds of miles across state lines.
  5. and getting them at the right time of day, 10pm onwards, not too late. I'll take a daytime storm, but it's at night you get the buzz..
  6. Can't imagine the view you could have had off say Snakes Pass last night. .and I live in Pompey..!!
  7. I can confirm that there is jack s##t going on up on Portsdown Hill, apart from a lot of burgers being eaten
  8. I can attest to that, having playered aerobie frisbee on the common for the last 2 hours..
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