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  1. You#d be surprised how still, quiet and calm it is, I am looking at the i.o.w right now, SW...
  2. No, I have my window open facing SW near the beach in Southsea..
  3. got my 3 boys with me, I am stuck, but we have a roof terrace 100ft up overlooking where the victorious main stage is usually
  4. me too mate, fortunate to live 50ft up overlooking southsea common, the navy memorial
  5. I can film it from my flat which overlooks the common/navy monument
  6. Last night was pretty cool, Portsmouth kinds got short changed? ;-) Bloody isle of wight and its shield...
  7. not often you see us ruling the roost!!!! don't think you needed the yellow pen...
  8. If it's any consolation, I am NOT seeing wall to wall CG's etc, yet, it must be really cloudy/rain wrapped..
  9. Just watching the Brittany ferries leave portsmouth, thinking, you lucky buggers, imagine the view out there...
  10. it's heading to you...gotta pass thru me and pompey yet, they are travelling at 20kts, crawling...
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