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  1. I can confirm that there is jack s##t going on up on Portsdown Hill, apart from a lot of burgers being eaten
  2. I can attest to that, having playered aerobie frisbee on the common for the last 2 hours..
  3. love the war of the worlds reference, the storm in the tom cruise version near the bridge prob resonates with us all
  4. Think you guys being more over to the west, prob better. You always seem to do better than Pompey, I don't subscribe to the I.O.W shielding...
  5. Hey guys, glad I found this sub forum. On a scale of 0 to 6000000 volts, what's the chance of seeing a good show up on Portsdown Hill tonight...(not 3am pls!)
  6. You#d be surprised how still, quiet and calm it is, I am looking at the i.o.w right now, SW...
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