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  1. Happy for all that got a decent amount of snow last night. Especially those that weren't expecting much. It was looking quite promising here when I turned in at 11 pm but woke to cold rain and patchy slush. I've no idea what the accumulation got to before it turned to rain. Onwards and upwards. I've been on the other side before and got a nice dollop of snow that wasn't expected so I'm quite philosophical about it. A Kent streamer would though, I have to admit.
  2. The radar shows it's invigorating in south Kent. Snowing quite heavily in Ashford
  3. Looks like freezing rain just approaching the coast from the south according to the radar... loads of green !
  4. I listened to the Radio 4 weather forecast just before 8 o'clock and the last thing Helen Willetts said was we are keeping an eye on developments South East
  5. That area of snow has been sat there off the coast for over an hour and doesn't want to come ashore.
  6. Yep... there's a fairly intense area of snow off the Kent/E Sussex coast that's been stationary for nearly an hour.
  7. Just buy a month of radar on this site for £3.49. Uninstall the apps and regain your sanity.
  8. Seem to have a 10 mile streamer type thing going on through here at the moment. Wasn't really expecting that.
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