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  1. Waiting for it to get dark and then either Camber or Wye Downs, Not sure which yet Hopefully still be looking good come 9 pm
  2. Starting to go mental now on the right side. Also inland Eastbourne now
  3. Also action starting to get going to the left of the main cluster too.
  4. May not come onshore but IF it happens it'll give a great light show in the Channel... Off to Camber ! http://www.estofex.org/ In the west and northwest of the area where deep-layer shear is stronger, well-organized multicells are possible that could also produce larger hail, up to 5 cm in diameter.
  5. That storm north of Rouen is starting to get a bit more active as it drifts north, Current trajectory Brighton/Eastbourne
  6. Sferic 30 miles off Brighton and another 50 miles south
  7. Really don't care about the extra heat. I'll have a storm instead. A small chance, agreed but looking better than earlier this evening
  8. Cells firing to the east of Cherbourg Peninsula now. Could be a nice surprise,
  9. A couple of strikes off the coast of Brighton... might be false readings as not much weather about there
  10. Scorchio here ! I tolerate the heat for the chance of a good storm but little chance of that this far east.
  11. Interesting strike there near Orleans... could be good for East Kent and another just west of Paris.
  12. I think I'm a little to far east (don't often say that with storm set ups) but hope it delivers for those in the hatched area. Nice to share it around a bit as I'm sure south and east Kent will get another humdinger before the summers over.
  13. Vid 2 and 3 is when it actually hit... Mad lightning here at 19 secs
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