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  1. The warning tells of a possible 20mm of rain in an hour.. Looking at the radar, with rainfall rates up to 250mm/hr that warning may be on the conservative side..
  2. Any hail where you are? Saw a decent sized hail core on the radar..another small area of intense precipitation approaching you from the South, then that’s it...dry once you get past Oswestry
  3. Couldn’t resist a look at the radar...postcode search shows my area right under a hail core as of 15 minutes ago, storm looks to be moving at a fair old lick with activity now over Chester and South Wirral.
  4. They already are by the look of it. Ah well...will have to make do with another dip in the pool, another beer then back to my air conditioned room for a spell...
  5. Had to make do with watching the action on webcams from my..blissfully cool air conditioned hotel room in Crete, but blimey it looked like you guys had a good night.
  6. You SHOULD do well from this, As I wrote earlier in the thread it’s been 18 years since NE Wales had memorable night time storms. A repeat is long overdue I’d say...and I’m missing it!
  7. Never forgotten it, I talk about it with the same reverence that my Dad does about the July 1st/2nd 1968 event (dust falls, giant hail, total daytime darkness and 24 hours of thunder and lightning along the squall line which stretched from Devon up along the England/Wales border to Merseyside and across Northern England to Teeside)
  8. Showing CAPE of around 1500j/kg with lifted index of -6. Should go off a treat..
  9. Count me in...I’ll definately be looking out for good webcam coverage of this event......
  10. My Missus will be wondering what the hell I’m playing at, spending the first night of my hol in Crete looking at webcams of the action taking place in the UK. Sod’s law eh? Last major night thunderstorm event I saw was in July 2001, now that we could be looking at another one, and yours truly is thousands of miles away. Hope you guys have a good one.
  11. Can’t help but start to think about the coming Autumn season, every time I see the sight of the horse chestnuts, beech nuts, berries and apples growing on the trees... Today is the first day where we in this part of the UK lose 2 minutes of daylight compared to the previous day, in a fortnight that accelerates to 3 minutes...time is marching on..
  12. We had a daytime darkness event, would have been either 1977 or 78..I was at high school and the sky just got darker and darker, lights on in the classroom, until it got so dark it was almost like night. It was almost like the apocalypse was starting as we all (including the teacher.,who was remarking ‘look at the colour’ in a voice of disbelief)stood looking out at this peculiar greenish tinged darkness with a sense of awe, puzzlement and more than a little fear but the strange thing was there was no rain, no thunder, nothing. Then the sky started brightening markedly from the west, then as soon as the brighter skies arrived, the heavens opened! Really strange event. One I’ve never forgotten.
  13. Would happen during the 70s as well...large cells coming up from the south...I can recall more than one occasion of storms off and on during the night, then waking up to a very murky morning with odd rumbles retreating away to the north. Just doesn’t happen like that anymore.
  14. Looks like they’re travelling either side of you so you might get away with it. Had the same issue as you during last Tuesday’s deluge so have every sympathy.
  15. Im going to quote a few words from ‘Good Morning Vietnam’ to sum up my thoughts on June 2019. June 2019 sucks the sweat from a dead man’s balls.
  16. The rain has finally stopped after a brutal couple of days. River Alyn has burst its banks at Rossett, and the river levels are very high at Bangor on Dee. Roads flooded and surrounding fields now resembling Vietnamese rice paddies. To top things off, the temperatures have been wretchedly poor for the time of year, indeed I’ve experienced warmer Christmases than what we’ve gone through, even now the temperature is at a diabolical 11c. Flaming June my Arsenal..
  17. Pretty intense line of rain with rumbles of thunder came through here...went really black to the N/NE was quite unusual to see..given that most of our thundery weather here comes up from the S.
  18. Cloudy here...we’ve actually had rain this morning... Is this going to be one of those maddening NW/SE split summers?
  19. Raining. Heatwave? Maybe next time... Move on, nothing to see here...
  20. Some pretty bright echoes heading your way CreweCold...
  21. Amazing regional variations right now. Helen Willetts on BBC weather saying about ‘WE badly need the rain’ which initially made my jaw drop because where I am we’ve had plentiful amounts of late, everywhere is thoroughly green and lush, then I look at posts from other parts of the country saying that hardly any rain has fallen.
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