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    Used to be interested in thunderstorms, but seeing as how I don't see them anymore, how can I maintain this interest?

    Bit like being interested in the dodo.
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  1. Met office saying on twitter that warnings have been cancelled. Nothing more to add.
  2. That'll be the reaction of those who get wet mess and one weak cloud fart.
  3. From Derek Brockway on Twitter Derek Brockway‏Verified account @DerekTheWeather 21m21 minutes ago SE of a line from Lyme Bay to the Wash at greatest risk of thunderstorms tonight. Hail, gusty winds and flash flooding in places.
  4. Very black to the S of Wrexham earlier...two CGs spotted. Heavy rain mixed with a fair bit of hail, just starting to ease now. Lots of surface water.
  5. Nope...wasn't here. Didn't hear anything either.
  6. We had about an hour of light rain between 2 and 3pm. Always on the western fringe of the rainband. Not complaining though. Grass is lush and green.
  7. Heavy hail shower going on...grass quickly turning white.
  8. This might make strange reading for most today but there are a few unlucky souls (me included) enduring a thoroughly wet and miserable day. Enough already!!!!

    1. lassie23


      happy easter:santa-emoji:

    2. Carl46Wrexham


      And to you

  9. It'll be back before you know it.
  10. Sunshine now gone. Already feeling a lot cooler with a stiff breeze. Nice while it lasted.
  11. Sunshine and showers? Nah...just cloud and persistent rain here.
  12. I suspect evaporative cooling took place. Rain turned very heavy here then suddenly there were huge snowflakes. Snowed since then.
  13. This is outside my house right now...
  14. Still snowing here...albeit lighter now.