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    Used to be interested in thunderstorms, but seeing as how I don't see them anymore, how can I maintain this interest?

    Bit like being interested in the dodo.
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  1. North west regional discussion

    Rain has turned sleety here. Snow higher up. Story of the winter.
  2. Snow has settled at higher elevation here...Hope mountain (330m asl) is white but nothing at lower levels. What was the point of the warning? I get the sense sometimes that the Met Office throws them around like sweets as nothing more than a back covering exercise. Its little wonder that more and more people are paying less heed to them.
  3. Dear Nick Millar...If that's the case then what's the bloody point of the yellow warning then?
  4. Woah! You posted in the MAD thread. You've got big cojones posting in that SE biased nut farm. Respect.
  5. If we must have another pm cold shot, then I would hope it has more going for it than it's worse than pathetic and overhyped predecessor. The MAD thread is a basket case full of SE fruit loops.
  6. My thoughts are turning towards Spring now. Truth be told, I've had enough of this winter. First 10 days of December aside when we had 2 really good snowfalls, the season has stunk the place out. Too much rain, the epic fail PM shot which was oh so hyped in advance..yada yada -10 uppers from the Atlantic...which delivered a thin watery layer of slush followed by yet more cold rain. Now it looks like another much hyped cold spell is dying on its Arsenal before it even started. Bring on Spring and some dry weather please.
  7. She has never been the same since she apparently got snowballed in the winter of 1995. I was living in Manchester at the time and heard a lot of talk from lads I knew who told me (whilst almost choking with laughter) that she got pelted. Curiously since then, she has been very much anti-snow.
  8. Mod thread is like stepping into the SE regional thread. Snow in the SE innit fam? Lots of snow...you understand blud?
  9. If this turns into another overhyped epic fail then can we have some dry weather instead please?! Fed up of looking at waterlogged fields now.
  10. Aaaaannnnd......STALL!!! Actually maybe not...it would be rain over the Wirral!
  11. Ugh! God I hope not. We haven't dried out yet from the last lot of cold wet muck.
  12. Ooh look everyone..more wet and windy rubbish. Haven't we had more than enough of that tripe already?
  13. Jam tomorrow charts ongoing in the MAD thread. Meanwhile in the real world...the clock is ticking, the days are slowly but surely getting longer... Time is beginning to run out.