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    Used to be interested in thunderstorms, but seeing as how I don't see them anymore, how can I maintain this interest?

    Bit like being interested in the dodo.
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  1. What are your memories? I'll never forget it. Travelling with my wife and my two kids who were 4 and 2 at the time, from North Wales down to Butlins Minehead. Getting caught in the absolute chaos of the jams on the M5 motorway. Lane 1 completely submerged by flood water. Somehow got off the motorway junction 10 or 11 round Gloucester. So many flooded roads. A journey that should have took 5 hours, eventually took 12 and a half hours. I know many people had it worse but it was bad enough. Never seen rain as heavy or as long lasting as that day. Pretty sure there was thunder and lightning at odd times as well.
  2. Met office app says no...euro4 says no. So...maybe next time.
  3. Our time will come. Been a while since we had a good one though. August 22, 2015 to be exact.
  4. Hmmm...are you not happy with it then? Send it back and demand a refund
  5. By the looks of met office radar you'll be getting another cell moving just west of you shortly. More flickering and grumbling maybe?
  6. 13.7mm of rain today..finally stopping. Now the gardens had a good drink bring on the sunshine si vous plait

  7. I know I'm not in an area down for storms but shower just gone through intensified big time. Looking East:
  8. I'm pretty sure there was a day in the second half of June 1995 when there was an unusual occurance. The day was a hot one but was made memorable by a sudden cold surge. No rain, very little cloud accompanied the surge but the wind suddenly got up with a big drop in temperature...a fall in excess of 10c in Manchester where I was living at the time.
  9. Suddenly had a crazy image of Lionel Ritchie doing another Walkers Crisps ad....
  10. Something tells me there's crisp convection over Yorkshire.
  11. It was looking so promising earlier on. As soon as the wind shifted NW'ly a voice in my head said "that's the end of that then".
  12. Another wind direction shift. Now NW'ly. Currently still dry...but no proper sun for some time.
  13. Moving E-NE and intensifying weakening again...
  14. ....and is sticking rigidly to its guns about nothing for the Midlands and eastwards. Euro4 sitting in its armchair with its arms folded and shaking its head going "nope...nope...I see more than what you see..nope"