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    Wrexham, North East Wales 80m asl
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    Used to be interested in thunderstorms, but seeing as how I don't see them anymore, how can I maintain this interest?

    Bit like being interested in the dodo.
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  1. 7.9 Persistent long fetch South westerlies, very wet in the North West - one notable ‘atmospheric river’ event impacting SW Scotland and NW England..drier in the South and East. A duller than average month. Snowless.
  2. Past few days have been utterly wretched for me being an SAD sufferer. Dreary, damp, dismal crap. Will be glad when it ends.
  3. Horseshoe Pass at Llangollen closed because of snow.
  4. BBC weather app (for what it’s worth) shows my part of the world getting a day of sleet with maximum temperatures of 3c. Sleet/Snow at 200m upwards.
  5. Yep can report likewise here...after nearly 27 hours of relentless rain!
  6. Rain finally stopped after nearly 27 hours. Pretty bad waterlogging of fields and surface water flooding of roads.
  7. God I hope not... Today has been a lot wetter than was forecast, added to the deluge from yesterday and waterlogging has become something of an issue in surrounding fields.
  8. The warning tells of a possible 20mm of rain in an hour.. Looking at the radar, with rainfall rates up to 250mm/hr that warning may be on the conservative side..
  9. Any hail where you are? Saw a decent sized hail core on the radar..another small area of intense precipitation approaching you from the South, then that’s it...dry once you get past Oswestry
  10. Couldn’t resist a look at the radar...postcode search shows my area right under a hail core as of 15 minutes ago, storm looks to be moving at a fair old lick with activity now over Chester and South Wirral.
  11. They already are by the look of it. Ah well...will have to make do with another dip in the pool, another beer then back to my air conditioned room for a spell...
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