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    Southsea, Portsmouth on the Costa Del Solent
  1. Was a lovely day here, fantastic for the time of year. Was 19C even here right on the coast
  2. Turned into a pleasant afternoon, some sunny spells have lifted the temperature to 21C.
  3. Sustained wind of 40mph here now with gusts of 60mph. And while the pressure is dropping my temperature has risen by 1.3C in an hour.
  4. I don't know why people are being sarcastic about the lack of wind when the storm hasn't actually got to the UK yet! But saying that it has been windy all day here & I have just got back from the seafront in Southsea (the bit that hasn't been closed off) & the rain was horizontal & waves were crashing over the sea wall. Latest reports from Solent Met station show pressure as 992.3mb & wind 46km/h gusting to 69km/h so it has become less windy here, but this was always expected & is the calm before THE storm
  5. Portsmouth council have already closed off Southsea seafront this afternoon (yes I know it was closed anyway for Great South Run, but they are keeping it closed).
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