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  1. We really have. Hopefully a big shift North tonight and tomorrow. Some of the lightning pictures are brilliant.
  2. I'm just up the road from you in New Moston. Waiting and hoping that the trigger will bang here.
  3. Is Manchester in the firing line at all? I have drops in my eyes and Im struggling with charts,
  4. I'm suprised at how mongooseing breezy it is in North Manchester.
  5. This is actually quite terrifying. Even in North Manchester where we don't have the worst of the winds. My windows are rattling. Is this as bad as it's going to get?
  6. I'm visually impaired and can't make out the fine lines on those charts. Could someone please tell me how Manchester is going to be affected please?
  7. Could someone show me where I can see the buoy readings please? Getting windy in Manchester.
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