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  1. Lovely storm here , must’ve lasted best part of 2 hours , never particularly violent but constant grumbling and regular flickers of lightning , decent Sunday afternoon!
  2. through the mist and murk i can see some hefty convection too my S/E
  3. After not having much luck and being slightly disappointed by forecasts took the boys too the boating lake too play on their RC boats when the app started going off and saw this big old storm going through Cambs/Beds, deciding too retire too back home where it’s getting eerily dark and some distant rumbles too my s/e, fingers crossed!
  4. Getting dark too the south and south east now , warm breeze coming in , expect too hear a rumble soon !
  5. Already hotter than yesterday and a smidge above what was forecast , it’s roasting and large load building directly too my south
  6. Can see a storm out too my SW , distant flashes lighting up the cloud , it’s so pretty!!
  7. sat at cricket in desborough Northants and can see the Warwickshire storm too the west
  8. Can also see the massive storm miles out west near Warwick, shame it’s not dark yet as this would be a lovely distant light show !!
  9. Can see that juggernaut directly too my south , I’d guess around MK or a touch further south , looks a beast , gonna go nowhere near me I’d imagine but nice chilling with feet in a pool and a cold beer watching these beautiful cloudscapes!
  10. Can see that storm near Cambridge storm , looks impressive , might track close too me or just skirt by too my north but looks a real beaut
  11. Just shows how tricky storm forecasting is , IMBY we were just on the western edge of most forecasts and these were with low confidence and yet a big storm goes by and we are too Far East! This is not an easy sport , and just goes too show that now casting is always best , i reckon most of this storm was outside the Mets yellow warning too . Still bloody warm outside too !!
  12. It looks and feels absolutely ripe here , wind picking up , darker clouds filling in , I’m semi hopeful now !
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