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  1. Very dark to my south, a couple of distant rumbles , feels so ripe !!
  2. Gone very Dark to my south and now seeing Distant flashes and rumbles, i look in the firing line!!
  3. Looks to be cells and angrier looking skys developong around me at the moment. Certainly feels Juicy out there
  4. Biblical rain here in Kettering!! Few strikes too though barely noticeble due to the substantial noise the rain is making!!
  5. had a storm rumbling away for the past hour, not massively potent but has produced strikes every few minutes or so too keep me entertained!!
  6. 30/40 miles north of MK/beds but can see the sky darken considerably to my south in the last 30 minutes or so
  7. Was a good storm, slowly moving away, and losing its juice now
  8. Yeah certainly impressive, it seems to be stuck going nowhere and constantly growling away, unexpected treat!
  9. Thats the beast is it!! Its just sat overhead constantlydropping Thunder and Lightning, quite impressive!!
  10. actually quite potent, one of the loudest cracks of thunder ive heard for some time, borderline sounded like an explosion!
  11. monsoon like rain in kettering with Some T & L chucked in
  12. Little Storm grumbling away to my west, quite marvellous sitting in the warm sunshine with a cider, whilst watching the dark skies grumble away!!
  13. The past Hour it has gone from warm sunshine, too quite hazy and muggy conditions now looking slightly darker to my south
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