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  1. Having lived in Wandsworth, SW London since 2011, this has probably been the best cold spell of the last 10 years for me. Snow depth maxed out at only around 3-4cm, but I've never seen deeper around here. Pretty much a whole week with snow on the ground, and properly frozen ponds is something I've not really seen before too. Constant falling (very light) snow for 36+ hours was brilliant! Admittedly, I missed the BFTE in 2018 because I was abroad!. Previously to that, I had a great snow event with the Thames streamer in Feb 2009 (hit the jackpot with about 35cm near Leatherhead)
  2. 12z EURO4 shows it in pretty much the same position, gradually sinking south through the afternoon.
  3. The narrow streamer that formed over the Thames seems to be drifting North. Snow pretty much stopped now in SW London, but still cloudy. Clouds look thin though.
  4. Finally getting some proper snowfall in SW London, I'd say it's light to moderate right now. Accumulation in the last hour or so has probably equalled the last 12 hours, about 1cm!
  5. Light snow continuing in SW London, although it's a little heavier compared to the extremely light stuff we had all day yesterday - amazing to have falling snow all day, but without any noticeable accumulation...! Have added around 0.5cm overnight, probably have around 2cm on the ground now.
  6. I think we are looking for convective showers coming in this evening and overnight, rather than the mass of light precipitation to our East
  7. Think the problem was that almost all the snow that fell yesterday melted when it touched the ground. It snowed lightly here for almost 12 hours, would have probably added up to a couple of cm had it been a little colder. We seem to have gained about 1cm here overnight, which had no trouble settling on most non-pavement surfaces.
  8. I'm in the "heavy" band that's over south London now, it's not heavy though. Similar light snow to what we've had most of the afternoon and not settling.
  9. Just on the edge of the heavier radar returns here in Wandsworth, however it's still pretty light and not really settling on anything.
  10. The 06z EURO4 is not accurate for my area (Wandsworth, SW London) in the short range. Indicating around 2cm of snow depth, whereas in reality it's too warm to settle at all so far. Currently snowing lightly, no sleetyness since about 9am.
  11. Wandsworth, SW London. Disappointed to wake up to nothing but wet pavement (meto app had said light/heavy snow from 2am). But light graupel and sleet has started falling intermittently since around 8am.
  12. Slightly sleety rain in Tooting (SW London) again at 25m asl. I expect somewhere around Box Hill >200m might get a few flakes from the line of showers passing south over SW London right now.
  13. Drizzle and light sleet mix falling in Tooting (SW London), 25m asl. Nice to start 2021 with some wintry precipitation!
  14. If you're talking about 1st/2nd Feb 2009, surely the setup was quite different? It was a Thames streamer that dumped 30-40cm of snow over SW London and Surrey that night. I remember it well because I was living near Leatherhead at the time, which was pretty much bullseye for the streamer. It was very cold (around -3C before and during the snowfall, at 70m asl), and the melt didn't set in for several days.
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