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February cold spell discussion and chat
A thread for discussing the upcoming (or if you're in Northern Scotland, ongoing) cold spell.
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Pre-snow / pre-cold spell - share your traditions!
Now that it seems we can all feel confident that proper cold is on the way, with decent snow opportunities likely to appear all over the place, I thought it would be fun to share some of our traditions that we may have ahead of cold and snow arriving. That is of course assuming that you all have traditions - I certainly have a few...
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Flood Watch
With another excessive amount of rainfall forecast and many areas already flooded and expecting worse, I think it is worth keeping up with the areas most likely to see flooding and monitor river levels in these areas.
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Storm Christoph
Heavy rain, flooding, gales and snow - it's going to be a wild week including the arrival of Storm Christoph.
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Murton Pike Snow
Murton Pike Snow
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Snow in the Lake District - Keswick in the foreground with Derwent Water behind.
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Stratosphere and Polar Vortex Watch 2020
Will there be an SSW this winter? Track and discuss the latest stratospheric developments here.
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The Big Freeze of ten years ago...
It'll soon be ten years since we experienced the coldest December on record.
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Unexpected Snow
We have a thread for snow storms that never were..but what about unexpected snow events that were not forecast?
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Hurricane Iota
Hurricane Iota is a Cat5 and is set to make landfall over Nicaragua.
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Memorable Foggy Spells
It’s currently been foggy for the past few days here, it’s got me thinking about previous foggy periods. Can anybody else remember any other memorable foggy spells?
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Arctic Refreeze Season: 2020/21
Worrying times in the Arctic currently..  
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Snow & Ice coverage in the Northern Hemisphere Winter 2020/21
Track the development of snow and ice in the Northern Hemisphere as winter draws closer.

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Incredible Water spouts seen on Rhodes
Incredible waterspouts in Rhodes on the 21st of October - photos and video footage.
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Early run up to Winter 2020/2021 discussion
Winter is drawing ever closer, and speculation is increasing - cold and snowy or mild again?
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The changing daylight hours thread
The days are shortening and the clocks go back soon as winter draws closer.
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If a month was a song
Inspired by the post about songs that you remind you of late summer/early autumn, I thought it good to  post a thread on if a month was a song.
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ECMWF data now available!
Just a heads up on the fantastic news that the ECMWF have made data that previously cost a fair amount of money to view free for all!
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Hurricane Delta
The extremely busy hurricane season continues, with hurricane Delta developing fast.
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Unusual cloud
Rare Kelvin-Helmholtz clouds taken by mike57.
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Panorama of a shelf cloud taken by Zak on the 17th June 2020 in Bedford, UK.
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Winter Forecast Issued
The Netweather long range forecast for Winter 2019 / 2020 has been issued.
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December 2019 C.E.T. and EWP forecast contests -- start of the 2019-2020 competition year
Get your entries in for the December CET competition - the first one of the 2019/2020 competition year!
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Teleconnections - Interactions and Impact
Track the teleconnections, their impacts and their interactions this Autumn and Winter.
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NOAA satellite images decoded. Daily images.
Recently posted in the Hurricane Lorenzo thread some NOAA satellite images I was able to receive with a decent 137Mhz antenna and some decoding software. People were doing this sort of thing way back 15-20 years ago, but you don't see many images posted nowadays. It's still quite cool!  
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