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Hurricane Dorian
The latest on major Hurricane Dorian
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Hot week - guess the temperature competition
Since we've another hot week comping up, it's a good time to get another competition on the road. This one is a rollover after Shuggee's win last time, so the top 2 will win a Netweather Extra subscription 😄 
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The BEST Team picture EVER!!!
I think I'll let the picture do the talking!
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Noctilucent  Clouds Season 2019
The Noctilucent cloud season is underway, and already there have been some spectacular sightings.

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June 2019 - One of the worst summer months ever?
How bad is June 2019 going to be in the hall of shame of poor summer months?
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Glastonbury festival; 26–30 June 2019
Counting down to the Glastonbury Festival - mud bath or sunburn weather this year?

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Prolonged Dry Spell
Is there anyone else having a prolonged dry spell at the moment?

How much rain have you seen in your area?
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The colours of lightning
lightning bolts can display a wide variety of colours ranging from lilac, white and blue, to even more exotic colours like yellow, orange and even green.
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New Learning & Research area
It's a pleasure to announce that our new community learning and research area is open as of today.
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New 48hr Rainfall Record for New Zealand (1086 mm)
At Cropp River, on the west coast of the South Island, 1086 mm was recorded in 48 hours.
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#NameOurStorms: is it a good idea?
#StormHannah (or lack of it) this weekend the named storm which was never named - has this changed your views on the naming of storms?
  • 230 replies

The changing daylight hours thread
The days are lengthening and BST is around the corner.
  • 3,396 replies

V8 Radar beta
A new version of the v8 radar is going to be available soon.
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Global Surface Air Temperature: Current Conditions and Future Prospects
Our climate is changing. Discuss the latest global temperatures, their trends and predictions for the future.
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March 2019 C.E.T. and E.W.P. forecast contests
Follow the latest temperature trends for March.
  • 199 replies

Kingfisher at salt marsh pond, Montrose
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Weather Warnings - How to improve the whole system
What would make the Met Office warnings better? Share your views.
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