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    130 photos taken this evening. Have attached the ones I consider decent enough to share. Apologies for some of the scratches and marks on the pictures; my camera body needs a damn good clean. The last one is my personal favourite.
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    Went out chasing again, first heading in the direction of Cannock. Soon after I arrived a thunderstorm burst into life and was producing torrential rain, hail and constant thunder. At this stage the lightning was barely visible but there was a constant thundering overhead. I then headed to Wolverhampton and points west where I was eventually able to view the storm from outside the rain sheets. There were frequent flashes of lightning and lots of thunder. Worth noting that some of the rain was incredible whilst under the storm and roads were awash with water. Then came the fun part (or not). I had moved away from the major roads and into the minor roads to the west of the city. It started to become apparent that every route had become blocked by flooding. In the end I got through but some were not so lucky with plenty of motorists stuck in floodwaters. I was then able to observe some more lightning and thunder from a distance before heading home. By now the storm seemed to be producing a higher percentage of CG's than earlier but the lightning was not of the same frequency. That was not it though as I was able to chase whilst returning home. I eventually caught up with and core punched a cell moving up towards Derby. The rain was once again intense with some lightning too and it was very dark considering the sun had not began to set yet. By the time I reached Belper it was dry but a very ominous storm cloud was moving in. This was the same cell I had driven through in Derby. As it moved closer it became obvious it was missing to my west and so I took a slight detour on the way home towards the village of Hulland Ward to the west of Belper. From here I was able to watch the storm drop some infrequent but incredible CG's with gun shot thunder that scared the sheep in the fields and set off a car alarm. This appeared to be the storms last hurrah before fading away. I have had two action packed days of chasing and seen some amazing storms. I have had only 3 hours sleep since Saturday morning and am now ready to collapse, but it has been worth it. Southern England tomorrow?
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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BjwthR3n1T8 Cracking light show from my local park in St Albans...
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    Those channel storms could yet bring us some fun - it’s still 18° outside!
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    Storm forming of the channel to the south of rye and Hastings
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    Just popping in outside snow season, absolutely blooming glorious weather, for weeks, weeks!!! what's going on?
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    For me it's all about the jet stream, not just the position of it, but the strength of it at this time of year, it can blow as hard as it likes there! Here GFS forecast at T180: And the business end of the pub run is looking sensational, here through to T192: Lets go farther than that T222
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    Cracking weekend here. Sunny both days and feeling very warm in the strong sunshine.
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    Quick shot of the Aylesbury storm From Chiswick Park.
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    Managed to get a shot of the lightning. I have a few videos but I can't upload them as the file size is too large! If I make it smaller the quality isn't very good.
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    Distant flash in the channel, as seen from Bexhill!
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    Channel is alive again elevated as seen on radar, looks to be a transfer of energy.
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    This is what I can see from here on the south coast at least 70 miles away.
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    Oh how I love that jet so high. Stay right there baby. For the next 3 months
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    Yep, like the rest of you I see the ECM as pretty much a repeat of the current situation start to finish. Is any one else viewing these charts with a sense of disbelief? Just what the monkeys has happened to the Atlantic? When will it come back? Is it ever coming back? This also feels like the beast from the east but in reverse. In winter, we were looking for injections of cold from the north east to get deep cold in. Now, we're looking for injections of warmth from the south into the pattern to get deep heat in. I know I've said it a few times recently but I'll say it again because it sounds exciting for heat lovers - I don't think we are that far away from such a scenario, and it will take a much smaller model shift to bring genuine heat into things than it will to get rid of the pattern. Bearing in mind, we are now at a stage where the continent can generate its own heat so long as Atlantic / Arctic influences stay away.
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    Lots of lightning here in Aylesbury from the storms near Milton Keynes I’m so close.
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    ECM 12z, picking up the story at T168: How quickly is this high going to make it over the UK with no jet to drive it? next frame, T192: Steady small steps, (I'm commenting on this as it comes out, await the T216!) Didn't I see this somewhere before this evening? ECM T240:
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    Signs of very warm tropical maritime air circulating around the high next weekend. Cloud cover will be the only thing standing in the way of high 20s temps in SE or CS England if that happens (former if NW wind, latter if N or NE wind). Some of my highest maximums have occurred with a N wind. The way those ridges keep drifting back east after only a small venture west does bring to mind some of the legendary summers of past; it's the prime way to achieve an unusually dry summer with frequent warm to very warm, sometimes hot spells of weather. The ridges are perhaps a bit further north than usual on this occasion though. Indeed I wonder if the low Arctic sea ice is altering the pattern in favour of higher heights over Scandinavia than we'd otherwise be seeing. The MJO versus residual La Nina battle really is the critical factor this year as to whether we see the gently swaying ridge pattern persist for much of the summer or not. Though even if we do see things pan out in favour of persistence, some changes will inevitably occur, as weaker La Nina forcing reduces the strength of the subtropical ridge - but this can open the door to ridges sitting right across or just E/SE of the UK for longer periods without being challenged much.
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    No surprises here; ECM ensembles more keen on keeping the MJO in an active, propagating state, which does lend itself to the better retention of HP across the UK in the 8-10 day period - albeit only weakly so. Longer-term, we need the ensembles venturing into phases 6-7 to be sniffing out the right trend, as this will set up the forcing needed to help keep HP where we'd like it during mid-late June and beyond. We continue to straddle the line between 2006 and 2007 in terms of similarities to the overall state of climatic forcing. The difference between a fantastic summer and a tragic one!
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