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    Cloud that came in yesterday teatime never lifted today. Damp early but dry since. Light Easterly breeze with little variation in temps. Max of 16.9C.
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    I must come clean - used to live next door to the grad student who caused this ‘conspiracy’... He was doing an innocuous weather control experiment, and they went down the pub that night but journalists overheard him talking about it to his gran on the sh***er. They misconstrued the bit where he caused the 1952 Lynmouth disaster (it was actually ‘just a series of mismanaged puddles’). The next day they did an experiment that involved seeding the atmosphere with a totally fine and inert chemical, just to see how much fun it would be. That night they went down the pub and he rang his gran again as he was laying a cable. The journo’s happened to be urinating at the time. Unfortunately they misconstrued the bit about that these chemicals caused the 1987 UK Hurricane (it was actually ‘just a very strong series of gusts’) Night 3 they performed a tiny experiment to transmit low frequencies into the low level atmosphere to ‘scare some wasps away’. At the pub that night he had to release some food hostages, during which he was on the blower to his nan and he accidentally mentioned about the Great Southern Storm Drought of August 2020. Some hacks - draining their lizards in the cubicals next to him - must have misconstrued this (the whole thing was actually just a big elaborate wind up by Netweather) ... and the rest is history. He can see the funny side now - but unfortunately he’s since become the owner of a well-known river-themed online shopping and media corporation (I can’t tell you which) but he isn’t able to comment and dispel the rumours.
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