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    The partial moon looks beautiful tonight, low in the sky and orangey coloured. I would echo the sentiments about what a lovely day it has been. We walked along the river to Kingston and it was perfect sunny conditions with a light warm breeze; this evening was so pleasant after the gym at 8.30 that we took the dog out for a nice long walk at sunset - it was so warm it took him an hour to cool down bless him (that's frenchies for you).
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    For most of us looking to enjoy the bank holiday, you can stick the 16-18c where the sun doesn't shine! Which of couse, it won't.
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    If I could bottle up today, and release it every day from June 1st until Sept 30th I would. Perfect summer day, sunny, warm, some wind in the hair, and no extremes!!
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    Jennings is averaging just over 20..I think the stats show the standard of him.
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    It’s nice to have some mature trees, beautiful. I bet it’s hard work, do you have one of those ride on mowers lol
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    Bit of a weird spell at the moment, humid but not particularly summery. Looking forward to the much fresher blast next week to mix things up a bit.
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    got the garden ready for winter, beast from the east should be with us soon,
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    I think some of you are getting just a tad ahead of yourselves. Even disregarding the fact that August isn't over yet, there is the entire month of September to go through and it was in September 2 years ago that temperatures reached the mid 30s in parts of England.. as the saying goes, don't count your chickens before they hatch. September is generally a pleasant, settled month so expecting autumn to suddenly arrive all guns blazing is perhaps setting yourself up for disappointment. It's like spring lovers expecting March to suddenly usher in warm, sunny weather even though March is still a cold, cloudy month and snow is still likely. Don't worry though, you have October, November, December, January, February and March to enjoy. That's the good thing about being a heat hater in the UK/Ireland - you have several months of guaranteed no hot weather. Us heat lovers can't even rely on a few hot days a year normally!
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    They can be misleading if you are using them in terms of how good a summer is but not in absolute terms. They are not been used to measure how good a summer is, it is just a simple case that if say it is 45mm on 30th August then we get a 31st August ex Charley event, and it increases to 88mm for the summer, it isn't going to be the driest summer on record, as simple that.
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    Charts to warm the cockles of a coldies heart from the ukmo 00z!
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    Meanwhile in the Pacific hurricane Lane https://www.tropicaltidbits.com/sat/satlooper.php?region=14E&product=ir
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    One for the coldies this morning on the GFS parallel 0z:
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    It's not that difficult to grasp we all like different things...Is It?
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    ..and others that don't 1976, 1983, 1994, 1995, 2013
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    They avoid the hottest part of the day but don't avoid the sun entirely, makes sense since in hot countries UV levels can exceed 13. That's a whole other level to what we get in the UK. You don't realise how weak the sun in the UK is until you spend some time in countries closer to the equator. Anyway, nobody is doubting the damage the sun can do - but the positive impacts of sunny weather, more so on people's mood and mental well-being, are well documented. It really does make a difference. People just feel happier when the sun is shining.
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    Whether it's an evolutionary adaptation or not doesn't make what I said any less true - admittedly the pasty complexion isn't really something you can change but taking vitamin D supplements could stop people looking unwell and ghoulish at times when natural vitamin D is hard to come across (and could also strengthen the immune system and reduce the number of people spluttering, sneezing and wheezing everywhere in winter). Either that or we all take extended winter holidays to southern Spain. British winters are pretty damn horrible from all perspectives.
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    Obviously he has nout better to do then troll a weather forum on a Friday night. What a sad, and worthless existence. Hope everyone enjoyed tonight's storms. I'll compile my footage at some point and upload here. Night all
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    Little taster just from my phone from tonight's incredible display!
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    Two shots I got with my phone as the cell moved out of Brighton
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    a few flashes and a big crack. then after watching my wife get out of the shower, we've had thunder and lightning here as well!
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    Love how everyone thinks they should be getting hammered by a storm already. People need to be more like
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