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    So, I live in New Zealand now. It's like the old Zeeland, but warmer, and further south... and the nights get shorter the further north you go. And 100% less Dutch.
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    First thunderstorm in well over a year and it was accompanied by hail and snow! Proving once again that we don't need the horrid heat for thunder
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    I am not going to bring any children into this unjust, overheating and overpopulated world.
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    could get above freezing for the first time in 8 weeks today
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    Quite a worrying state kev, as quicksilver says, if we were to lose the warm current namely the gulf stream, western Europe would be put into siberian type winters, while the equator would get hotter, wouldn't mind a few siberian winters though, lol.
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    Hi all Moby390 here AKA Richard 58yr old going on 21 Glider pilot and weather watcher , just booked up for Tour 4 2019 , thought i would say Hi, I',m a massive fan of stormchase video and TV coverage etc etc so looking forward to the trip. Any pre-trip advice on stuff to bring or not to bring would be appreciated as well as any other friendly tips so i get the most out of my first chase tour .
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    My civvy partner has just looked at new METO website, "worst website redesign I've ever seen".
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    With spring only three weeks away I'm hoping for a better start to storm season than last year, where blocking highs suffocated any chances until late summer. We've had some little storms over the winter (including the best cg positive strike I've ever seen in mid nov) so lets carry that momentum into the new season. Here's to a stormy 2019. β›ˆπŸŒ©πŸŒͺ
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    Vile day 2 years ago today, storm Doris, the worst weather type, wet and windy, this time last year was the best, getting ready for the beast, this year cool too, as Spring has sprung
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    The new METO web site design is shockingly bad,change for the sake i suspect.
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    Day off work today,will be paying my respects in Sheffield to those brave american airmen. True heroes.
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    Wow! A pet dying is just as bad as a human dying. One of the dogs we had didn't make it last night at least she is with her mummy up in doggy heaven that's a good thing I suppose
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