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    What a fantastic night we had in central southern England, and many other places too! I've never seen storms of that intensity or frequency in April before! Anyway I thought I would share some pictures from last night. Hopefully we won't have to wait for too long before the next event.
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    Weather enthusiasts disappointed with lack of interesting weather on a Weather forum. Shock Horror.
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    How about we talk about what the models are showing rather than what happened i the past. model-output-discussion is the title? I fear we have to accept that the main upper air pattern is not going to help any return to 'summer' such as many of us had last week. A broadly Atlantic flow with the upper trough sitting over or very close to the country. This cannot mean any more than a passing day with fairly settled and thus somewhat warmer and drier weather than is likely for the majority of the time. This for the next 6-10 days possibly longer than that.
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    Chilly start to May here too with a slight air frost this morning. Had a great weekend walking around Pitlochry and Blair Atholl. Weather was great aside from a heavy shower in Pitlochry late Saturday afternoon!
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    So we start next week potentially in the Arctic Circle. ARGEPE, ECM and METO raw data all have marginal snow events Monday morning for the southern half - ECM showing lunchtime temperatures of 1C or 2C in places!!! But by the end of the week, we're back on the Costa Del Sol, with temperatures in the low 20s once again. Every month of the year all in one week!
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    Heard a couple of rumbles of thunder to my south early on that's about it but the cloudscapes made up for it here is a couple of snaps from earlier this afternoon just taken recently this evening of a cell with some stunning Mammartus a little bit later on as the sun sets making the clouds orange,stunning @Weather-history,lovely Cb
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    That was a pretty intense storm that tracked across East Anglia. The hail core scored a bullseye on my mothers village of Redgrave.
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    It is a fabulously glorious evening here. We were up at Abbey St Bathans earlier, the pics say it all, except for the smell of the gorse blossom
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    Wow it's so dead in here, roll on winter! The Gfs 12z is quite amazing in that everything that can go wrong does go wrong, troughs / lows are attracted to the uk like flies to doo-doo and it's very cool at times too..low res shows highs to the w / nw and highs to the e / ne but with trough (s) slap bang over the uk..I'm hopeful this unsettled spell won't last too long and that may will bring a considerable improvement..fingers crossed!
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    Quite a nice morning, at present anyway, thin sunshine, St and Cs overhead, temp 12C and no wind. Yesterday turned out better than expected. I had intended to walk round Loch Freuchie but had to turn back due to foot pain - I bruised three toes after toppling off a standing on one leg thingy at my yoga class last week. Tootled around Perthshire thereafter. The weather improved and the temp reached 18C eventually but briefly. A couple of Perthshire pics: Loch Freuchie The Nevis Range from Rannoch Station
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    The flip flop spring continues, we seem to be going from cold to mild to cold to mild, each balancing itself out - I still say firmly down to the significant SSW in early Feb, the effects are long being felt , akin in a way to Spring 2013 which saw very long lasting SSW effects. The short term will bring unsettled and very cool conditions for the time of year, complete opposite to latter part of last week, then as move through next week, there is a signal for the azores high to nose NE and settle things down and also warm things up markedly with the jet deflected back north again, and with heights forecast to build west out of NW Russia we may see a link up which would usher in a lengthier dry warm spell in time for Bank Holiday. As we enter May, we can start to talk about homegrown warmth, this is when high pressure settled overhead and the warmth can grow in situ, just like high pressure in winter overhead can quickly develop a dense cold pool over the UK that gets colder and colder. Indeed high pressure overhead in May can feel every bit as warm as high pressure overhead in July and August thanks to the power of the sun. I'm enjoying the variety this Spring is delivering so far, a bit of everything, very cold and snowy at times in March, some early summer warmth and thunder in April, lets hope May can deliver a more protracted dry warm spell, the only downside so far has been the shortage of dry weather.
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    Full size if clicking the above doesn't work:
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    Interestingly April was an above average month in terms of temperature overall. That said a lot of the cooler spells during that month also came with a lot of cloud so when we saw temperatres of 6/7C by day the night time temperatures were not really any lower than this, then add a couple of very warm days and we got an overall above average month (skew likely by well above average minima). So after some more settled and warmer weather this weekend it looks like we will see a battle develop between a rdige building to our east and a trough trying to push eastwards through the UK. A set up like this to me usually points to towards temperatures being on the warm side of average as cooler air from the north west really struggles to push towards us, you can also see the real possibility of developing drier and potential very warm weather if that ridge gains more influence on our weather.
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    Yes. I'm liking the model output a lot, not had many warm and settled Mays for a while, 2003 springs to mind, and we all know what happened later on that year. ECM Thursday I'm really optimistic about the coming summer, bring it on!
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    A big thunderstorm passing overhead a couple days ago, i think it was Wednesday just before sunset?
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    Something similar occurred in 1945. According to TORRO, a high of 26.1C was recorded on the 18th (the record for that date). The end of the month then saw sleet and snow showers, with temperatures widely down to -4C. Full details can be found in the Met Office weather report for the month: https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/binaries/content/assets/mohippo/pdf/l/0/apr1945.pdf In terms of the mean CET, four daily records were set in April 1945. The 15th, 16th, and 18th all hold daily record highs, while the 30th holds the daily record low, just 12 days later.
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    It says in your Logo "Amatuer Meteorologist and Storm Forecaster" Ben Any chance you could put a little effort into a forecast for the next convective event ? It's all too easy to bash others that give their opinions on here. Remember they are forecasting when conditions look favourable with what they have on the table from the models they look at and it did to them warrant a Moderate with 800-1000 MU Cape and an active front coming in from the west. Like I said hope to see you forecast the next chance of Thunder in the Uk and will look out for it and certainly WONT bash it if it goes wrong - Dan and Convective Weather like Torro and Nick here on Netweather do an amazing job and should be applauded IMHO
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    The upper sceuro ridge remains the main player and it’s interaction with the systems heading in from the Atlantic continue to cause issues, run to run. one would expect that as the spring progresses towards summer, the Atlantic systems will lose some of their oomph (technical term ) and that upper ridge will edge further west in general.
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    Pot. Kettle. You've made this assertion about a poor summer some time ago on one of the other threads, and if that proves right, fair play to you. My comments on the 18z may have been on the bullish side, although they were caveated, but from the recent output I have to say I do see a good chance of summer starting well - and I am as entitled to my bet as anyone else. Let's see what happens.
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    Good morning Gang ,i havent posted much lately but been Lurking , great to see some summery weather forecasted by the charts .I do have a hunch that the next month or so will see big swings ,but lets hope the summer overall is one of BBQS ,Thunderstorms , and STELLA on ice , followed by a nice Autumn then the Winter from Hell ,i usually pop in here for a read most days , Thanks for all the great posts , cheers Legritter .
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    Surprised how flat it is in here considering the great bank holiday weekend weather that's on the way, at least for england and wales..tonight's Ecm 12z ensemble mean looks an absolute peach in the reliable timeframe..looking forward to another early taste of summer!
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    Good news from 00z ECM it shows our weather turning settled and increasingly warmer
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    The last two weeks have had some amazing weather, had two thunderstorms too! One of which gave us some incredible clouds, much better then any I've ever seen in summer here before, looked like something straight out of America!
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    Taken just now with another cell to my south
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