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    Remember New Years Eve being transfixed in 2009-2010 on the weather station, the temperature dropping like a stone, the very light rain turning to sleet at about 9pm, the sleet turning to proper snow, giving a light covering, then stopping. The temp had gone from +11C to -2 in about 3 hours. It started to sleet and rain again slightly. I was so disappointed, that I just went to bed. Woke up to a belt of thunder at 2 am. Got out of bed, and the snow was belting down, all was white and New year had rung in beautifully for me!!! What followed was the stuff of legends. I've never lost that feeling. I'll be staying up tonight to keep an eye out anyway!
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    Looking forward to the white pics tomorrow lads, jaffa cakesing rain here! Good luck!
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    Snowing here not lying yet but temperature falling.
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    Having rained for just over 1 hour here. It's snowing heavily now.
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    A few days ago the Met Office said in one of thier forecasts that the snow event all hung on the position of the low pressurse, if it were more to the south then the snow would be widespread as it would suck in cold air however the more favoured forecast placed the low further north allowing some milder air into the mix. Looking at Mondays forecast it does indeed show snow but it starts off as rain here before turning to snow...just have to wait and see I suppose. I took the snaw shovel out the shed on Sunday afternoon this is usually scuppers any snaw falling...I take full responsibilty if it all we get is sleety pish..!!!
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    The low doesn't look like developing as much as it once did which will have pros and cons, Pros - less marginal though the dew points still look slightly iffy 1C but should drop to 0 or below in heavier precip, temperatures look fine and 850 temps of around -6 are fine too. Cons - less developed means the precip wont be quite as heavy and widespread as it looked at one stage so any snowfall amounts will obviously be less too. With all that being said it does look like the eastern side should have the best chance with heavier snow being shown so Fife, Edinburgh, Dundee would be my hotspots though for some reason some of the the short range models have snow covering Fife but not for Edinburgh or Dundee (especially near the coast) possibly something to do with the winds being easterly? personally I am hoping for at least a covering Good luck everyone and hopefully we can all get some snow
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    Been down with friends in England so missed yesterday’s snow, wee covering here, was 12 degrees warmer down there, good catching first sight of the hills on the descent to land
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    ... .....and then Eastenders.....
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    I personally love rain to snow> Watching the transition & the temp drop bit by bit is mesmerising ! Good luck guys
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    One good thing then. No football. Hopefully Strictly next.
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    Hi Folks , first post on here just found this site. Looking good for snow lovers Tomorrow for most of Scotland so look forward to seeing some good photos . I stay in Kinross but my workplace is on top of a hill at a recycling plant near Perth so expecting to see some heavy snow tomorrow will post photos 🖒. Cheers Alex
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    Feels very mild today I must say, but that wind, it's relentless...
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    Gonna be a busy 48 hours on this thread I suspect this could be the main event of the winter for some of us
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    Did anyone see that Met-O wind warning? Seems to have disappeared now. It was the worst weather warning ever
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    In the longer term, it's looking kindae cauld tae. -5 or lower T850s the norm... Even scandi/greenie highs making appearances in FI. PV increasingly disrupted / wandering. I'm not holding out hope for a wee beasterly quite yet, but at least the ski areas should finish the season better than it started. Or, mair correctly, start their season! In the meantime, the morn looks fun. --- EDIT. This is actually more classic 70s/80s winters in Scotland. I learned to ski at aviemore as a young lad fae the valley in the 80's. While carrbrigde got snaw, it wasn't a continuous run of beasts, 10ft drifts, frozen rivers and digging out trains from inverness. School (by bus) in the next parish was hardly ever shut, with the roads clear, much to my disappointment. Also, 'the hill' wasn't always 2 m deep in snaw, but plenty of heather patches and mild, slushy days. The lady was famous for her slush bumps. What happened was the kind of pattern we have now; regular lows but centred more south, so colder air swept the highlands from the WSW and dumped huge drifts into the northern corrie ski basins. Freeze-thaw then hardened this into a solid base for the season in natural gullies aided by fences. This stopped really quite abruptly into the 90's, and early 00's, where winters more like this one Nov-Jan dominated, with dreaded 'bartlett' highs. Since 2010 it's actually, overall, maybe a little better, but not 2018 and this winter (until the past few weeks). At least this is my impression / memories.
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    Based on that forecast, I'm planning an early start tomorrow and aim to leave the Aberdeen office by 3pm. I'll let you know if there are any issues with travel around the local roads asap. I've just noticed that theres a risk the snow could continue until 6am on Tuesday. Might manager to squeeze in a couple of hours on the hills, weather permitting, tomorrow afternoon.
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    Totally Pi**ed off with this weather now. Yet another (4th) Sunday where you can’t do anything or go anywhere outside with getting wet or blown about. Been relentless since October with the odd high pressure for a few days here and there. Got to be a big change, if spring got to live up to something warm and spectacular.... Next 2 weeks doesn’t look like anything settled.
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    Significant snow upgrades for this area during Monday:
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    Looking north this afternoon. Looked outside at 10pm and said it is basws outside. Totally confused my wife and she looked out knew what I meant.
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    Meh! Hideous day really. Windy, wet, cold, sleety pish, haily(?) pish, rain, wet snow, next to bugger all settling! Rubbish as expected
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    February 2020 is currently the 5th wettest month in the last 10 years at my local station. 44mm more and it will be the 3rd. Grim, My watch has a rechargeable battery and with the lack of sunshine and a house full of LED lights, it hasn't worked for 3 weeks
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    And there's the Edinburgh snow shield
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    This is what Euro4 showing for Monday for you guys
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    stunning light after a monsoon-like shower about 5pm today.
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    Some photos I took today! And also, I looked at the satellite image on Sat24. Does anyone know what this line of cloud is over the UK? I looked at the jet stream and it looks like some sort of front.
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    Ancient fish dinners chart Sahara’s shift from savannah to desert | Environment | The Guardian WWW.THEGUARDIAN.COM Bones of fish eaten by humans thousands of years ago offer clue to region’s ancient climate IT SEEMS MAN HAS BEEN CAUSING CLIMATE CHANGE FOR THOUSANDS OF YEARS AND NOW HERDSMAN AND THEIR FARTING CATTLE 5000bc ARE TO BLAME FOR CLIMATE DRIVEN DESERTIFICATION! EITHER THAT OR CLIMATE CHANGE HAS ALWAYS EXISTED, SHHH!
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    Some vibrant cloudscapes this evening After the cold front zipped through!
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    Amazing weather today, two scenes from the train from Hove to Ore, one from near Lewes looking up to the downs in lovely sun and the other looking landwards from Norman’s Bay!
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    BBC REPORT AMAZING SCIENTIFIC BREAKTHROUGHS ON GLOBAL WARMING! TREES ARE THE PROBLEM! Apparently scientists have discovered that when trees die they no longer use photosynthesis and so produce no oxygen! Deforested Amazon areas 'net emitters of CO2' WWW.BBC.CO.UK Up to a fifth of the Amazon rainforest has become a net source of CO2, research suggests. The global elite, stunned into action, have promised to tax the poor more to solve the problem as they deforest their private Islands to make way for their new multi-billion dollar luxury complexes.
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    The BBC seem to have missed this freak weather event as part of "the Earth is on fire" series, can't think why. Winter storm coats Baghdad in snow for only the second time in 100 years EU.USATODAY.COM A rare winter storm coated Baghdad in snow Tuesday morning for only the second time in the Iraqi capital in the past century. Still, they have given Greta her own show show so we shouldn't be short of expert input on how the Earth will end soon.
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