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    Seen from Padstow, the storm the wreaked havoc on Boscastle back in 2004. Posted on Facebook. Credit Mark Brammer
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    Rhum Eigg and Muck as viewed from the Ardnamurchan Peninsula
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    Amazing scenes Good Friday!

    © craighirstphotography

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    Viewed from Fionnphort
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    From the album: Flora, Fauna, and Close-ups

    - one of a series along the Cleveland Hills 14th May. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iujg5SbgYTQ
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    From the album: Flora, Fauna, and Close-ups

    Just at their best, with lowest flowers starting to go
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    A good sword and a trusty hand! A merry heart and true! King James's men shall understand What Cornish lads can do! And have they fixed the where and when? And shall Trelawny die? Here's twenty thousand Cornish men Will know the reason why!
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    River Feugh, Forest of Birse.
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    Illustrating the cinder bank constructed in the late 18th century to enclose the canal and form a sluicing pond which has survived as a low earthwork
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    Spring sunshine filtering through the tress over the Stream in Tehidy Country Park this morning. The park used to part of the estate of The Basset family Once Cornish gentry and mineral lords.
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    A rarity at the moment but last Tuesday was a cracking Spring morning. I took the opportunity of walking the path that runs down the side of the valley to the Tehidy Country Park that is a couple of miles north of Camborne. The north cliffs are on the left.
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    He got fed up with hooligan kids chasing him around.
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    This is Tannforsen lying between two lakes near Are. 6 weeks previous this was completely frozen. Taken on the 2nd May 2006.
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    Snasahogarna, one of several isolated mountains that protrude from an upland plateau in western central Sweden not far from the border. Taken late afternoon 1st of May 2006. It was getting a bit chilly when I took this.
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    The Ice was disappearing fast this day. Taken 30th April 2006.
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    A hail shower moving up Astfjorden on the road between Trondheim and the Island of Hitra. Taken on the 27th April 2006.
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    take a look at this thing i took a digi shot of out my back window facing south towards aberdeen.
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    ...with Great Asby in the background. May 9th 2005.
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    Taken on April 29th - the last few patches of snow on top of Cross Fell in Cumbria's Pennines. The last trace of snow didn't actually disappear until May 4th.
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    For the simple amongst you, this is a picture of frost, taken in May 2005.
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    finally Heswall, and Poll Hill, the highest point in the Wirral at 108m above sea level. This is Poll Hil woods. Finally home and capped off a good day all around - and why this is a unique coastal area is unravelled.
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    This is Thurstaston zone of the Beach - looking back towards Heswall. Again predominantly bunter sandstone but limestone mixed in on the beach. Vegetation niches can be seen here - and are very dramatic. Grassland superceded by hawthorn and coastal trees can be seen on the small 'cliff' Again looking down toward Heswall-Parkgate is very hazy
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