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    Amazing scenes Good Friday!

    © craighirstphotography

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    Young seal enjoying the Spring sunshine at the seal sanctuary at Gweek
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    Easter Sunday is held the first Sunday after the first full moon following the spring equinox.

    © Kevin Bradshaw

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    Cumulus and Cirrus over Portreath on this fine Spring morning
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    A stunning Spring morning yesterday at Hayle
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    Bluebells in the local woods this morning
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    Spring sunshine filtering through the tress over the Stream in Tehidy Country Park this morning. The park used to part of the estate of The Basset family Once Cornish gentry and mineral lords.
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    A large dust devil or whirlwind on Chat Moss, Irlam, UK on 18th May 2010
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    captured last weekend
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    He got fed up with hooligan kids chasing him around.
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    Looking southwards towards Areskutan from near Husa. The north slope of Areskutan is littered with ski runs. Taken 2nd May 2006.
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    Looking down from the waterfall into the lake with the mountains beyond. Taken 2nd May 2006.
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    Snasahogarna, one of several isolated mountains that protrude from an upland plateau in western central Sweden not far from the border. Taken late afternoon 1st of May 2006. It was getting a bit chilly when I took this.
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    Taken at the meteorological observation station near the Norweigen/Swedish border on the 1st May 2006. The snow although thawing was still chest deep in places.
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    Taken near Orkanger, about 50 miles west of Trondheim on the 27th April 2006.
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    The start of spring in central Norway. Taken 27th April 2006.
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    Low-level rainbow as the shower clears...

    © &copy

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    take a look at this thing i took a digi shot of out my back window facing south towards aberdeen.
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    ...with Great Asby in the background. May 9th 2005.
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    For the simple amongst you, this is a picture of frost, taken in May 2005.
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    finally Heswall, and Poll Hill, the highest point in the Wirral at 108m above sea level. This is Poll Hil woods. Finally home and capped off a good day all around - and why this is a unique coastal area is unravelled.
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    This is the view of the River Dee from Thurstaston Hill. Thurstaston Hill is completely made of Red Bunter Sandstone - commonly known as Thurstaston rocks.
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    Once West Kirby had been reached, I decided to take a picture of West Kirby Marine Lake looking over towards Hilbre Island. The was taken on West Kirby Promenade.
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    This is a view on Thurstaston/Caldy section of the River Dee Beach. I took this to show some sand drifts. It didnt come out too well, but drifting sand is vaguely visible. Sand has also stuck to the side of the sandstone in the bottom right of the photo. The buildings in the distance are West Kirby sailing club
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