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    A passing storm at 0600 this morning
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    10th August 2018 overlooking Phoenix, note blue power flash to the side of the bolt.
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    Probably my favourite shot of that night.
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    From the album: kayjen pic's

    Clouds building for thunderstorm.

    © Keith Coldron

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    From the album: ciel's pics

    Single storey and attic, 3-bay, L-plan Bucket Mill with Sawmill adjoining. The Finzean Bucket Mill on the N bank of the River Feugh, is a rare and remarkable survival in full working order. The sites of the Bucket Mill and the Sawmill and Turning Mill a mile to the E were established as sawmills in the early 19th century to exploit the Glen Ferrick pine woods. The original sawmill was sold off in pieces at a roup in 1846 and the site was cleared. In 1853 Peter Brown, redeveloped the former mill site and waterfall to form the Bucket Mill. His family worked the mill until the death of Willie Brown, the last in the line, in 1974. The mill lay empty and became derelict until it was taken on by Stan Moyes in 1982, who began to restore the mill, which was opened to the public in 1990. In 1991 the newly formed Finzean Water Mills Trust became the owner of the Bucket Mill. The Water Mills trust was wound up in 1999, and the ownership of the Bucket Mill passed to Birse Community Trust. The Bucket Mill is still operated by Stan Moyes on a part time basis. A small number of buckets are produced annually for a range of uses. During the Second World War the buckets were in high demand by the Navy and RAF, among others. Indeed "it was considered such an essential task by the Government that he [the mill worker] was exempted service with the armed forces" (Cunningham, p10). (Historic Scotland)Building Dates1853 https://www.buildingsatrisk.org.uk/details/915899
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    Moonset 15/7/18 St Helens,Merseyside
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    Storm N of London 27/5/18 (from Bagshot)
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    Lighting back in 2015 over Princetown located on Dartmoor, Devon
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    Storm cell

    © Attributed anonymous

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