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    Why do I get the feeling that summer brings out those who want to incessantly prove how "hard" they are? All we seem to get is people ostentatiously sneering at those of us who feel unwell when the temperature is above 30C AND the humidity is above 70%.
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    Here's a thought, the time period sine the Berlin Wall came down is now longer than the time period that the Wall was up.
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    Offer accepted! Out with dad on the Sunday to the estate agents to sign the contract for a new Bungalow, then it's off to move to Althorne! So I will remain as Essex Easterly.
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    Guess who can start playing sports again after recovering from a broken collarbone!
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    Dear snow gods ... I have prayed for snow , done the snow dance yet nothing !! You owe us some snow ️ ... if not move on to the hot stuff
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    At this rate we will reach Smarch and still have no snow
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    Merry Christmas to all my friends!
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    While I was working in the garden, two enormous formations of grues/cranes came over. Really loud calls...
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    The postman just knocked on the door and I shouted' phone' It's been a long week
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    Blown over lorries, trains cancelled, ferries disrupted - but not a named storm? Meto policy is a mess.
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    Swing Low Sweet Chariot....So proud of our English guys today,that's how to play rugby!
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    I was greeted with a veritable smorgasbord of 'error' messages, when I first logged-on. I even got a brand new format, for a few seconds; I can't tell you how worried I was... I mean, being cut-off from the rest of humanity is one thing (autism can do that) but from the weather? That's inconceivable!
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    Here is a poem based on what the computer models think Ireland and the British Islands autumn, winter and spring weather will be. Autumn comes with beautiful misty mornings with fine drizzle soaking through the muddy ground. There will be many Met Office severe weather warnings with strong gales and the swaying of trees that are making no sound. The Queen Elizabeth II Thurrock bridge's two lanes will be closed causing 20 mile traffic jams as motorists try to stay composed. The autumn weather will continue through the winter and spring where Ireland and the British Isles will experience severe flooding. People will become downhearted as they lose their zing at Bonfire night there will be no sound of fireworks exploding. This is because of the nights and days of continuous heavy rain where other parts of the world will be getting all the frost and snow. Ireland and the British Isles begin a get winter weather campaign because of the flooded meadows, which has filled everyone with woe.
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    I have a nice pair of homegrown melons
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    I'm picking my nuts before the squirrels get them.
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    People are actually looking forward to it being hot and humid, sticky and oppressive next week? Can’t think of anything worse.
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    Just got a waterproof case for my new Brinno timelapse camera - now I can record timelapses of storms outside!
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    Winter, winter, where are you? I keep searching for you...
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    Winter 2019/20 has now managed more thunder days than snow days around here. Impressive.
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    HO hum. Monday. ho hum
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    South Yorkshire operations complex is well placed on Letsby Avenue! And i'm not joking!
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    A frost would be nice! Attempted to go for a walk in the sun, absolute mudfest out there. Wake me up when Autumn ends.
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    Happy New Year Wish My Happy New Year wish for you all Is for your best year yet, A year where life is peaceful, And what you want, you get. A year in which you cherish The past year’s memories, And live your life each new day, Full of bright expectancies. I wish for you all a holiday With happiness galore; And when it’s done, I wish you all Happy New Year, and many more. By Joanna Fuchs
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    hope everyone had a great goatmass
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    One of the best gifts I've received in a long time! A spark plug from the 2005 Minardi F1 car! Actually from the 2004 PS04B chassis but was used for the first 3 races of 2005
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    Oh well... into hibernation then. Theres always next year...
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    Winter's over see you all in September!
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    It has been decided that Christmas will be put up next week.
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    Ordered a parcel from eBuyer at 10pm last night, it arrived at 9am this morning. Great service!
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    woke up to a raging blizzard and a slick drive to work..and so it begins
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    Frosts in Manchester city centre are rare events even in the winter months, so to wake up today and see the first frost of the season was a nice surprise.
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    Rainbow from just after the cell passed through Pitsea, Essex
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    Sooty just found the first daddy long legs.
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    Going to Croatia for 2 weeks. I hope I get to see some thunder there.
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    15C, what a contrast to 48 hours ago.
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    Psst! lass! had thunder!
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    For those of you who might remember (Dami, Lassie) I just did the "rabbit run" cycle ride! No rabbits yet but I met a man with a young female Border Collie who just might be interested in a potential visit from a young male Border Collie of exquisite pedigree!
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    Noctilucent clouds now
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    New to this, wanted to have the chance to join in!
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    Quite a worrying state kev, as quicksilver says, if we were to lose the warm current namely the gulf stream, western Europe would be put into siberian type winters, while the equator would get hotter, wouldn't mind a few siberian winters though, lol.
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    When Winnie the Poohs home starts to burn due to the lack of rain it just shows how desperately we need rain,fingers crossed the Atlantic comes to our rescue. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-sussex-48090078
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    Another tropical cyclone for Mozambique! How much can the poor country take?
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    Wow! A pet dying is just as bad as a human dying. One of the dogs we had didn't make it last night at least she is with her mummy up in doggy heaven that's a good thing I suppose
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