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    Dear snow gods ... I have prayed for snow , done the snow dance yet nothing !! You owe us some snow ️ ... if not move on to the hot stuff
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    Can somebody please tell me what a 'Woke' is supposed to be? Because, unless it's a lady who goes down the pub and swears/drinks a lot, I'm at a loss!
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    At this rate we will reach Smarch and still have no snow
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    I've just been out for a walk with Mylo and I just had to come on to say that the temperature on the Pharmacie thermometer was 18.5c. Probably more like 16c in the garden but it's bizarrely warm nonetheless. Insects have been flying. The last two days have been really mild but it's not going to stay like this.
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    In other news ..... Some parts of Canada are getting a few inches of snow ️
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    Woh! Caught a night prowler on my night timelapse around 3.30am.
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    Retired engineer and veteran of 63 as well as other great winters
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    broke my own personal cold temp record last night as it got down to -44c beating the -42c recorded in 2011
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    Thinking of a name for the mouse in the house
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    Lots of snow over the A66 today,lovely and sad at the same time as i suspect that will be all i see this Winter
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    It might be a bit deluded and a long shot, and probably unlikely to happen - but I predict a 1983 style outcome to follow a mild Jan....a very cold Feb and Mar!!
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    I'm Erdem Rano , a Turkish national working in UK . I like extreme weather condition.
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    Winter 2019/20 has now managed more thunder days than snow days around here. Impressive.
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    Forsythia in bloom here! I heard my first cuckoo today.
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    Got myself some lovely Polish bangers from Lidl...Mmmmmmm!
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    Just been told That Twitter is the barometer for what people in this country think really?. By that token Clinton would have been president Brexit wouldnt have happened and Corbyn would have been our PM. Crikey Think i might take a leave at Petes comment below and rejoin facebook
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    have to go out and shovel my drive windchill its -45c this isn’t going to be fun
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    I've just discovered that, after six-years, I still have a Facebook page...That'll be a lot of breakfast-photos I've missed!
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    I've got wind! Lots of wind! ... Its howling, roaring and gusting up my back passage!
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    Sounds like the only weather the British Isles and Ireland will be getting is very wet, windy, mild and wild weather.
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    My Hero speaks to his fans on twitter and I actually said 'hello' and now I just want to hide.
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    HO hum. Monday. ho hum
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    Steve Murr calling it a day the world’s gone mad in south we have roughly 8 weeks a lot can and will happen.
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    South Yorkshire operations complex is well placed on Letsby Avenue! And i'm not joking!
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    A frost would be nice! Attempted to go for a walk in the sun, absolute mudfest out there. Wake me up when Autumn ends.
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    How could any weather enthusiast like our climate? So boring...
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    And still the fireworks are going off,rest my case for a ban now.
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    Happy New Year Wish My Happy New Year wish for you all Is for your best year yet, A year where life is peaceful, And what you want, you get. A year in which you cherish The past year’s memories, And live your life each new day, Full of bright expectancies. I wish for you all a holiday With happiness galore; And when it’s done, I wish you all Happy New Year, and many more. By Joanna Fuchs
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    Happy New watsit.
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    Happy New Year to the Netweather members and staff!
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    hope everyone had a great goatmass
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    Rest in pieces 2019! Also rest in pieces 2010s!
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    December and the first half of January are the best time of the year for snow. The low sun cannot melt it and large areas remain shaded throughout the day.
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    What a fantastic sunset this evening,anyone else see it? https://www.netweather.tv/forum/gallery/image/23578-dsc02664jpg/
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    Hubs brought me a jacket for 'when it gets warmer' It's wearable now
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    One of the best gifts I've received in a long time! A spark plug from the 2005 Minardi F1 car! Actually from the 2004 PS04B chassis but was used for the first 3 races of 2005
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