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    Snow will hit Britain this month - setting us up for a colder than average winter blighted by "extreme cold weather events" forecasters say. Exacta Weather forecaster James Madden has warned of "snow after snow" this winter - beginning with "something wintry setting in" as early as October.
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    I have a nice pair of homegrown melons
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    Shotgun lightning behind my house, wasn't expecting it, never had it that close before, loudest thing ever, scary, amazing to see!
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    Anyone else not know Jon Snow was from game of thrones? never heard of him before the netweather member username
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    06z, first phantom easterly of the season!
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    I found a cold winter article that doesn't include input from Madden Next winter will be coldest in England for a decade, scientists predict WWW.ITV.COM Britain should be braced for the coldest winter in a decade, scientists have said. An extended-range forecast for central England predicts temperatures could plunge next January and February...
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    Two years since the red sun
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    some very nice candy today.
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    It gets earlier and earlier every year....nope not the shops with their Christmas stock its early October and I’ve seen my first James Madden quote!
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    Can't wait for the next storm potential this year. Oh wait
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    Today's exciting news. The heating kicked in.
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    Lorenzo brought me here! That and WINTER IS COMING!
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    It looks like my arrival in the UK will be under some really wet weather! Flood warnings galore I expect.
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    Training meteorologist and have a love for storm chasing and extreme weather and trying to find new ways to predict and protect people in extreme weather!! Also i try to capture the best pic in and around storms and extreme weather!
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    Thunderstorms are forecast again for this evening. This time the profile is less moist (no southwesterly) and the horizon is clear from low clouds so i expect a better view of the cloud structure. I doubt the storm will be as intense as two days ago but anything is a bonus as this is the last chance before returning to the UK.
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    Rainbow from just after the cell passed through Pitsea, Essex
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    Anyone else still want summery weather? i do for all of Oct,
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    Had a few rumbles of thunder here yesterday evening and saw one distant flash of lightning. The only time we have had thunder here for the whole year damn it!
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    Anyone like positive CGs?
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    Sooty just found the first daddy long legs.
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