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    The irony and hypocrisy of flying 5000 miles in first class to a climate change rally is off the scale. Emma Thompson what were you thinking...?
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    We don’t have to agree with their methods to understand why protestors do what they do. The actions of suffragettes or civil rights protestors and many more, disrupted life for people at the time, now we understand with time passing that it was a small price to pay. There is nothing as important as the effects of climate change right now and these people are trying to make the rest of us take notice.
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    Why do three-quarters of NW members seem to want to live in a desert?
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    I was greeted with a veritable smorgasbord of 'error' messages, when I first logged-on. I even got a brand new format, for a few seconds; I can't tell you how worried I was... I mean, being cut-off from the rest of humanity is one thing (autism can do that) but from the weather? That's inconceivable!
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    Sad to see Notre Dame cathedral on fire
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    Now Oct 31st, we’ve got more chance of getting out of the gravitational pull of this so called Black Hole than getting out of the EU, ATM...enough is enough!!!
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    Happy St Georges Day! i shall celebrate with a glass of Warm bear Horrah
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    The longest thunderstorm I ever experienced was the 26-27th July 2018 overnight nationwide thunderstorm. It lasted over 7 hours! I woke up near the end, thankfully. I heard a few rumbles of thunder and I saw quite a lot of torrential rain. The shortest thunderstorm I ever experienced was when I was at Skegness. A bit of rain (about 10 mins), a bit of hail, a bit of thunder/lightning, and by 20-25 minutes, it was all done.
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    The Rise of Skywalker
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    Julian Assange has been kicked-out from the Ecuadorian Embassy and arrested! About time too IMO. Obnoxious puffed-up little book!
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    Met a mate I've known for 14 years from Bedford NH Great guy!
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    Oh boy, it's dead here!
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    Saw so many dead badgers on the side of the road on the drive to Herts today. So sad to see so much wildlife killed by vehicles
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