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    Why do three-quarters of NW members seem to want to live in a desert?
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    I was greeted with a veritable smorgasbord of 'error' messages, when I first logged-on. I even got a brand new format, for a few seconds; I can't tell you how worried I was... I mean, being cut-off from the rest of humanity is one thing (autism can do that) but from the weather? That's inconceivable!
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    Sad to see Notre Dame cathedral on fire
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    Now Oct 31st, we’ve got more chance of getting out of the gravitational pull of this so called Black Hole than getting out of the EU, ATM...enough is enough!!!
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    The Rise of Skywalker
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    Julian Assange has been kicked-out from the Ecuadorian Embassy and arrested! About time too IMO. Obnoxious puffed-up little book!
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    Met a mate I've known for 14 years from Bedford NH Great guy!
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    Oh boy, it's dead here!
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    Saw so many dead badgers on the side of the road on the drive to Herts today. So sad to see so much wildlife killed by vehicles
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