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    Here's a thought, the time period sine the Berlin Wall came down is now longer than the time period that the Wall was up.
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    With out doubt sale of fireworks to the public should be banned,no place in today;s society. If you want to see them,get off your backside and go to a display,don't scare the hell out of pets and wildlife.
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    inconsiderate folk setting off fireworks its nowhere near bonfire night yet. One load bang it set the dog off and she nearly knocked over the Christmas tree.
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    All of Wales should be very proud of their Rugby team today,what a fantastic brave performance to a man. Deserved to win.
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    Swing Low Sweet Chariot....So proud of our English guys today,that's how to play rugby!
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    Here is a poem based on what the computer models think Ireland and the British Islands autumn, winter and spring weather will be. Autumn comes with beautiful misty mornings with fine drizzle soaking through the muddy ground. There will be many Met Office severe weather warnings with strong gales and the swaying of trees that are making no sound. The Queen Elizabeth II Thurrock bridge's two lanes will be closed causing 20 mile traffic jams as motorists try to stay composed. The autumn weather will continue through the winter and spring where Ireland and the British Isles will experience severe flooding. People will become downhearted as they lose their zing at Bonfire night there will be no sound of fireworks exploding. This is because of the nights and days of continuous heavy rain where other parts of the world will be getting all the frost and snow. Ireland and the British Isles begin a get winter weather campaign because of the flooded meadows, which has filled everyone with woe.
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    Away on business in London ... wow how lovely does it look at night time ! Can’t see the rats or the rubbish
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    Third frost of the season this morning and hopefully fourth tomorrow.
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    Ordered a parcel from eBuyer at 10pm last night, it arrived at 9am this morning. Great service!
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    Tonight, I have a date with Christina Aguilera!
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    Do I have the only cat, in the known universe, that jumps onto the window cill, in order to watch fireworks?
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    Hope she is feeling better
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    when your twitter feed is full of people with SNOW. yeah that
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    woke up to a raging blizzard and a slick drive to work..and so it begins
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    Hello november and hello to snow chasing! Fingers crossed us coldies get our reward this winter. 🌨❄
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    We're ready for Tempête Amélie tonight into tomorrow morning. Thunderstorms, 120 km/h winds all possible. Just been out walking with Mylo and it's bad enough already.
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    Well that was different !! Garage bingo in Camden
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    Frosts in Manchester city centre are rare events even in the winter months, so to wake up today and see the first frost of the season was a nice surprise.
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    Snow in November, surely not!
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    cool from Sunday, lighter mornings, and model runs an hour earlier
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    Good grief...Just had to endure a five-minute-long salvo of thunderflashes! Aaaaaaargh!!!!
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    06z, first phantom easterly of the season!
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    Shotgun lightning behind my house, wasn't expecting it, never had it that close before, loudest thing ever, scary, amazing to see!
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