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    It's a Super Stonker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! T+24: T+96: T+168: T+240: T+312: T+384:
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    12z GFS is a rip snorter - high pressure all the way. Easter still causing headaches, likely to be more unsettled with some rain around though.
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    I got a day's work on a small hill well inland from here - I saw no-one all day Some hairy maggots: Colourful mosses: A rainbow that neatly lined up with the skyline: Long exposure water: that involved wet feet, not sure it was worth it and these are the tops of a couple of the north Strathfarrer ridge, still really snowy
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    Long range forecast from the met office favours low heights to our north right through the summer at the moment, which would usually translate to a better summer here. Also shows below average ppn and higher temps. Fingers crossed.
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    The North Atlantic 500mb and surface analysis for midnight The band of rain associated with the cold front will clear eastern England this morning leaving a day of sunny intervals and showers, the latter particularly concentrated over N. Ireland and western Scotland. Less windy than yesterday Still the odd shower in the NW tonight but essentially a clear night with just the odd spot of frost by morning A warm and sunny day on Tuesday but quite breezy in the NW where cloud will encroach with some rain by evening as systems continue to track NE to the west of Ireland A very warm day for England and Wales on Wednesday but much cooler over Scotland where the weakening cold front will bring some patchy rain. The strong winds here will slowly abate Things get a tad more complex on Thursday as a weak trough slips south east bringing some patchy rain to the south where it is still warm with the old front stationary in the north By Friday the UK is under a shallow low pressure area with sundry fronts littered about so a very varied regional scenario which I will not attempt to detail
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    Some photos taken during my daily exercise today. It’s a lovely day, with a temperature of about 15c, unbroken sunshine and a SW breeze.
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    Thanks for all the entries. If you enter now, you're too late - but we'll have more comps over the coming days and weeks, all going into a leaderboard to eventually crown the overall winner. I'll keep the thread updated with the latest daily maxes each day.
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    From one extreme to another a month ago fields were saturated and now there are clouds of dust. Getting through the sowing now. A bit cooler after yesterday with gale force gusts of wind and currently 12c
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    I might have not the slightest iota of interest in long-range exercises in pattern-matching (they simply do not work!) but, in the nearer, more reliable time-frame, I do find tomorrow's prospects quite encouraging:.. GFS 06Z:
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    The local farmers are fairly putting in a major shift of late. It's not unusual to see the tractors working at 9pm. Ploughing is underway in the big field in front of the house, fair amount of dust being kicked up.
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    Nice depiction of the cold front and clear skies over Europe
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    Ooooo - big hail. Chunky and the size of marrowfat peas. 11.5/9C.
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    The qustion from this point is what about the weekend? The gfs this morning takes the deep low south of Greenland, it has it 10mb lower than Exeter and tracks it east south of Iceland as it fills bringing rain and strong winds to the north Sat/Sun as it passes. But in it's wake another low undergoes rapid cyclogenisis in the Denmark Strait and a front associated with this will further rain and strong winds to Scotland early Monday. So very much a N/S split but of course just one model in an area of unreliable detail
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    GFS 12Z's a stonker! Tuesday: Tuesday week: Tuesday week week: What do you say, Fred?
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    It’s a big outlier. ECM is better tonight - hiccup over Easter, but it quickly turns settled and warmer through the week.
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    Just saw the latest GFS run... holy moley!!!
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    I was out and about in the car this afternoon (first time for a week), essential?, depends on how you look at it. I went and picked up a trailer pre-loaded with fence posts & rails and took the trailer back afterwards. All done with minimal contact, maintaining social distancing rules at the timber merchant. It's a job that needs done, I have time to do it, and the two boys are going to learn how to build a fence. Anyway, on the way there and back, twice, I saw very few cars on the road. Not particularly busy toads normally, but it was very noticeably quieter. In fact I saw at least two to three times as many people out for a walk along the roads, or cyclists, than I saw cars. Very unusual, especially for a Monday.
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    Och well, a none-too-lovely end to the GFS 06Z; but it would hasten the eventual demise of the tPV, perhaps...? Though all that HLB wouldn't necessarily bode too well, for the Arctic ice, however...?
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    Still no agreement between the ext anomalies this morning regarding the alignment of the tpv and amplification, if any, of the subtropical high over the UK and Europe. But forebye this, with positive anomalies in this area the outlook still portends a quieter spell of not unpleasant weather with the detail to be sorted by the det runs
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    Predictable the ecm has a different evolution for the weekend as it develops the low south of Greenland and tracks it NE and then south east as the subtropical high amplifies in mid Atlantic
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    Very mild evening out there. Still 17°C at almost 10pm. Lovely!
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    Three from the evening stroll; Luminence; Painterly, but I think the exposure was all wrong The rising moon
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    Up to 20.4°C in the end. Glorious.
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    Lol check the date that he posted that! Way back to the 24th March so no I’d say pretty much all are searching for something warm now. Well I no I am and most of this week is looking pretty nice I’d say
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    Looking at the clusters you could perhaps take a punt that the det run is over developing the weekend low but I wouldn't bet the woodshed on it
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    ECM and GFS at 168 (day 7). Couldn’t be much different at day 7 if you tried!
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    Ecm looks almost certain to be an outlier compared to other models!gfs ensembles are rock solid for the continuation of this dry weather!!not to say ecm is wrong but highly unlikely!!!amazing weather so far!!came back from egypt on the 15th of march and i dont think i have seen single drop of rain since!!!grass is starting to turn brown as well!!
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    Dalek Filmed Rolling Down Street Telling Humans To Self-Isolate - LADbible WWW.LADBIBLE.COM Yet another good reason to stay indoors
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    Interesting that the models now show the chance of rain on Wednesday afternoon/evening: Details still very sketchy, but looks like some rain will be around for Easter. After then we aren’t really sure. ECM op again wants to blow up low pressure across the UK, but for the 3rd run in a row is an outlier: Lots to play for.
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    Isn't it just! I find you can always smell a season change at night... and it's one of those nights.
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    Yes I haven't been looking at the longer term background signals either recently, not many posts or comments as might be expected in this respect. The PV looks like having a long slow dying death this year, rather than a sudden end, which might help prevent northern blocking from developing in late Spring, but things could change on this front. Will take a look at ENSO, a few weeks there were hints of a summer la Nina.. will see if that's still the case. Back to the here and now, some excellent spring weather on the cards for many, sunshine and dry weather predominating Tuesday - Friday in the south and east with some early sustained warmth, low 20's expected in SE for next 5 days, often struggle to see such conditions in June. Further north and west, rain tonight, cooler tomorrow, pleasant temps and dry weather returning Tuesday - Thursday but more cloud. Easter period looks quite uncertain, signals that a shallow trough will move down from the NW, bringing cooler damper cloudier weather - poor timing. Longer term heights look likely to build back in again, sustaining what will have been a good 4-5 weeks of very benign dry weather. I've said many times before how mother nature often flips from sustained wet to notable lengthy dry and vice-versa, and we are seeing this again now... but for how long, a blip?
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    Some marked regional temp differences at the end of the week as the weak trough traces east After that it's down to the track of the rogue trough mentioned above
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    Ok so not entirely grey. I lied. But it's definitely cloudy.
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    New Straits Times.. PORT VILA, Vanuatu: A deadly Pacific cyclone intensified as it hit Vanuatu on Monday, threatening a natural disaster that experts fear will undermine the impoverished Pacific nation’s battle to remain Covid-19 coronavirus-free. Tropical Cyclone Harold, which claimed 27 lives when it swept through the Solomon Islands last week, strengthened to a scale-topping category five superstorm overnight, Vanuatu’s meteorology service said. The cyclone is now packing winds of up to 235 kilometres per hour (145 mph), prompting red alerts across several provinces. It made landfall on the remote east coast of Espiritu Santo island on Monday morning and was heading directly for Vanuatu’s second-largest town Luganville, which has a population of 16,500. The slow-moving storm is expected to pass north of the capital Port Vila early on Tuesday. Officials warned residents in the nation of 300,000 to expect flash flooding and said ships should stay in port or risk facing huge swells. Another concern is the impact a large natural disaster could have on Vanuatu’s attempts to remain one of the world’s few countries without any reported Covid-19 infections. Vanuatu has virtually sealed its international borders to avoid the virus but emergency measures such as bans on public meetings have been temporarily suspended to allow people to gather in evacuation centres. “The focus was more on Covid-19 and now we have moved our focus to preparedness for the cyclone,” Vanuatu Red Cross disaster coordinator Augustine Garae told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. “We understand that some people in some communities are not really well prepared.” A major international relief effort was needed the last time a category-five system, Cyclone Pam, hit Vanuatu in 2015. If a similar operation were needed in the wake of Cyclone Harold it would run the risk of importing the virus to a nation that lacks the health infrastructure to deal with even a mild outbreak. “There have been no confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Vanuatu, but a significant disaster at this time could present serious logistical challenges to delivering life-saving aid,” Oxfam’s Vanuatu director Elizabeth Faerua said. Cyclone Pam flattened Port Vila, killed 11 people and left a swath of destruction that the World Bank estimated wiped out almost two-thirds of Vanuatu’s economic capacity. The latest storm Harold has already caused widespread damage in the Solomon Islands, where an inter-island ferry ignored weather warnings and 27 people were washed off its decks. Solomons police said on Sunday that the bodies of five passengers from the MV Taimareho had been recovered and the search would resume the next day. “I would like to thank everyone... involved in the search for the missing 27 people so far as we try as much as possible to find the bodies so their grieving relatives can give them a proper burial,” chief superintendent Richard Menapi said. The ferry set off from Honiara for Malaita island on Thursday night, packed with more than 700 people as part of a government evacuation programme in response to the virus crisis. Category 5 cyclone Harold lashes Vanuatu WWW.NST.COM.MY PORT VILA, Vanuatu: A deadly Pacific cyclone intensified as it hit Vanuatu on Monday, threatening a natural disaster that experts fear will...
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    Thunderstorms breaking out on Wednesday and Thursday perhaps?
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    Sun and showers here. Also big congrats to Drew McIntyre becoming the first ever Scottish WWE champion
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    Out in the yard just now and it was 14C which is almost summery
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    Gorgeous day, 19.5c here. Was only 13c 50 miles further West at work. Went up my nearest hill, looking N/NE
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    First post on here, gonna give this thread a little go. A warm day today, with temperatures around 20c possible in the SE. Overnight into Monday morning some frontal rain will start to push in from the west This leaves Monday's temperatures peaking at 17 around London. Some showers might develop behind the frontal rain that passed by from the morning.
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    Up to 18.0°C and sunny here but a fair SSE breeze. Balmy is the word for sure! Pondering which way round to do the routine doggy walk down by the Tweed.
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    Cracking outlook! Lots of warmth and sunshine on the way next week, hopefully the end of the desperate snow chasing for the season! High pressure looks close by for the bulk of April. Enjoy sensibly all and stay safe
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    @Midlands Ice Age Not getting involved in the climate change stuff some more info on that temperature here Antarctica's coldest March temperature on record - a 'global... WWW.SOTT.NET The MSM has a blatant warm bias, that's been clear for years... A myriad of news outlets were all-too-happy to run with the Antarctic...
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    Something to look forward to SpaceWeather.com -- News and information about meteor showers, solar flares, auroras, and near-Earth asteroids WWW.SPACEWEATHER.COM A COMET TALE: Comet ATLAS (C/2019 Y4) has sprung a tail--and it's impressive. "According to my observations, it is 1.2 degrees long," reports Gerald Rhemann who recorded this animation on March 27th from his backyard observatory in Eichgraben, Lower Austria: That's 3.3 million km, or more than twice as wide as the sun. The outer reaches of ATLAS's tail are still faint, but the gossamer filaments can be seen sweeping across the stars in Rhemann's animation. "I took these pictures using a 12-inch telescope," he says. Comet ATLAS is now shining like an 8th magnitude star--too dim to see with the unaided eye but and easy target for backyard telescopes like Rhemann's. The comet is expected to become much brighter. By the time it sweeps by the sun closer than Mercury in late May, it could rival Venus in the evening sky. That would be a comet tale, indeed.
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    As promised above the first early report from New York has been released - 699 patients involved in a surgery attached to entrance to a hospital. (Sounds like a super triage system). After an initial evaluation on URT and LRT, the doctor in charge (remotely?) decided whether the patients were sufficiently ill to warrant entering the trial. This was an administration of (for 5 days) 2 X 200mg of hydrochloroquinone, 1 X 200Mg 0f Zinc Phosphate, and an antibiotic (ZPAC) at 500Mg for day 1 and then 250Mg for the remaining 4 days. After the 5 days, 1 patient had to be sent onwards to IC, 3 were continued on the treatment on the contained ward and the rest were released back home. No deaths were reported, after 14 days. A paper has been issued, but the official report is still being prepared. Now it was not accompanied by a blind trial, and it was strictly administered on a 'need of use' basis. The suggestion was that it reduced the hospital stay by a half compared to a similar sample of patients reported from Wuhan, and if administered early enough it appeared to be capable of avoiding many deaths. The cost of the treatment was about 20 dollars per person. On this basis the FDA in the US yesterday authorised its use for the treatment of Corvid-19. The French and Belgium trials are progressing similarly, and will soon be approved officially. Now, I know there are a lot of unanswered questions about the 'trial', but the claims are that there were a reasonable mixture of the sexes, and the age ranges gave at least 33% in the over 60 range. He is at pains to state it is not a cure, but can halve the average stay in hospital - a major benefit for over-run staff. So the question is why has the UK stopped g.p,'s and doctors from administering the drugs to clearly Covid-19 probable patients, and why when the patient has been accepted for hospital treatment and assessed do they not automatically prescribe the drugs? Any side effects are well known and they can predict the patients that are at risk - they (or chemists) have always done this when prescribing for Malaria. So why do the Medical chiefs in this country not take the quickest and least costly way of reducing the size of the effect and impact upon our hospitals? With little risk to life and at a minute cost, surely it is worth at least offering it to the patients?. MIA
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    Bill Rieflin, drummer with King Crimson and REM has died aged 59 after a battle with cancer.
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