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    An absolute spring cracker from the ECM this evening. 18C likely to be exceeded on all 10 days of the run starting tomorrow, and several days threatening the 20C mark. Peak still currently projected as Thursday (22-23C possible using my old adjustments to raw data, yes, back to that chestnut again ), but I think this might be subject to change with small adjustments to the overall picture likely from midweek onwards.
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    GFS 12Z's a stonker! Tuesday: Tuesday week: Tuesday week week: What do you say, Fred?
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    Cracking outlook! Lots of warmth and sunshine on the way next week, hopefully the end of the desperate snow chasing for the season! High pressure looks close by for the bulk of April. Enjoy sensibly all and stay safe
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    Ok so not entirely grey. I lied. But it's definitely cloudy.
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    How nice to feel a warm wind! Makes a change! A bit brisk to say the least, might have to go and rescue my laundry in a bit! Also trying to get newly purchased anemometer to talk to weather base station. Not happening yet! GGGGGGRRRRRRR! Temp currently a balmy 17.2c according one weather station. I feel that's a bit ambitious! But it is nice!
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    We could do worse than end-up like the end of this morning's GFS 00Z...? And I'm sure we will! But, anywho, I'm liking the heat away to the SSE. Could that be a hangover from last summer's anomalous IOD? Or, could it be that I'm more accustomed to noticing floating pieces of PV-remnants (from behind the sofa) to have noticed it before?
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    ECM serves up a very respectable spell of weather over the next 10 day's or so... One potential fly in the ointment being a shallow trough perhaps bringing a dampener come next weekend.. Timing will be very much subject to change though! Beyond that high pressure looks to be keeping the Atlantic at bay.... For how long... Not sure, but we certainly can't complain over the general direction of travel in the short to mid term... Stay well.
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    The UKMO in a nutshell is peachy!! Plenty of fine and warm conditions throughout next week... If you can get out for a while and enjoy it... Please do... Obviously while maintaining the appropriate measures... DO STAY SAFE..
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    GFS 6z largely HP dominated throughout the whole run. Cools off after this week but still dry and pleasant.
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    lovely weather this week and hope it continues for quite some time as we really need it from the terrible wet winter. these were pics I took on friday in woods close to me.
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    Three from the evening stroll; Luminence; Painterly, but I think the exposure was all wrong The rising moon
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    Gorgeous day, 19.5c here. Was only 13c 50 miles further West at work. Went up my nearest hill, looking N/NE
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    Seems like you hit the jackpot then. A cloud covering kept yhe temp down here, as did the strong SE wind, never a good direction for NE Scotland. Went for a walk in the afternoon and although it didn't feel warm if didn't feel cold either. Countryside and fields around here still looking bone dry.
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    Up to 20.4°C in the end. Glorious.
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    Clear blue skies and very breezy in Surbiton. The parks are quite busy with plenty of social distancing being observed. There are still soft muddy areas as the ground tries to recover from this winter's deluge. Barbecues are already firing up in local gardens, lawnmowers are hard at it and kids are playing outside; it has a real feel of a summer's day. Our garden, as with the parks, has plenty of wet areas slow to drain off. A thin bank of cloud has hovered for an hour or two but is only making slow progress.
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    The North Atlantic 850mb temp anomaly and streamline analysis along with the surface, for midnight The intense low to the west of Ireland will move slowly north today and overnight resulting in a warm and sunny day just about everywhere but fronts associated with it will bring rain to western areas this afternoon which will track NE/E this evening and through the night. The rain will be accompanied by strong winds, perhaps reaching gale force in coastal regions By midday tomorrow the low is 953mb just to the SW of Iceland and once any rain from the cold front has cleared quite early it should be fairly sunny day with the odd shower. These may be heavy and squally over Scotland which is still well within the circulation of the low/ Overnight and trough Tuesday there are further developments involving the upper trough in the Atlantic and the subtropical high which reaffirms high pressure over the UK, albeit still a tad windy in the north west Through Tuesday night and Wednesday the front to the NW will track slowly across Scotland thus cloud with some patchy rain, whilst elsewhere another sunny and warm day Little change on Thursday, warm with plenty of sunshine of England and Wales but appreciably cooler in the north
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    Great charts , so when is the hosepipe Ban ?
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    Isn't it just! I find you can always smell a season change at night... and it's one of those nights.
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    Very mild evening out there. Still 17°C at almost 10pm. Lovely!
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    Up to 18.0°C and sunny here but a fair SSE breeze. Balmy is the word for sure! Pondering which way round to do the routine doggy walk down by the Tweed.
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    I wouldnt mind it to be honest, some rain in between the warmth is perfect for growing plants!
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    Nicest spell of weather since last summer and we're stuck in doors, following on from a miserable winter. So cruel.
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    The ecm makes a little more of the low next Sunday but the detail is of course not a done deal at this range
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    According to the gfs remaining warm and generally dry thereafter but some patchy rain may ingress the the north and west as the odd weak system pushes against the ridge
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    Yes please!...
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    Hi everyone How are you all doing? Hope that you and your loved ones are safe and well. Lovely day in the SE by the looks of it. Not too bad here in Prague, a touch cooler. The coming week looks very nice with plenty of warm Spring sunshine
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    Lovely ECM folks... If I could build you alla Garden... Trust me, I would... I may get the mixing decks out on the patio... And get all the neighbourhood raving for a bit of cardio.. I've been well stressed lately folks... But tonight... I feel a bit better... You know what I mean.
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    Stunning Spring day today! The temperature is around 12c, with wall to wall sunshine (aside from a few wispy cirrus clouds) and a very light breeze. Panasonic LX-15
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    A glorious start to the weekend after a ground frost overnight and frozen bird bath this morning. Just a few high wisps of cloud floating about here. Look at that lovely clear sky over France, heading in our direction. Snow still on the Pyrenees and Alps too. I hope everyone has the opportunity - responsibly and safely - to get outside over the weekend and, even if briefly, enjoy this early taste of summer. It was a beautiful walk through our local woods earlier this morning. I'm so lucky living in a small town with access to open countryside literally a few hundred metres away, so no problem getting some exercise whilst complying with the Government instructions. Stay safe everyone.
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    We managed 18C here today but the wind killed it a little. Back to work tomorrow which is going to be strange after almost three weeks off.
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    Just received my 'unofficial' weather station today, and what a time to receive it! It can't be left out in the sun though so I had to put it in the shade, and recorded a max of 19.2c.
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    It is W A R M
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    Hi Dreckly, I hope you weren't offended by the "Mare" comment! I always like to Post a "jokey" analysis, after my Competitions end, in the style of a Racing Journalist. I don't know if you're aware at the ages of 2 and 3, female Rachorses are referred to as Fillies. Four and upwards, they're known as Mares. You could of course be 2 or 3, and have a very high IQ. If that's the case, of course I apologise and I'll amend my comment on your performance to, "the Filly ran a very creditable Race, as it was her first appearance in a Competition". I just want to say again, thank you again to all those who entered. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and it was a welcome distraction, from all this grim CV News. Perhaps we can do it all again, if ITV decide to Broadcast a "Virtual" Epsom Derby (Sat.6th June). If so, I'll be there. We hope you all stay safe, and Virus free, Tom and ColetteSE12.
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    Good afternoon all first warm day of year just passed midday and 18.7C reaching 20C no problem could go as high as 22C feels more like a summers days.
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    Brrrrrr in a stiff South-easterly. The sky is 50 shades of grey. Ahem.
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    Grey and miserable in Edinburgh. 12 degrees now. I don't expect it will get much higher than 15 with all the cloud cover. Much sunnier tomorrow and Tuesday
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    I noticed this band of cloud consistently on the models but didn't think much of it with BBC and Met office both going for cloudless skies up to tonight. Well even here in the Midlands it arrived at about 10am this morning. Day 2 of this "sunny spell" ruined as well.
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    Hazy sun here but no real warmth 8.5C. North Sea having a bit of influence though no noticeable breeze from an Easterly quadrant. edit. Now there is a district strong breeze from the East and it is a cold one. Temp up to 10C but feels more like it has gone down.
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    9c and cloudy here ,least wind has dropped off for now
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    Listed below, again is the Result of the Netweather "Virtual" Grand National 2020 Competition: "VIRTUAL" RETURNS 1st - KIRKCALDY WEATHER - 133.75 2nd - TOMSE12 - 122.50 3rd - CASSIE/SE12 - 53.75 4th - HAYLEYBR7 - 31.25 5th - PAULBR7 - 25.00 6th - ARKGOH - 17.50 6th - STEPHEN/SE12 - 17.50 8th - DRECKLY - 16.00 9th - FIFTYSHADESOFSNOW - 11.25 9th - SUMMER SUN - 11.25 11th - ANTONYBR7 - NIL 11th - BOB G - NIL 11th - BRISTLE BOY - NIL 11th - LASSIE23 - NIL 1st - KIRKCALDY WEATHER - Callum (pride of Scotland), manages to land the spoils and adds another Grand National victory,to that of One For Arthur. Lucinda Russells' Gelding took the Trophy North of the Border, in 2017. - £133.75. Callum wins an online food voucher (no worries about "social distancing", in Supermarkets) , to the value of his "Virtual" Returns. Should keep his Household stocked up with essentials, such as T/Rolls, Bread and Milk. 2nd - TOMSE12 - Went very close and was "run out of it", by Tiger Rolls' 4th Place. A very pleasing run , considering his Stable has been under a cloud recently, with perhaps a touch of Equine Flu? - £122.50. Tom wins a fully protective Hazmat Suit. Could be too late though, as he and Stablemate, 3rd Place Cassie/SE12, may already have had a touch of Equine Flu? 3rd - CASSIE/SE12 - Also ran a blinder, and would have won had Walk In The Mill, managed to poke his nose in front, on the line. She found the 2nd,3rd and 4th!! Like her Stablemate TomSE12 , has been under a cloud recently, perhaps with a touch of Equine Flu - £53.75. My Wife Colette, wins a pack of 30 Toilet Rolls, which may well equate to her "Virtual" Returns of £53.75. ALSO RANS - Special mention must be made of Stablemates HAYLEYBR7 and PAULBR7, who after a long lay-off ran tremendous Races, and if having had the benefit of a recent outing, may well have gone close to winning. Stablemates and Brothers, ARKGOH and STEPHENSE12 enjoyed sibling rivalry, and dead-heated for 6th. Then came DRECKLY, the Mare ran a very creditable Race, as it was her first appearance in a Competition. FIFTYSHADESOFSNOW and SUMMER SUN, dead-heated for 9th, courtesy of Tiger Roll. ANTONYBR7, BOB G, BRISTLE BOY and LASSIE23, jumped badly and finished tailed off, at the back of the Field. Regards, Tom.
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    Hi Stainesbloke! We all seem to be doing ok thank you - my partner and I have the week off work this week which will mean we can play some board games with the kids (13&21) and get out in the garden to plant some seeds, tidy up etc. I’m very grateful to have a garden right now, I can’t imagine how difficult it must be for those who do not. How are you and your partner? Is your mum ok too? Edit: some weather! It’s lovely and sunny again today, high was 14c yesterday which was so nice.
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    Morning all, Many thanks, for all those kind words above. I really enjoyed "hosting" the Competition, it was a lot of fun. As I stated at the start of the Thread, I had no idea that ITV had a "Virtual" Grand National, in mind. I only got "wind" of it when I saw an advert for it, early Yesterday Morning. I thought it was too good an opportunity to let go, as we've lost a few Saturday's Racing, since the middle of March. So, I quickly went downstairs and decided to put a Competition together. If I had realised a few Days ago, I would have had more time to do ITV's Broadcast justice. I would have also included the 2020 Race of former Champions. I'm sure many of you would have selected the Winner, Aintree legend RED RUM. Apologies, I actually had the wrong Horse in 6th Place, it wasn't Valtor but PLEASANT COMPANY (28/1). Fortunately no one selected Pleasant Company, so the finishing order in the Competition remains unchanged. Below is the full finishing order, so you can see how all your selections, fared: FINISHING POSITIONS 1. Potters Corner 18-1 2. Walk In The Mill 16-1 3. Any Second Now 10-1 4. Tiger Roll 5-1 5. Burrows Saint 12-1 6. Pleasant Company 28-1 7. Ballyoptic 25-1 8. Kimberlite Candy 16-1 9. Top Ville Ben 45-1 10. Vintage Clouds 33-1 11. Peregrine Run 66-1 12. The Storyteller 40-1 13. Talkischeap 25-1 14. Dounikos 50-1 15. Kildisart 50-1 16. Alpha Des Obeaux 25-1 17. Beware The Bear 33-1 18. Anibale Fly 20-1 19. Death Duty 50-1 HOW THE REST OF THE RUNNERS FARED Fell at 1st Tout Est Permis 80-1 Fell at 3rd Shattered Love 66-1 Unseated at 3rd Valtor 66-1 Refused at 3rd Warriors Tale 80-1 Refused at 10th Jett 50-1 Refused at 10th Ok Corral 25-1 Fell at 11th Lakeview Lad 50-1 Fell at 11th Crievehill 66-1 Fell at 14th Total Recall 40-1 Refused at 14th Elegant Escape 20-1 Unseated at 14th Double Shuffle 100-1 Unseated at 15th Saint Xavier 66-1 Refused at 17th Definitly Red 14-1 Fell at 19th Acapella Bourgeois 33-1 Fell at 20th Ramses De Teillee 66-1 Fell at 26th Bristol De Mai 20-1 Refused at 26th Sub Lieutenant 33-1 Refused at 27th Jury Duty 40-1 Unseated at 27th Yala Enki 28-1 Fell at 27th Magic Of Light 18-1 Fell at 29th Aso 66-1 In a short while, I will "host" a short Prize giving Ceremony, plus a few comments on the Competition. Regards, Tom.
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    That’s the big ‘if’ word though. Myself and plenty of others who live In a flat don’t have a garden to sit and enjoy the sun. I’m going to just get the bike out and do 20-30 miles instead, but I envy those with gardens at this time.
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    Thank you very much for organising this Tom, it is much appreciated I am also pleased to announce that once again (I think for the 5th or 6th year) I totally failed to pick a place Congratulations to all that picked a horse in the top 6, mine all came in so late the jockeys were wearing pyjamas not silks! Thanks again to Tom!
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    Groovy. I have a day near Wick tomorrow after today in the hills with full on dreich and drizzle this morning .
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    The Euro4 looks decent for many of us to have our warmest day since September: The NE looks like it's going to have a day of North Sea skank though
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    Tuesday's still looking set to be stonker. GFS 12Z permitting! So a good day down on the farm beckons for Yours Truly...Just so long as my present symptoms (head full of cottonwool, runny nose, iffy throat and an ever-present desire to fall asleep) turn out to be only hay fever!?
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    Even as far ahead as Day 10 things on the GFS 06Z look rather spiffing...I feel a very nice spell of weather is in the offing!
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    Here is some nice sunlit cumulus I just spotted. Panasonic LX-15
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