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    Is this the moans thread? Wintry showers forecast this weekend cold uppers and a possible northerly shot. Heights breaking out across the pole and lots of residual cold and a blocking high....
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    That's quiet an impressive ECM mean at 192.
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    Hope we get a decent northerly and some lying snow to take our minds off everything. You are allowed an hour or so outside,enough time to get out and enjoy it on the Downs before it’s all gone by mid-morning at this time of year. Fingers crossed it comes off.
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    Yes of course Don, everyone is feeling down with whats going on, worried about friends and family, and this does in fact keep our minds off everything to a certain extent. Having said this lets face it, you love it, no point beating around the bush here, I know that most of us would prefer current weather conditions, sunny and settled, I'm really getting into it if I'm honest. But if there's a chance of some stonking snow (to coin a phrase), a couple of inches of the white stuff, winter wonderland scenes upto about 10.30am in April, well you'd grab it with both hands. I would anyway.
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    Of course it will...It's non-stick!
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    I’m well aware of that and I myself am very worried about the implications of the Coronavirus and the affect it could have on me, but more importantly my family. I have been visiting this thread as a means of a break from the horrible times! I don’t think I’ve really been moaning about the outlook, just giving my take on it. However, you’re very right that it absolutely matters diddly squat in the scheme of things! I apologise if my posts have seemed downbeat for the wrong reasons in this thread but like many, my general mood is not great at the moment given the circumstances!
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    Yay! One of the best 'Yeah, Right' charts of the year!
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    It will be ironic if we get decent snowfall no one will be able to go out and enjoy it!!
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    If the cold is still showing by the 30th of April lassie, we really are in trouble this spring.. Plenty of colder Conditions for the weekend and into next week... Gardeners beware... Protect those delicates..
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    Stuck under frontal cloud all day, but at least it has been dry, with a temp of 10C and a noticeable cooling SW breeze. I don't suppose there is much demand for cut flowers these days, just a few picked last week. The bulbs may be lifted later this year, but with the USA apparently being the biggest market for them, who knows? One from my once daily exercise
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    Dank cycle to work. Not to do any work but remove the keys from the key safe outside the shutter & front door. Don't think I will go back to work for a while. I like to be prepared in general and when I saw this situation unfolding I bought a jigsaw. I find them relaxing to do and when it is combined with a map then even better. It is now sold out via Amazon so glad a bought it 10 days ago! It The jigsaw is a 1000 piece Ordance Survey map of central Glasgow. Thought I'd bring an old jigsaw out to test run it as I haven't done any since we got our cat Florence. Wish me luck! My sister in law Emma Pollock is on the Robin Ince (side kick to the scientist Brian Cox) show Cosmic Shambles 'The Stay At Home Festival'. One of our other artists Malcolm Middleton (Arab Strap) is also playing a live set. Starts in 15 minutes at 8.30. You can also catch up with the show later or view older episodes. https://cosmicshambles.com/stayathome/live
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    Evening all An interesting set of 12Z outputs with sliders and shortwaves aplenty to keep us all guessing, I've ended up dazed and confused so a summary of sorts: UKMO: dry but increasingly chilly with -8 850s into early next week. IF we get some clearer air overnight frosts (and quite sharp frosts) look certain but so much depends on the cloud in the circulation of the HP. GEM: Not quite as good for the cold fraternity as you might expect from the 500HPA synoptics. The retrogression is clean enough but instead of a straight line N'ly, we get the trough coming in from Europe so a lot of cold rain with -4 850s. GFS Control and OP: Curious runs to this observer. Retrogression is thwarted by shortwaves but northern blocking sets up and the Atlantic in far FI tries to come back on a delayed by a deep LP which forms to the east of Greenland and moves east rather than SE so the N'ly is transient and as usual back comes the PV and the Atlantic in far FI but with the jet displaced to the south of the British Isles. ECM: Again, no real retrogression but the Scandinavian trough becomes the main influence and LP becomes negatively aligned pushing SE against some very cold air in situ. To be honest, I look at ECM and think higher elevations might well see some snow from the T+240 set up - frontal rain pushing into -8 850s could mean snow for the Pennines and Peaks perhaps (all very alliterative, I know). My conclusion is there's a lot of confusion post T+144. There's plenty of options around the fate of the large HP to the NW - will it retrogress, decline SW or decline over the British Isles? I'm none the wiser.
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    The GEM at 180,look at that cold purple finger showing it's hand to the north and at 192 somethings afoot and i hope it's snow the models showing these stunning charts are prob down to this,a final SSW.
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    Well it truly was rather blustery yesterday! So blustery the wind ripped my anemometer off the pole and into the garden! Now in bits, shopping online today for new anemometer! Calmer here today but still a bit dreich. I am still promised sunshine tomorrow and for the next couple of days. I could do with it even just to dry the garden out a bit and get the pothole in my drive repaired. Saw a camper van heading south early this morning. I guess the shitty weather did it's work!
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    And ironically they have chosen the time of year that has shown the best charts to be at their most despondent.
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    More interested in what woulh happen by 192.
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    UKMO looks lovely from what i can see.
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    Hi Guys Wanted to start a thread with regards to the Ongoing effects of Covid-19 and the Upcoming Tornado Tours that are run through Netweather and WeatherHolidays and try to keep updating this Thread regularly over the next few weeks for all members on here who are booked onto the Tours. We have already taken the unprecedented decision to cancel Tours 1 and 2 already and anybody booked on these tours should have already received an email outlining your options going forward be it to receive a full refund or to roll your tour over to 2021. The Tours span the dates listed below. Tour 1 - 5th May until the 16th May Tour 2 - 16th May until the 27th May We are currently keeping track of the ongoing virus on a day by day and week by week basis for the remaining 4 Tornado Alley Tours and the Arizona Monsoon Tour and will update accordingly. The next Update on Tours 3 and 4 will be around Easter Time. The general consensus with regards to flights is for your flight operator to cancel your flight and you will receive a full refund or to accept a voucher which is valid to use on other dates. Going forward further if things improve dramatically over the next 6-8 weeks we will be open to the options of slotting tours into July which has an amazing Northern Plains season and/or into August for anybody who might want to roll their ticket onto the Monsoon Tours/Northern Plains Both myself and Paul M will be on hand if you have any questions but for now this is all we can update with at this present time. Regards Paul
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    We’re all allowed one exercise a day!
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    Yes - still OK for cold the models - inland convection generated - heavy snow showers breaking out all over the gaff.
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    ECM day 8 would put hairs on your chest
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    Fantastic! I’m a snow lover but sitting in the garden right now with the warm sun beating on my face....perfect for spring, may the cold runs show and verify next winter
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    Thing is in April it will all melt by mid morning in any sunshine, in most places anyway. Any snow in the evening though should stick around all night and freeze as temperatures drop.
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    Bloody Nora I’m on a roll and so is the GFS6z . Just keeps giving .
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    Its certainly a stonker Northerly on this run.
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    One massive difference to our normal toppling Eastward moving high. There is no vortex to set off the jet firing up off the Eastern sea board so the Northerly could be huge
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    To be honest i think we really need to see some sort of wave embedded in entrenched -8c air to give a significant snow event, certainly further south, but i don't get the moaning at such charts as this on March 25th thats all, i am not suggesting a right dumping is likely, thats probably a 1-5% chance even for me and you but better than nothing. Scotland could see about 3 inches even on lower ground near Inverness if the Northerly comes off and the PPN is at night.
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    At least we may be treated to some snow falling and hard frosts while we are at Home.
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    Round 2 will probably come to nothing just like round 1 won’t now either. Trying to get any decent cold into the U.K. is getting harder and harder as the years go by!
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    Spring may be here at the moment Don, but come the weekend its gonna be a shock to the system.... Much colder air in place with an increasing risk of Wintry showers, and that could mean snow too. So make the most of the next couple of days if you like these warm conditions, you may need those ice scrapers come the weekend. It's a good ECM tonight and quite a cold mean... Not to concerned about the 18z,even though it does show some snow this weekend... The UKMO is a bit of a concern, but not overly so, and could quite easily back Westwards tomorrow.
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    15.4°C here. Wasn't expecting that - was out in t shirt but am quite pleasantly surprised! Walking round the garden in trainers and not wellies for the first time in months.
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    Only the sensible ones who like snow will stay indoors An unbelievable post under the current circumstances ECM as other have said would bring snow to most places.To be honest I am not really bothered Give me todays 16.8c and blue skies anytime. C.S
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    Surely that slider would be all snow down to all levels as it hits the -8 850 temps regardless of the time of year!!
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    Cut my grass today also, possibly the earliest ever. Milder feeling today despite the thickening cloud. Went on my once a day walk this afternoon and spotted these flowers. Please settle an argument with my other half. What are they? They were slightly more yellow in real life.
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    Doesn't look unsettled to me. Not when you got a great whacking high pressure near by Very little rain accumulated even by 384 hrs which would be Good Friday
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    Final warming is showing up on the longer range charts around the 26th April at the moment
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    Trouble is how many times do stunning charts like the gem at t180 and 192 make it down to T0 hours. Maybe just once in a million it actually verifies as shown,
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    I've only just seen the 06z GFS run - could be a very chilly start to April if this verifies.
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    Yes i know - there is more people despondent in here than the coronavirus thread, and there is a threat to lives of people posting in there!
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    easier at this time of year though, than Dec to Feb
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    The first lot won't amount to much, but round 2 could be interesting alright. Surely not another wind up....
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    Well, well, well. I haven't done these type of posts in a while. Here we go again! A very fine and dry looking day tomorrow. Unbroken sunshine is likely for the majority of the British Isles. Wednesday morning On Wednesday morning, the majority of England and Wales will be treated to a fine, sunny morning. The only exception is the far north of England/Scotland/Northern Ireland, where instead, they could wake up to a cloudy and perhaps wet morning. Frost is possible in the south, were temperatures should be near freezing, and perhaps dipping below freezing in some areas. Temperatures in the morning in the south should range from 0-7c, and in the north they should range from 3-9c. Wednesday afternoon On Wednesday afternoon, some of the rain and cloud over Ireland, Scotland and northern England will linger into the afternoon, becoming a wet afternoon in these areas. Elsewhere, it will be sunny. Unbroken sunshine is likely, but high level whisps of cloud can't be ruled out. Due to the unbroken sunshine, the temperatures will rise very quickly where sunshine is forecast. It will be a very mild, perhaps warm, day tomorrow in the afternoon, with temperatures in the south ranging from 12-17c, and 7-13c in the north. Wednesday evening On Wednesday evening, it is the exact same picture as it is on Wednesday afternoon. Unbroken sunshine possible in some southern areas, with northern areas seeing cloud and rain into the evening and overnight. If you live in a place where sunshine is likely, then the sunlight being reflected off the high level cloud could lead to some pretty cool sunsets! Temperatures in the south in the evening and overnight should range from 3-8c, and in the north, they should range from 3-7c. Have a good Wednesday everyone!
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