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    It's great to see all the gang back on the strat thread - I did nag @chionomaniac to join in the fun. @Recretosgreat blog on Severe EU and always love seeing what data crunching . RAM abusing graphics are up next. @zdlawrence prettty much a privilege to have you here Zac, your website is a real benchmark for Strat monitoring after years of peering at the Berlin charts. I think the testament is that even a year on the 3D work is catching the attention of esteemed pros such as Mike Ventrice. I loved the fact that #stratpants appeared this season when last year we had saw the same split troosers ( Scottish for Jeans / Trousers / etc). Best contribute with some commentary too other than say what a great season ahead, am personally loving Novembers now - it's the chase of the what happens next as much as the will it won't it herald negative AO/NAO or a decent winter.. By that I mean the down-welling question and the concentration of minds on this. Stop and reflect for a moment on how we were only 5 years ago working out precursors or Displacement / Split Dynamics.. Loving this ! Gnarly old vortex aint enjoying the Anticyclonic stuff happening right now.. can't do what it wants... Get your crayons out... Not a forecast there are two other years in the mix for Solar QBO similarity...however 95 worth a look..
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    Some very encouraging signals coming out of the NE, just now: even one the Unnameables has thought to mention the Russian HP, in its latest update...? Get the cold in first -- the building blocks will follow?
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    Took doggie for a (short) bracing walk in Glen Clova this afternoon. On the way home I noticed from a distance these fingers of low cloud creeping over the Cairn o Mount area.
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    It is notable that despite that Atlantic low from the mid lats really deepening rapidly as it interacts with the vortex extension, it still disrupts once it reaches the e Atlantic ....
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    Next Wednesday and Thursday looks like a wintry mess over most of the UK according to the latest GFS highlighting the marginal side well. Not to be taken too seriously as still a few days away.
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    Extremely powerful area of high pressure east of Nova Zembla. Some cold air is moving westwards.
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    Yes it's surprising even without a direct bitter cold feed we manage to see these lower temperatures in what is basically a polar maritime north westerly pattern. The fact that the Atlantic jet can't whip through with it's south westerlies means we do see steady cooling off under this upper trough. As for later in Winter who knows all we can do is look at what we can see and that is 10-14 days As i am sure you know the professionals can look much further ahead and maybe they see factors that see an end to the current wave attacks on the vortex. As ever time will tell.
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    @CatchMyDrift maybe a few surprises for some this morning. MON THE SNAW!!
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    Very tricky pinning sown the detail next week
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    I wonder whether the day 7 chart might end up being further west . The shortwave drop down point is often poorly modelled , the GFS in particular is more likely to have the pattern too far east. A bit more amplification upstream is still possible given the continued movement of the MJO.
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    Heaviest early november snow I`ve recorded already got a covering,been snowing for the last 75mins. 1c after the first air frost of -1.3c all wrapped into a nice bundle.
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    Dynamics of the ENSO teleconnection and NAO variability in the North Atlantic-European late winter https://journals.ametsoc.org/doi/abs/10.1175/JCLI-D-19-0192.1?af=R#.XcX0P-w2iIQ.twitter
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    Next week's Arctic blast will be so cold, forecasters expect it to break 170 records across US AMP.USATODAY.COM
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    350m was the snow line when i was up earlier there light covering..
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    Had to go up to Selattyn/Oswestry this morning, it was snowing properly up there. Selattyn I'm not too surprised as it's close to 300m but it was settling all the way down into Oswestry and as far as Whittington. But Ellesmere, less than 10 miles away just had sleety rain. Obviously some evap cooling effect on that area, there was a good 4-5 cm in Oswestry at 11am.
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    About to head up to my new building site up the mountain moving out of the town reports that there is some snow falling at the top of the hills today will confirm later bitterly cold today in that rain.
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    That's a seriously cold chart for the time of year. I can recall going through the entire winters of many recent years and not even see the minus 10 line near much of Europe nevermind the minus 20 line approaching lol. And it's only early November, remember! I wonder if the minus 28 line and the black hole will be showing up this year! Think the seasonal models will be showing a big change when they have their next update. The lack of interest and posts in here is really surprising when you think of how much Zonal dross we see normally at this time of year and continuing for weeks!
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    Listed below, are each Entrants "Virtual" Returns from Sat.9th Nov. and from Category 4 (the LATE AUTUMN DOUBLE): Sat. 9th Nov. Category 4 "Virtual" Returns Total ANTONYBR7 16.20 NIL 16.20 CASSIE/SE12 12.63 NIL 12.63 K/WEATHER 11.71 NIL 11.71 LASSIE23 12.82 NIL 12.82 SUMMER SUN 18.61 NIL 18.61 TOMSE12 32.61 9.75 42.36 Listed below, are the Current Standings after Saturday 9th November: LATE AUTUMN-EARLY WINTER RACING COMPETITION (Current Standings after Sat. 9th Nov.) ENTRANT B.C.1st/2nd NOV. U.K.2nd/9th NOV CATS. 1/2/3/4 M.CUP "V"/R TOTAL CASSIE/SE12 24.13 18.89 40.02 28.00 111.04 K/ WEATHER 2.00 29.35 NIL 68.00 99.35 TOMSE12 16.51 63.38 9.75 NIL 89.64 ANTONYBR7 29.13 28.83 2.50 5.00 65.46 LASSIE23 17.00 20.95 12.50 10.00 60.45 S/SUN 5.41 37.74 NIL 5.00 48.15 B.C. = BREEDERS' CUP. CATS. = CATEGORIES. M.CUP = MELBOURNE CUP. "V"/R = "VIRTUAL" RETURNS. Regards, Tom.
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    The time 6:15 pm and it is still raining. The rain is light but continuous. My five large planters are being drowned in rain water. The temperature has slightly raised and is at 8.7°C and the humidity has increased from 74% to 75%. The barometric pressure is still continue to fall and it is at 999.7 hPa.
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    It would mean that blocked patterns would be likely to affect the weather down here, if the high pressure blocks position themselves favourably, it could mean cold weather for the UK - recently they haven't been favourably placed, but that could change easily. In particular it means that a rampant trop vortex, which would cause mild wet and windy weather for the UK, is unlikely in the foreseeable.
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    Thursday morning looking potentially interesting for Yorkshire. ( I shall be at the top of Garrowby Hill at dawn )
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    On a snowy day, 3 months after passing their test one of my children, became the first 2wd car to get into a ski resort car park, thanks to Goodyear Vector 4 Season tyres, with no fuss no drama, having never driven in snow before. I personally can vouch for Nokian Weatherproofs, but I think you would be amazed by the performance of any modern premium all weather tyre in snow.
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    Looks like it is snowing over the higher Clywdian mountains can see snow on at least two of the A55 traffic cams
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    Dropped to -4c overnight with a lovely white frost over the fields, Currently -2c with thick fog so lit the open fire, fingers crossed to see some snow today.
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    Tonight is expected to be the coldest of the season so far. Forecast is for lows of -8C, suspect a -10C could be achieved. That's cold for the time of year....
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    Its 2.7C and cold rain here thismorning, not my favourite weather by far but nice to see the first snowfalls across some areas already. Gives me a little hope for the winter after last year being pretty boring snow wise here for the most part.
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    They have all moved on to bigger and better things as their talents deserve. But yes, learned a lot during those days and thanks again for their input.
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    Something similiar happened in 1929 although that was nationally -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Frosty this morning
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    Little change from previous discussions vis the ext GEFS mean anomaly
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    Some astonishing surface temp anomalies in the SE US next week
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    Back from holiday. Hello NOAA 15 @ 7pm tonight
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    A heavy shower here at the moment and the first sleet of the season. Temp' is 3.1c.
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    Busy busy morning... started with a drive into Aberdeen.. got caught in total whiteout conditions in Rothienorman and it was sticking to everything..
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    That's the difference between living nearer the coast and as per being 8/9 miles inland like yourself, only got down to 2.5c here this morning...but a slight grass frost.
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    Grantown on Spey looks like it about to get a wack of snaw....winters defo here folks... BRING ME THE SNAW!
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    You'll need to give me that guys name as that's seriously cheap from what I've seen. First year we've actually bought wood as last year we used stuff from trees that were taken down in our garden and next doors. Sprinkling of snow here, evident on the house roof, garden walls etc. First of this autumn/winter.
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    This band of precipitation took one look at Scotland and thought "I ain't going there": Some difference from the GFS earlier in the week which smashed it right through us.
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    Over Portreath this morning. Grand to see some blue sky
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    Splats of sleet this evening. Saturday's snow fest appears to have drifted south? Cold.
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    Sure looks like it: I like Aberfeldy, I could live there
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    Doesn't show what I want. Ignore it. Shows what I want. It's correct!
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