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    Yes I stated the other day that August had featured a cancelling out process of the tropics vs the extra tropics, but one that still appeared to be cuing up very nicely for the re-start of the next atmospheric circulation to resume the progress up to late July. Which up till then had beautifully read the script and meant that not just was the weather itself lovely to savour, but also there was satisfaction in seeing the difficult processes and explanations play out and provide personal happiness and enjoyment of attempting to oversee developments as well. Humility is indeed a vital quality, and one of the first we should all should try to eschew - but on the other hand no-one earns a salary to take time out to post on this thread and on that basis it should be a personally enjoyable and rewarding experience at the same time as one shouldn't be beholden to expectations of total clairvoyency in terms of suggestions made ahead as to how the patterns may evolve. On that basis maybe not too many apologies should be issued for not reading the weather patterns correct 100% of the time should be made - the likes of the METO as a professional institution would not provide a service at all if they had to issue apologies and explanations for every time Mother Nature didn't follow the best measured expectations. Additionally, the complexities of the atmosphere defeating human attempts to study them, does not justify those minorities who always seem to appear at these times to suggest the 'teleconnections don't work'. They almost certainly do work - its just the hardest task to try and understand them, relay and explain them - and those that don't try but criticise first and foremost instead - should practice their own humility first Such sentiments of humility within these contexts become even more important as the audience no doubt starts increasing and changes ahead of yet another autumn>winter chase for cold patterns. Its my experience that whilst most on this thread, and large parts of the site as a whole, consider the busy season the most exciting and absorbing, it is also the time that unfortunately humility is usually least evident. With all the above in mind, this is the last post on this thread of the sequence of summaries since May covering this wonderful summer season just ended ( a small few at least will no doubt be relieved and delighted to see the back of the never ending length posts) and it has been a wonderful summer despite the relative disappointments of August and the now apparent stuttering of developments for any further sustained warm and settled conditions in this month also. The starting point of discussion far back in May was whether the step change to a contrasting much warmer second half of the Spring from the first half would successfully negotiate the hurdles of previous years where warm late Springs have only led on to a downward path to cool and more unsettled conditions. The pros and cons revolved around stubborn persistence of La Nina type circulation lag set against the suggestion of gradual changes to more Nino-ish patterns in later summer>autumn and hence trying to 'risk assess' mid Atlantic ridge propensity for preventing warm air advection building sustainably (and more especially from the south) or, whether a greater eastward extension of ridging would prevent this happening (again) and instead , over time, encourage development towards trough activity to our west in the Atlantic and further assist plume like activity from a southerly vector to take over from the Azores High. As it turned out the ocean signal indeed continued to build towards an El Nino standing wave, whilst the atmosphere in terms of the extra tropics rather lagged the vestiges of the La Nina regime with low angular momentum and easterly trade wind patterns evident during June. The Atlantic pattern in the first half of summer was in many ways was not too dissimilar to a traditional La Nina summer pattern with the core heights centred around an intense sub tropical Azores ridge,and one which occasionally waxes but mostly retracts westwards due to the effect of upstream amplification c/o easterly trade wind domination in the Pacific However, this time around, the the unusually north and eastwards displacement of these core Azores/Atlantic ridging heights means that the downstream trough that is usually reserved for the UK and NW Europe was erased quite some distance towards NW parts of Russia So instead of customary low pressure upper cold pool - to the much greater extent and by way of total contrast, home grown heat build in situ from these ridges with the NW of the UK first to benefit from this. As the summer progressed, and as the Pacific pattern started to couple the atmosphere towards the steadily warming ocean signal, the pattern did indeed start to signal a gradual transfer of core heights NE - culminating in (what turned out to be) the one and only real plume scenario of the whole summer in late July with the much anticipated and discussed Scandinavian heights and Atlantic trough. More of these plume scenarios into late summer and early autumn were envisaged and commented on several times.This late July Pacific forcing passage has however unexpectedly proved to a brief culmination of steady development since Spring What was subsequently envisaged some four weeks back was a res-set of the late July pattern through the middle part of August to repeat the sequence during the last third/last week of August. As we know, and as has been reasoned and explained, this sequence was delayed and August turned out to be more changeable and cooler for longer than seemed likely. So to September, and the modelling expectations of upturn once more in angular momentum remain present, but seem to keep remaining in real time at the end of arms reach. This not just applying to the CFS and its well know biases (those starting to re-appear here for winter attendance should beware its tropospheric>stratospheric modelling) but the ECM is also proving culpable to its own biases much as the GFS with its own -ve tropical biases. *So famous last words of hers when she said that seasonal modelling of AAM had been proving reliable* Ha-ha! Another example of freely given humility.. Extrapolations of re-engagement of the Pacific standing wave have stayed around the equivalent of chasing optimum synoptics at day 10 with NWP. Instead we see a return to Western Hemisphere engagement of VP200 tropical convection anomaly at the expense of the Pacific. This renders suggestion of recently rather void that the opposite seemed likely to prevail in the Pacific instead. At the same time no surprise the African wave signifies greater hurricane activity transferred from the Pacific back to the tropical Atlantic. An echo closer to September 2017, and against wider earlier expectations for September 2018 The greater -ve tendency in the atmospheric circulation sees transfer into -ve Asian mountain torque tendency in the extra tropics This is the signal to amplify the Pacific profile through deceleration of the Jetstream there, and downstream retracts the sub tropical ridging in the Atlantic. This ends the recent attempts for Scandinavian heights to prevail along with the suggested longer settled spell some days back and also means that the attempted re-set of the ridge from the SW is more supressed from the weekend allowing the jet further south and greater trough intervention It had been envisaged the GWO might hold ground in weak signal and then resume progress to higher AAM orbit sooner. However, eventual capitulation in the extra tropics (as discussed above) has been sufficient to re-engage the Global Wind Oscillation and end the long period of resistance in weak and incoherent orbit with a move into low angular momentum Phase 1. This definitely precludes any immediate re-positioning close to the opposite end of the spectrum in El Nino Phase 5 (as briefly achieved in late July at 'peak' of the Nino standing wave development). Its now about revising expectations in relation to how the eventual natural upswing in the tropical>extra tropical pattern can recover angular momentum back to a lower amplitude Phase 4 This reduced orbit expectation wavelength is indicative of the faltering of development of the progress to the expectations of weak El Nino through this autumn and then into winter. Its not a preference of mine at all, but not a surprise either in the 10 day period to see the models move away from warmer and more settled solutions as the re-engagement of higher angular momentum tendency keeps being put back in time. Instead the mid Atlantic ridge is being programmed in most modelling at the moment to engage a greater balance of polar maritime air, keep the jet stream straddling close to the UK and prevent it lifting further north and allowing sub tropical warmth to approach from the south and build back an Indian Summer. This said, the GEM has been suggesting that some cut off may occur in the jet stream to our west and provide a break on advancement of the migrating Atlantic ridge and a loop of the jet to our S and SW to engage something of a plume scenario through next week. This is not an uncommon scenario based on past similar situations, and would be lovely to see emerge - though at present it remains a low chance probability. Something will give with this situation at some stage, as natural tropical.. extra tropical cycles dictate but essentially the low frequency signal in the Pacific has gone more AWOL since August at precisely the time that it was set not just to allow August to repeat the feats of 1976 and 1995 - but quite conceivably surpass them with a marvellous September as well. 'What ifs' and 'could have been' aside, its still been a fantastic summer and thanks should go to the regular contributors on this thread who have taken time to provide model sum ups and also enjoy the positivity of the weather suggested by them, at least until relatively recently taking the season as a whole. A long way it seems from now until next summer, but time never stands still
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    Eyes down - here we go. (Banter? - maybe - but the topics gone)
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    Singularity I love not only your insight but also your humility - a pleasure to read on here. These last few days have also been a rare embarrassment for my ECM clusters too. It really did look like two weeks of nailed on settled weather were in order, now we're chasing down two days. Kudos to the ECM op, which picked this at D7 / D8. I'm guessing though (as usual) things won't turn out so bad for us on the south coast. I can see a few warm sunny days early next week. Further north, though, there appears no let up and, judging by recent ops and clusters, one would need to be fairly brave to predict a let up in the next two weeks. That's how far it's come, sadly.
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    Afternoon all Completely FI and probably completely unsupported but: This would probably bring the colour back to your cheeks !! Chilly spell following: It won't happen though.
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    Interesting posts above. Just taking my usual 2 week look using the 500 mb anomaly charts. They too have not given sound advice over the past 7-10 days. Just been comparing the 00z actual 500 mb chart with what they suggested and they did not really spot the marked change other than showing a general westerly flow but missed the marked troughing between the two troughs shown on the actual mentioned above. They coninue to predict a broadly westerly 500 mb flow with no sign of ridging nor of any marked troughing in the actual flow into the UK. As we have not had any major tropical storm input into the Atlantic yet it is a bit unusual for them not to rate, by me, as raily good to good. Hey ho, the weather often makes a monkey out of most of us at times. Below are the current 500 mb predictions http://www.cpc.ncep.noaa.gov/products/predictions/610day/500mb.php http://mp1.met.psu.edu/~fxg1/ECMWF_0z/hgtcomp.html
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    Merely an observation but a noted feature of last night's outputs was the continuing strength of the Aleutian ridge and the vortex over N. Canada. Something that also featured in the lower strat. And also, and of more immediate interest, the imminent change to unsettled and cooler weather that has been well signposted of late.With that in mind the NH profile at Midnight and the surface analysis. So today will start with clear skies in many places with a touch of frost around in the usual spots but some cloud lingering over some central areas where the weakening front is lingering and early om some showers in the south east, courtesy of the trough in the southern North Sea. But by late morning and through the afternoon cloud and rain will effect n. Ireland and western Scotland spreading east and south to north west England by evening. As the ridge recedes overnight and through Thursday the front will continue to move slowly south east with the band of rain tending to peter out but introducing much cooler and unstable air in it's wake which initiates some very heavy showers over Scotland and later in northern England. Remaining drier in the south. By Friday low pressure is centred over the North sea with a plethora of fronts/troughs running around the circulation which portends a cool day with plenty of showers, and some longer periods of rain as they merge, interspersed with sunny intervals. A not dissimilar day on Saturday with perhaps some more persistent rain over England and Wales courtesy of a waving front A pause here to have a look at the NH profile as it has some relevance to my opening comment with the Aleutian ridge and another offshoot from the vortex south east of Greenland and a very strong jet traversing the Atlantic keeping the sub tropical high pressure in check Thus on the surface on Sunday the situation is quite mobile and although the North Sea low has filled the next one has arrived north of Scotland and a not unfamiliar scenario is becoming established of a N/S split with showery, breezy, conditions in the north and warmer and more settled conditions in the south as the ridge does manage to gain some purchase .
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    Dream synoptics in winter from the Gfs 6z operational and even in mid / late september this would feel wintry straight from the Arctic.. a wishbone effect too!❄❄❄
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    Much appreciated @Man With Beard, I also greatly enjoy your style of writing and contribution to the forum . This morning I'm looking at the UKMO 00z and wondering if there's still a chance the models have just been overreacting to the increased thermal gradient in the North Atlantic. Then again, that main trough making it so far east is clearly a big issue regardless. What's needed is some lowering of heights over or a little east of the Azores to shift the jet stream back to a SW-NE orientation, and then for the Atlantic-European sector amplification response to the increasing AAM to kick in. Without that first step, we run the risk of ridges building more west of the UK at least for a time (GWO cycle should still force it eastward at some point or other). Reading their recent updates, I can see that the Met Office aren't faring much better against this model volatility, though if we do see a reversion to more settled and warmer next week, that will shed them in a better light again.
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    Much like with the second half of August, there's a nasty sense that something's just not quite right with the weather patterns. Currently, I can see AAM projected to rise, with the GWO getting moving through phase 5 in the coming week, and there is some eastern Pacific to tropical Atlantic MJO activity being indicated, but the model trends for next week are taking the historical precedent for the atmospheric response to such developments and, er, plopping on them. An increasingly vigorous Atlantic jet, flattening ridges as they attempt to build across the UK and NW Europe, is the opposite to the usual response. For a possible cause, I am tempted to simply look to the big uptick in Atlantic basin tropical-extratropical cyclone movement, but this is not a clear solution; while this can increase the thermal gradient and boost the jet stream, it can also supply large amounts of anomalously warm air aloft that then sinks down at the mid-high latitudes and lead to unusually strong ridges that can move across the UK. The ECM 12z of yesterday showed such an outcome at the end of its range. GFS 12z of today does also feature such an eventuality following a brief exploration of the flatter jet outcome, but with the ridge out west of the UK - hence the unseasonably cool (if, IMO, overly dramatic) day 10-16 output from that run. In that we see the nature of these tropical-extratropical cyclone movements. They can abruptly change our weather in a wide variety of ways, and potentially for quite some time (ex-Bertha, 2014, had impacts that kept August of that year cool and often showery for several weeks). That being said, unless the modelling of an emerging El Nino and appropriate atmospheric response turns out to be a total misfire - which is sadly not out of the question - then there ought to be some fight back of the weather patterns against flattening ridges and driving cool air into NW Europe via the UK. I suppose we'll soon see one way or the other! Can't say I'm enjoying 2018 much these days though, to be frank it's being a right twit .
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    With the official stats now out, here's the Met Office chart comparing Summer 2018 with other similar years. For much of our Region 2018 was the hottest, but with some variations such as Norfolk and Kent. The second chart is a great 'zoom in' by Dan Holley showing the variances across East Anglia. https://twitter.com/danholley_/status/1036680299252510727
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    Driest summers on record for England and Wales (mm) 66.9 1995 74.0 1976 91.5 1800 98.9 1869 102.6 1818 110.8 1983 112.3 1887 114.4 1913 118.1 1864 121.8 1826 121.9 1949 124.0 1780 128.0 1984 131.1 1870 132.3 2018
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    All done! It seems to be working extremely well. Very happy with the results thus far.
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    Not a million miles away from dragging down a Northerly on the GFS 12z.
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    Looks a very good team, the wildcards are all people you might have expected to qualify anyway and only strengthen the team. Love the course, the French open is just about my favourite tournament because of it. Come on Europe! Let's win this before those dastardly Brexiters try and force us to leave something else
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    The xmas forecast has kicked off at TWO. The winter is expected to be on the nippy side, increasing the chance of snow at xmas. Looking forward to some beasterly flakes, lol.
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    Here's the forecast based on the 06z GFS Rolling CET... Anomaly to 81-10 rolling avg (Daily Avg: Anomaly to 81-10 daily avg) 16.2C to the 5th... 1.0 (14.0: -1.2) 15.7C to the 6th... 0.6 (13.4: -1.7) 15.2C to the 7th... 0.1 (12.2: -2.8) 15.0C to the 8th... -0.1 (13.5: -1.5) 15.0C to the 9th... -0.1 (14.8: +0.1) 14.9C to the 10th... -0.1 (14.3: -0.4) 15.1C to the 11th... 0.1 (17.4: +2.6) 15.1C to the 12th... 0.1 (14.2: -0.2) 14.8C to the 13th... 0.0 (12.2: -1.7) 14.7C to the 14th... -0.1 (13.3: -0.4) A sharp drop to come over the next few days before stabilising around the 81-10 rolling average.
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    Looking at the GEFS 6z mean the rule of thumb is that the driest, brightest and warmest weather later this weekend and throughout next week would be further south / southeast with the most changeable and cooler conditions further north / northwest..Beyond that there are indications that high pressure could build in nationwide with a pleasant spell with warm sunny periods but chilly nights under clear skies with patchy mist / fog forming..nice mellow autumn weather in other words.☺
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    Hi Northernlights, the OH cut the grass on Monday, and he still has more to do! Stuff still growing well, after I put the chooks to bed last night I picked a large bowl of brambles. That was more than I got the whole of last autumn and there are heaps more turning black, so bucket loads of bramble whisky will be made this year!
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    Longer term, this is a very pleasant GEFS 00z mean with a strong signal for high pressure domination, indeed next week also looks predominantly settled and warm further south thanks to strong azores ridging extending across southern uk.☺
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    Wet in the southern half of the UK on Saturday as a frontal system tracks east and then the familiar picture The 0600 sat image
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    should people not be hired on merit rather than the colour of their skin, age, gender, sexuality etc?..i don't see how being reflective of the country has anything to do with the price of milk..now if that means we have the beeb filled with a 100% Asian women then it matters not..but to hire and fire people on some sort of quota based on the make up of the general population..then we are in big trouble...should this apply to all forms of employment across all industries??
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    Here it was an exceptional summer. It was the warmest on record, joint second sunniest and fourth driest since 1976. We also hit 30C for the first time since 2001. In the period 1st May - 31st August we had an astonishing 978hrs of sunshine - That's almost 8hrs of sunshine per day for a four month period - in the UK! Using the summer index: 1976: 316 2018: 288 1989: 284 1995: 279 2006: 273 1996: 263 2003: 262 2013: 260 1983: 257 1994: 254 1984: 249 1990: 244 1991: 233 2001: 233 1999: 232 2009: 232 2005: 231 1979: 231 1992: 231 2015: 230 2010: 230 1981: 227 2014: 224 2017: 223 2002: 220 2000: 220 1997: 219 1993: 218 2016: 216 2007: 215 2004: 214 1998: 206 2011: 204 2008: 203 1982: 202 1988: 202 1977: 201 1986: 194 1985: 190 1980: 186 2012: 185 1978: 179 1987: 165 (1976-1979 using local figures)
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    Hanging around in the garden on Sunday afternoon.
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    Yes up early today and very atmospheric dog walk - fresh and an Autumn morning undeniably
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    There's wee pills you can get in dark places that'll help with the purple haze...
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    Yes I am loving the cooler weather and it's not raining enough. not enough i tell you.
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    I absolutely hate days like this. Reminds me of the descent into winter and it's the longest time to wait until summer returns.
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    I've just installed the Sky unit, temporarily. I have a 6m pole arriving at the end of the week, so a bit of ground work to get that up, then i'll transfer it over. It will record rainfall while you're putting it in place. However, you can remove all data from Sky to treat it as a new installation, which is helpful. All fine & dandy so far. https://smartweather.weatherflow.com/share/5153/grid
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    http://easternmassweather.blogspot.com/2018/09/potential-weak-moderate-el-nino-analogs.html Update. A nice read. "Currently, we here at at Eastern Mass Weather favor a weak el nino NDJ peak ONI value of approximately +.9C with a moderately strong modoki value of around .4."
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    Can't see it on the webcam >> http://longyearbyen.kystnor.no/
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    Does the radar not cover us here in Halesworth? Been constant rain for the last two hours but radar shows nothing! Wet morning, 15c and gloomy. Glad I cut the front lawn yesterday as I was going to do it today.
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    http://www.meteociel.fr/modeles/gfse_cartes.php?mode=2&ech=204 i know its deep fantasy world but could it be a sign the first snow now appearing up in norway area
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    7 day's blank, 138 for 2018, 56% Solar flux is 68
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    Yes grey and cloudy had to put the heating on for a while to take the chill off
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    September - Like a few others, a mostly warm and settled month. Second week of September would be baking hot with long drawn winds all the way from Africa and temperatures reaching 32*C. Even Northern areas would see temperatures reaching close to, or around, 30*C. But would fairly quickly break down into some extremely powerful thunderstorms with large hail and torrential downpours. Some burgers and meatballs mixed in with the rain and hail too. 3+ lfpm (lightning flashes per minute). There would be one or two odd brief chilly spells with some very potent unstable Northerlies offering showers of heavy rain and hail. And some morning ground frosts with patchy mist and fog. On the whole, it would be a sunny month. 🌤 October - Starting off very warm with Southerly winds and sunny skies. Temperatures ranging between 25 to 30*C in the South, and 23 to 28*C in the North during the first week. Things cooling down significantly during the second week with winds quickly backing from the North and North-West. Some very squally cold fronts with rain so heavy, there would be enough evaporative cooling to allow for some backedge sleet and wet snow to fall to some fairly modest levels. And not just in the North. Though the Northern hills would see a good covering. Nights very chilly with minimum temperatures getting as low as -3*C and the weather being blustery at times with some Autumnal storms. One storm would provide wind speeds peaking 85 mph over wide areas of the U.K. Warming up again towards the end with long sunny spells, though nights would still be cold with some ground frosts in places. On the 29th, a very strong blocking High Pressure system would be established in the Northern Atlantic allowing freezing air to be dragged down all the way from the Arctic. The U.K. would see its most potent Northerly flow it has ever had in October. The air would be so unstable with lots of little disturbances that hail and snow showers would be widespread. The flow being strong enough for blizzards in places. Maximum daytime temperatures no higher than 2*C in the South and 0*C in the North! By Halloween, everywhere will see a covering of the white stuff. Winds will have died down and there would be thick fog in places on Halloween. November - The first week would see a strong High to the East over mainland Europe with warm, or possibility hot, conditions. A very unusual super deap seated Southerly flow will ensure some temperature records are broken. Temperatures peaking to 28*C in the South and 26*C in the North. But despite the flow being from the South everywhere would see wall to wall sunshine - even in the West! A breakdown from the South-West will lead to some spectacular storms with torrential downpours of rain, hail, burgers and meatballs. A cooler second week with some spells of heavy rain and torrential showers of rain and hail. One or two nights cool enough to allow a light ground frost in places with one or two misty mornings. One or two strong Atlantic storms with some intense cold fronts too. Then a mixture of cold and mild days in the third week, but mostly dry and sunny with morning ground frosts. And patchy early fog. Though thick fog would linger for one day that week. Last week will see winds turning to the East and North-East with Low Pressure over Southern UK. Cold and cyclonic. Everywhere, even in the West, seeing hail, sleet and snow showers as well as longer spells of heavier snow. Especially from disturbances in the East and from Atlantic fronts trying to bump up against the freezing air. Eastern areas seeing up to 2 foot of snow by the end of the month. Central areas seeing a foot with Western areas seeing similar amounts.
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    To the point of bombarding a weather forum with thousands of posts about politics.
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    Outlook. Becoming cooler and unsettled by the weekend as low pressure becomes more influential. The NH profile at midnight and the surface analysis So a fairly quiet day today, albeit quite a mixed bag. With the weakening front straddling the country remaining cloudy in north eastern and central regions whilst cooler and clearer to the NW and N and humid and warmer in the south east. Quite a regional variation with the temps particularly along the north east coast with the onshore breeze. There may still be drips and drabs of drizzle/rain around the front, more likely in the north east. During the evening and overnight some heavy showers may effect the far south east, courtesy the close proximity of the trough, and then during the day more persistent frontal rain will effect N. Ireland and western Scotland associated with the low just to the north. But generally it will be another pretty quiet and pleasant day with broken cloud. By Thursday the upper low, mentioned in previous posts, is firmly ensconced over Scotland as the ridge recedes And colder air is being introduced as the aforementioned front tracks south east down the country leaving showery conditions in it's wake as the main rain band tends to fizzle out Over Friday and Saturday the UK is under the influence of low pressure and the associated fronts thus cool, showery conditions with outbreaks of more persistent rain in places but becoming a tad drier and warmer as the weekend progresses. And the NH profile at T120
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    You can just imagine those -10 85's spilling around the eastern side of that HP In December/January Then the despair as it collapses into this...
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    How can it be the joint hottest on record equalling 1976?...on the August CET thread Hadley had 16.6c for August which made 2018 5th hottest so what's gone on? Maybe Roger J Smith/Bornfromthevoid can answer this, personally didn't feel it was hot as 1976, June certainly wasn't. MetO doctoring figures? and by the way I'm not a GW sceptic.
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    Tropical waves starting to form an orderly queue across Africa , potential fireworks when hitting the Atlantic , keeping my eyes on this
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    300+ as a guess! All over now though it's Autumn.
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    Fantastic to see Molinari win. He's been just about the best in the world Tee to green for about 5 years, now he's become a "decent enough" putter, he's getting the rewards he deserves. A stalwart of the European Ryder cup team & the Tour.
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    I actually didn't expect them to bother going amber for a two day spell re the cold, think they know something we don't.
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    Sorry to invade your Thread,However I did catch the end of the forecast. The Exact wording From Helen was"The Met Office are getting concerned about Substantial Snowfall" However areas Effected or amounts were not mentioned. Quite Correctly there is still uncertainty on Snowfall as this afternoons models have shown the HP is further north than previous runs.
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    I quite look seeing our little island in context with the weather systems around us and coming in
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    Let's get the cold in first. The ppn will flow = snow
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    Eh ?? Is not ?? Oops sorry guys n girls won’t flash my bike lights anymore
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    Which all raises an interesting question: if frogs can't survive cold weather, how come they still exist? Wouldn't 1963 have wiped them all out?
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    Officially signing off from my Perch by the window. Have a great year - Enjoy it with your Families- Current pic - 4.5 inches my favourite pic - Cheers All S
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